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  1. AdorkableSars

    S03.E07: Chapter Forty-Two: The Man In Black

    True! But Comic Book Hiram would probably not go around trying having people killed and running a prison/drug conglomerate. Wouldn't that be nice...unless it's the Core Four, I don't count on things like this being addressed. But I would love if this was dealt with! Well, she did date Archie, so I don't think she minds if the dudes that she dates are too "simple". Archie may have out-dumbed himself this episode, and I never thought that could be possible. Because he has done a LOT of stupid things on this show. It's a damn good thing that Archie (and his abs) are pretty, because dang, he DUMB AF. Like, the dumbest human being...nay, LIVING being on this show. Vegas is smarter...the trees in the forest are smarter. Thank GOD Jughead went with him. Was anybody else offended that they were referring to Hiram as The Man in Black? There should only be one The Man In Black, and his name is Johnny Cash. Hiram can walk the line straight into hell. But for real, his nerfarious and evil ways are very entertaining. And you can tell that in his own twisted way, he really does care about his daugher. Hated that they broke Betty. Very over Ethel right now, for all of the reasons you've all mentioned already. Loved seeing Jughead/Archie friendship scenes (although I guess it was more like Jughead babysitting Archie), and I'm excited to see Jug's mom and sister next week. Hated that once again, there was no Cheryl in this episode. And no Kevin, or Toni, or Josie, or Fred...I MISS FRED.
  2. AdorkableSars

    S03.E02: Chapter Thirty-Seven: Fortune and Men's Eyes

    This show is a hot mess...I realllllly doubt that the show even knows what it's doing. That being said, I am here for it. All of it. The creepy magical gargoyles, the weird game, the parents secret past, Archie in prison, a weird farm/cult...give me all the crazy multitude of storylines!! This show is going off the deep end, and it is must-watch TV for me! Hahaha, but actually though. When Cheryl gave Veronica that advice, my first thought was "Oh crap...don't drag the Innocence Project into this." I listen to enough true crime podcasts to know that the Innocent Project's resources can FOR sure be better used. Oh, you better believe that I have a generous serving of wine by my side everytime I watch this crazy ass amazing show...except this episode, because my cable and internet are down right now, so I couldn't watch live like I usually do. And instead, I woke up an hour earlier than I needed to so I could watch it on Netflix. And since work might frown on me walking into work buzzed on wine, I just drank coffee. I loved seeing Jughead and Betty sleuthing together this episode. It gave me major season 1 flashbacks in a great way. They work so well together, and I'm actually interested in the weirdness they're trying to figure out. Especially since it now involves all of the parents. Anyone else get some Jonestown vibes from this, what with the cult and the blue "Fresh-Aid" (which sounds more like an anti-bacterial wound disinfectant than it does a drink, to be honest)? Archie: “That means you haven’t known the triumphs and defeats; the epic highs and lows of high school football.” I know that was supposed to be inspirational or some shit, but I had to pause because I was laughing so damn hard. Friday Night Lights, this ain’t. Also, Archie know your audience. This poor boy just tells you that we had to drop out of school in the 4th grade to run drugs to support his Nana, and you’re yammering on about football? Oh, sorry...HIGH SCHOOL football. Archie was probably still eating Play-Doh in the 4th grade... Not interested in the whole Kevin/Moose storyline. Kevin is coming on wayyyy too strong, and if I were Moose, I'd be alarmed. Cheryl continues to be the bomb. Her quips crack me up. Also, I liked all of the Cheryl/Veronica scenes we got tonight. I want them to be friends. I just want more Cheryl with the Core 4 in general.
  3. AdorkableSars

