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  1. True! But Comic Book Hiram would probably not go around trying having people killed and running a prison/drug conglomerate. Wouldn't that be nice...unless it's the Core Four, I don't count on things like this being addressed. But I would love if this was dealt with! Well, she did date Archie, so I don't think she minds if the dudes that she dates are too "simple". Archie may have out-dumbed himself this episode, and I never thought that could be possible. Because he has done a LOT of stupid things on this show. It's a damn good thing that Archie (and his abs) are pretty, be
  2. This show is a hot mess...I realllllly doubt that the show even knows what it's doing. That being said, I am here for it. All of it. The creepy magical gargoyles, the weird game, the parents secret past, Archie in prison, a weird farm/cult...give me all the crazy multitude of storylines!! This show is going off the deep end, and it is must-watch TV for me! Hahaha, but actually though. When Cheryl gave Veronica that advice, my first thought was "Oh crap...don't drag the Innocence Project into this." I listen to enough true crime podcasts to know that the Innocent Project's resources ca
  3. Hi Everyone! I have missed snarking/discussing with you...welcome back, Riverdale! This episode was crazy and unrealistic, but that's what I've come to expect about Riverdale. @Snookums, your entire post about how horrible the trial was was so spot on! As someone who listens to far too many true-crime podcasts, I can't even believe that there was a hung jury, and that half of the jurors found Archie guilty. Granted, we didn't see the whole trial, but I don't think Archie's "violent" past is evidence enough to prove that he's guilty of murder. And when Archie said he would take the
  4. I'm basically a week late in commenting...wasssssssup, y'all! Pretty much everything has been said, and thank you all for your great posts! I was so happy about Fangs being alive too! And I really hope he gets more lines next season as well. I also hope that Josie gets more lines. And Kevin. And Fred. And Polly. And Juniper and Dagwood. This! I don't know if I was supposed to find Moose and Kevin cute, but I did not. He went from crying over Midge to Kevin's tongue down his throat in the blink of an eye. I don't think they're sweet - Moose chose to stay with Midge over being w
  5. Gluttony...he wanted TOO much information, dammit!
  6. I wish we would've seen the scene where Jughead asked Cheryl to be his backup. Hopefully it's a deleted scene! I concur that the Black Hood "twist" (even though it was not surprising in the least) of it being Hal was stupid, and made little to no sense based on reasons that many of you have already mentioned already, so I won't repeat. However, I do want to point out that the acting in those Cooper house scenes was incredible...Lili, Madchen, and Lochlyn all CRUSHED it. I was literally on the edge of my couch. Hoping Lochlyn is still around next season. Cheryl needs a spinoff.
  7. Cheryl is so extra, and I absolutely love it. Props to Madelaine's line deliveries! I will honestly be pissed if Hal is the Black Hood. It just seems too obvious. And also, I think this is probably a hugely unpopular opinion, but I actually like Hal. And I want the Coopers to regain some normalcy once all of this Black Hood shit is done. And I want that to include Hal, and Polly and her twins. Also loved the Jughead/Archie this episode. Gimme more of that, please. And I'd like to cosign on your P.S., but also add Cheryl in there... This is my big problem with season 2
  8. Oh man, all new Riverdale tomorrow, and I realized I hadn't even commented on last week's here yet! I think it's because I didn't watch week's episode live like I usually do (had to watch game 7 of the Bruins/Maple Leafs series - what kind of Canadian would I be if I watched Riverdale over that, despite all of the maple/poutine in Riverdale?), As always, loved reading all of your posts about the episode! I don't have much to add, except on the posts above... I really want to see Blockers, and now that I know Graham Phillips is in it, even moreso! He also plays a super nice guy in the movi
  9. As world renowned musical artist Cameo once sang-rapped: WORD UP. This Jughead is so much better. And far more realistic.
  10. I think I've never wanted anything more than to see the North and Southsides resolve their conflicts through song. I was amazed by the cast's singing talents! I was especially impressed by Lili Reinhart, Madelaine Petsch (who I had no idea could sing like that, great voice!), and Casey Cott, who I totally agree should've gotten to sing more. It seems criminal to have a musical episode and not have him be one of the cast members who sings the most. I also enjoyed that this episode was a fun kind of crazy. The singing and dancing was so cheesy and campy, but so damn fun to listen to a
  11. YESSSSSS!!!!!! I am strictly hate/snark watching at this point, and it is great! So much about this show is cringeworthy. Most of the acting. The dialogue. Bascially every storyline and character. But when you yell out snarky comments (even though you live alone) at the screen while nursing a glass of wine, it's super fun, so I will NOT stop watching, thank you very much. Are we supposed to LIKE Lou? The show seems to be trying to sell him as an inspirational dreamer and amazing teacher, who is sacrificing so much and doing so much to change kids' lives (Troy Bolton Finn Hudson Robbie re
  12. Yeah I'm a fan of Cheryl and Toni, but this is like beyond lightning speed. I would've liked to see some build up to their relationship. But overall, I'm just happy that Cheryl has somebody in her corner who actually cares about her. And their kiss scene was pretty great. I guess now that they're together, hopefully now we can them build a real loving relationship, beyond their spark and attraction to each other. I loved the scenes with Kevin, Veronica and Toni going to save Cheryl! So damn epic! This should be a foursome we see more of on this show. Cheryl needs real true friends, and
  13. When Mary yelled at Archie (saying everything that we've all been thinking) and righteously defended Fred, did anyone else carefully set down their glass full of wine, and start excitedly couch dancing and yelling "yaaaassssssssss!!!!" at their TV screen? No? Just me? Alright then, carry on... But honestly, I LOVED that scene so much. At this point, Mary and Fred are like the only two people on this show that I can actively root for, and would legitimately hang out with and NOT want to punch them or scream at them. Also, Fred desrves happiness...maybe all of this craziness will reignite t
  14. YES. And I hope we get to see it again soon. I really like Toni and Jughead's friendship, and it seems like (along with many other things), the writers totally forgot that it's a thing. Yeah, I'm worried for Jughead too. He is a serious threat to the Lodges and their nefarious ways (which is hilarious in and of itself because like you, said he's a teenage boy! Like 16 or 17 and he's making big, bad mafia man Hiram Lodge tremble in his Armani suits). I also hated how Pops sold Jughead out like that :( Way to throw your best customer under the bus, Pops...and after Jughead so gallantly
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