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  1. I agree that this episode was underwhelming; while I felt bad for Tiffany, I think this should have been a separate episode to fully address her post partum. I just wanted more focus on Molly and Issa repairing their friendship. I visit other forums, and they called it on Condola's pregnancy...and this is why I did not want Lawrence and Issa back together; she got her hopes up--only for them to be dashed. In fact, I agree with that Lawrence should be written off the show The ship has finally sailed between the two, and it's time for Issa to move forward. Keep him in San Fran I knew
  2. I was hoping Issa wouldn't extend the olive branch to Molly, because I knew it would end badly. I have been rooting for Molly since the beginning, but now I've washed my hands with her. Therapy was a waste of time; she still lacks the insight on how she treats people, and she is unwilling accept responsibility for what happened at the block party--and had the nerve of her to cut Issa off, and expect her to grovel--Girl, bye! Issa is better off without her; it was on the verge of toxicity. Andrew has the patience of Job, but that's wearing thin; I think their break-up is inevitable,
  3. Ya'll, confess that I am officially a fan of the show; since I'm now working from home, and can't go to gym to unwind, she has been my go-to source for after work entertainment. I can overlook the awful fashion choices and her extreme enthusiasm, which I find endearing. As a fellow southerner, I am here for the "ya'll's"-- use it all the time, too. I just hope she doesn't change and become a diva like Ellen is rumored to be. ...and congrats to her for the Daytime Emmy nominations!! It's well deserved!
  4. I think she's a troll trying to gain some social media clout like that 'cash me outside' fool. I don't think she believes the idiotic crap coming out of mouth.
  5. Whew, chile. That show was a bowl full of crazy--animal abuse, polygamy, hitmen, drug dealers all in seven hours. They were all trash people, but Carole was the worst; at least Joe, Doc and even Jeff were transparent with their crazy. Carole, however, was a wolf in sheep's clothing. There is no way that I'm convinced that she was not involved in her husband's disappearance. I felt bad for bad for the employees who worked long hours for very little pay, spoiled meat and cockroach sandwiches. Granted, they were complicit, but in both Joe's case, he was their saviour; he offered them
  6. I co-signing with most of the comments; I love me some Kelly Clarkson, but she is doing the most on her show. It's just her first season, she'll either tone it down a bit, or the audience will get use to her hyper enthusiasm. I do like how she opens the show with a song; it adds a unique touch.
  7. THAT PART. Given Kenya's history of inserting herself in other folks' relationships--most recently Tanya's, I'd say Nene gave her a taste of her own medicine. I don't feel bad for her at all.
  8. Pearl's beatdown story confirmed. This guy on YouTube reached out to the lady who shared the story, and she granted him an interview. She also revealed the identity of the women who gave her the beatdown; I read the comments, and there is talk of rewarding them by adding money to their books, lol.
  9. Ahhh...sweet karmic justice. This could not happen to a more deserving person.
  10. Right. That was not the time to act petty; I'm glad the ladies invited them to their table--and Marc shutting her down once again. ...and this is why I don't feel sorry for Kenya. She is not in a position to shade Tanya and Paul's relationship, when her "full on" husband finds her repulsive. That said, Marc is trash, period. I cannot see myself eating in his resturants; I bet he's trash to his employees, too.
  11. Absolutely. The most painful part of the series was his Mother's Day gift to his mom; despite the horrific abuse he endured, he still loved her unconditionally. DCFS failed Gabriel miserably; I did not have one once of sympathy for the workers involved as they egregiously dropped the ball on his case. Worst of all, this could have been avoided had he remained with his uncle and grandparents who provided him a loving home. The blood is on their hands. I take comfort in knowing that their fellow cellmates are coming for the necks. They DO NOT tolerate harming children; especially s
  12. This made me chuckle because during the first two seasons, Somaya was a struggling artist, and both Olivia and Chrissy (mostly Olivia) were clowning her. Even when Somaya extended an olive branch to Olivia, she still acted snobbish towards her Now, what a difference 10 years make; Somaya glowed up, secured a huge bag from her Slim Tea company, and out here living her best life. Meanwhile, Olivia still hasn't secured a record deal, and is salty at Rich for not breaking bread with her for "December",--only for Mama Dollaz to reveal that SHE owes HIM money. Chrissy got her house foreclosed,
  13. Dang Ken, where was the energy when you humiliated Tanya and called her the "c" word? Or the other times you were being foul and shady? BTW Nene is annoying, but I do agree that inviting only Gregg to her event was petty; especially when she extended the invitation to her brunch. I should feel bad for her because Marc is such a colossal arse, but I agree with @Pearson80 she is getting a taste of karmic justice.
  14. Evelyn made me chuckle talking about filing restraining order against OG and refusing to sit on the same stage with her; where was the energy she had when she exhibited violent behavior in previous seasons? FOH with this.
  15. Shaunie is pure trash. She was complicit when Evelyn and Tami showed aggression, but shuns OG--who has never thrown hands on anyone. She lost me during season two when she tried to bully Gloria, but the way she treated OG is foul and disgusting. Plus, she's a coward for sending Jackie to break the news to rescind her invitation to lunch. She is worst of all the ladies; she throws rocks and hides her hands. OG was MVP in this episode; I was totally here for Evelyn getting her face cracked again when she pulled out those receipts--and giving Evelyn her second straight "L". OG should've qui
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