    S03.E01: Chapter Thirty-Six: Labor Day

    Hi Everyone! I have missed snarking/discussing with you...welcome back, Riverdale! This episode was crazy and unrealistic, but that's what I've come to expect about Riverdale. @Snookums, your entire post about how horrible the trial was was so spot on! As someone who listens to far too many true-crime podcasts, I can't even believe that there was a hung jury, and that half of the jurors found Archie guilty. Granted, we didn't see the whole trial, but I don't think Archie's "violent" past is evidence enough to prove that he's guilty of murder. And when Archie said he would take the deal, I literally yelled, "Archie, you idiot" at my TV screen. I know he's young and dumb, but his own mother was shaking her head at the ridiculousness of that deal. I can't believe the judge accepted Archie's decision that easily without letting his counsel have a moment to deliberate. THIS. This was my biggest problem with last season too. Toni and Reggie were made series regulars after last season, but Reggie only had one shirtless scene and a few lines of dialogue in this episode. Kevin and Josie are series regulars (Josie has been since the beginning), and they are hardly on screen. Hell, there have been episodes where Cheryl was never seen on screen. If you can't handle writing for the cast that you have, stop adding more useless characters. It's too much! Especially with these writers who seem to just love piling more and more on. I loved Cheryl this episode, and I'm glad that we'll be getting more scenes with Cheryl and the Core Four this season, especially Jughead (and Betty, I guess) since they're both Serpents. I think there might be some contention coming up with Jughead and Cheryl as she continues to be a "loose cannon" as Jughead called her. But I adore how crazy and badass Cheryl is. When she shot Malachi, I burst into laughter and yelled "yes girl!" even though violence isn't funny... Speaking of violence though, I loved when Fred punched Hiram. Bless Fred's heart for holding off for that long, and not beating Hiram to a pulp sooner! Fred deserves everything. The scene where he and Archie and Betty finished the jalopy nearly had me choking up... Agreed. Special credit to KJ Apa, who always seems to bring his A+ acting game in season premieres. And his abs...he brings those, but I am very OK with it. In a lot of interviews over the summer, Cole Sprouse said that he asked TPTB if Jughead could eat more this season, and I love that we're already seeing it! Every scene where Jughead was munching on something made me giggle. Speaking of Cole Sprouse, dude looked hella fine this episode. I regret nothing in saying so. Also FP in glasses made me swoon super hard. As a proud Canadian, Jughead's pronunciation of "Québec" bothered me...any other Canadians get unreasonably upset over that? Just me?
  4. AdorkableSars

    S02.E22: Chapter Thirty-Five: Brave New World

    I'm basically a week late in commenting...wasssssssup, y'all! Pretty much everything has been said, and thank you all for your great posts! I was so happy about Fangs being alive too! And I really hope he gets more lines next season as well. I also hope that Josie gets more lines. And Kevin. And Fred. And Polly. And Juniper and Dagwood. This! I don't know if I was supposed to find Moose and Kevin cute, but I did not. He went from crying over Midge to Kevin's tongue down his throat in the blink of an eye. I don't think they're sweet - Moose chose to stay with Midge over being with Kevin. He had no problem having Kevin as a side piece, but wouldn't commit to more? It makes me feel bad for Kevin and Midge (RIP). I still wholeheartedly ship Kevin and Fangs. THIS! I loved Cheryl being such an amazing ally for the Serpents this episode. She is badass but she has a heart, and this seems to be a case with most of the Serpents. The scene where Jughead (the new Serpent King...which, WTF?) put the red Serpents jacket on her was so epic. I would love to see more Jughead/Cheryl scenes next season. I think there's potential there for an incredible friendship. HAHAHA!!!!!! This is great! Thanks for the laugh! But also, truth. What the hell FP? I'm not sure I love the development of Jughead being the new "leader" of the Serpents. But we'll see where it goes, I guess! When I was 16, I was baking 5 cakes a year for the Backstreet Boys' birthdays...Veronica is buying bars/diners. Cool, cool, cool... I really enjoyed all of the Jughead/Archie scenes. To me, their friendship is the most important relationship on the show. And I say that as a huge Bughead fan. But the friendship/brotherhood between Jughead and Archie truly ties so many stories together.
  5. AdorkableSars

    S02.E21: Chapter Thirty-Four: Judgment Night

    They do!
  6. AdorkableSars

    S02.E21: Chapter Thirty-Four: Judgment Night

    Gluttony...he wanted TOO much information, dammit!
  7. AdorkableSars

    S02.E21: Chapter Thirty-Four: Judgment Night

    I wish we would've seen the scene where Jughead asked Cheryl to be his backup. Hopefully it's a deleted scene! I concur that the Black Hood "twist" (even though it was not surprising in the least) of it being Hal was stupid, and made little to no sense based on reasons that many of you have already mentioned already, so I won't repeat. However, I do want to point out that the acting in those Cooper house scenes was incredible...Lili, Madchen, and Lochlyn all CRUSHED it. I was literally on the edge of my couch. Hoping Lochlyn is still around next season. Cheryl needs a spinoff. She is so badass! CW doesn't have enough superhero vigilante shows yet, right? Can confirm! In fact, I went to Google to test this out, and typed in "did" and the fourth result was "did Jughead die"... ...which he didn't, right? There's no way Jughead is Jugdead. (I saw someone say that on Reddit, and although I was still freaking out over the episode, I laughed really hard.) The scene of FP carrying Jughead's bloodied, seemingly lifeless body out of the woods was so damn powerful. I'm getting chills just thinking about it. The acting in this episode was insanely good. Like, every actor killed it, from the mains (Jughead, Betty, Ronnie, Archie) to background characters (Sweet Pea, Pop, Midge's mom). However, as always, it was the Jughead/FP scenes was got me the most. Cole and Skeet have such believable father and son chemistry, and their scenes are always the most emotional and meaningful to me. RIP Fangs :( We hardly knew you, but we'll miss you. I don't understand how Veronica has even one iota of compassion when her parents are the way they are. I think in spite of everything, Veronica has a fairly warm heart and soul, and it made me so sad last night when she realized that her mom is just as complicit as her father in many ways, and got further confirmation that her father is evil incarnate. "Hot Riverdale dads to the rescue!" says Kevin, snapping a sexy pictute for his Instagram. It's a little weird that he said that given that his own father was one of said sexy dads (which is truth. Sheriff Keller looked fiiinnnneee), but who am I to judge? I'm a 32 year old who obsessively watches Riverdale. The Ghoulies look like a KISS cover band. Hiram is the *insert Jean Ralphio voice* woooo-oooooo-ooorrrrrrssssssttttttttt. That being said, Mark Consuelos is doing such a great job playing him. But good Lord, he is awful. I don't get how he's not the first person Hal/Black hood killed, since he is truly the biggest sinner of all. I loved the glimpses of Jughead/Archie's friendship we got in this episode. Their constant phone calls to each other, and helping each other out with their respective "gangs" (Serpents/Bulldogs). Let's hope for more Jarchie goodness moving forward. The phone call Jughead made to Betty before going to sacrifice himself to the Ghoulies actually made me tear the fuck up. Heartbreaking. But, like..........there's no way Jughead is dead, right? Right? This episode was amazing, and I can't believe it wasn't even the season finale. I booked the next couple of days after the season finale off work (don't judge me), but now thinking I should've booked today off instead!!
  8. AdorkableSars

    S02.E20: Chapter Thirty-Three: Shadow of a Doubt

    Cheryl is so extra, and I absolutely love it. Props to Madelaine's line deliveries! I will honestly be pissed if Hal is the Black Hood. It just seems too obvious. And also, I think this is probably a hugely unpopular opinion, but I actually like Hal. And I want the Coopers to regain some normalcy once all of this Black Hood shit is done. And I want that to include Hal, and Polly and her twins. Also loved the Jughead/Archie this episode. Gimme more of that, please. And I'd like to cosign on your P.S., but also add Cheryl in there... This is my big problem with season 2 as well. It is wayyyy too many plots and storylines and characters and villains. Like you said, they could've had half of the content this season, and really fleshed things out. We could've seen character and relationship development and growth, and the storylines and characters motivations could've made a lot more sense. But alas, here we are. Really hoping that season 3 will be better in this respect. That the writers have learned how to allocate storylines and screetime to multiple characters, but still have it make sense. I really adored the Cheryl/Betty scenes this episode. They made quite a good team. Like you said, Lili and Madelaine have a great chemistry. This cast is so close in real life, I think there would be chemistry to be mined from any combination of characters onscreen. I want to see more of Cheryl with all of the Core Four. And yes, Lili crushed it acting-wise this episode. I loved the Serpent scenes this episode. But the four of them at the police station after Fangs was released from his cell, before they went to face the angry mob. especially punched me in the feels. My heart broke for Fangs, and I just loved the friendship and support that Jughead, Sweet Pea and Toni provided him. I hope Fangs isn't dead. I want to see this friendship quadrant explored a lot more going forward. It was also nice to finally see some Jughead/Toni scenes this episode. I've missed their friendship. Look...I fucking love Mark Consuelos. But I fucking HATE Hiram Lodge. With a passion only rivaled by that of Ms. Grundy perving on Archie. This is a hella conundrum. I was hoping that he would somehow get shot at the debate or the riot at the end. There is no redemption for this character at all at this point, I think. And I know that villains are needed particularly on shows like this. But they usually have some kind of humanity to them. Hiram is just a straight up monster. I was SO proud of Veronica for pledging her allegiance to Fred at the end. I hope Hermonie has a similar epiphany. Is anyone else kind of happy that Midge was hooking up with Fangs before her unfortunate demise? He’s hot, and its not like her boyfriend wasn’t fucking around behind her back, right? (But also, cheating on your significant other is bad. And people should not do it.) Papa Poutine’s son is Small Fry?!?! I have never been happier about anything in my life before this moment. Is there another son named Crinkle Cut? Please let there be another son named Crinkle Cut... The last 5 minutes of this episode...holy. SHIT. So intense and good. The acting, music, direction, cinematography, everything. I’m gonna need some recovery time on this one, y’all. I'm so excited for the last two episodes of the season. Bring it on...
  9. AdorkableSars

    S02.E19: Chapter Thirty-Two: Prisoners

    Oh man, all new Riverdale tomorrow, and I realized I hadn't even commented on last week's here yet! I think it's because I didn't watch week's episode live like I usually do (had to watch game 7 of the Bruins/Maple Leafs series - what kind of Canadian would I be if I watched Riverdale over that, despite all of the maple/poutine in Riverdale?), As always, loved reading all of your posts about the episode! I don't have much to add, except on the posts above... I really want to see Blockers, and now that I know Graham Phillips is in it, even moreso! He also plays a super nice guy in the movie Staten Island Summer. I agree that he and Camila have fantastic chemistry. And I hope Nick keeps popping up, because I think Graham is doing a great job in this role. Also. he looked hella good this episode. Just saying. I think Cole gets extremely hammy at certain points intentionally, and I notice it's usually when the lines/storylines are a little ridiculous. It's like he's acknowledging the campiness of this show, and his over the top line deliveries often make me laugh. Not sure if that's his intention, but I appreciate it. He also knows when to pull it back, and deliver a more nuanced performance (usually during Bughead scenes or FP/Jughead scenes).
  10. AdorkableSars

    S02.E18: Chapter Thirty-One: A Night To Remember

    As world renowned musical artist Cameo once sang-rapped: WORD UP. This Jughead is so much better. And far more realistic.
  11. AdorkableSars

    S02.E18: Chapter Thirty-One: A Night To Remember

    I think I've never wanted anything more than to see the North and Southsides resolve their conflicts through song. I was amazed by the cast's singing talents! I was especially impressed by Lili Reinhart, Madelaine Petsch (who I had no idea could sing like that, great voice!), and Casey Cott, who I totally agree should've gotten to sing more. It seems criminal to have a musical episode and not have him be one of the cast members who sings the most. I also enjoyed that this episode was a fun kind of crazy. The singing and dancing was so cheesy and campy, but so damn fun to listen to and watch! And you can tell the cast was having a great time. I also liked the moments of levity we got like Alice strutting into play rehearsal with her sunglasses on and making Ethel hold her purse, and Jughead's snarky comments behind the camera. Also, Betty and Jughead being the least stealth people in the history of life when trying to get Ethel to admit how angry she was that she wasn't cast as Carrie. Jughead trying to hide once he was spotted made me laugh. Aren't they supposed to be good at investigating? This made Sheriff Keller look competent by comparison. I was waiting for someone to mention Scrubs! That is my favorite musical episode of a show ever. I remember the Buffy one being good too. I also remember How I Met Your Mother did one, but I can't remember if it was good or not. Which means that it was probably awful... Yeah, I was wondering why Polly didn't warrant a mention in Alice's "I've chased everyone away" speech. But CHIC did? Blech. Kevin also brought the levity this episode, and I loved it. Casey delivers the bitchy snark perfectly! Music is such a healing thing ;) And yeah to the Betty thing. But no one on this show is perfect (except for Fred, who is damn saint). I did like Archie defending Veronica. That was a sweet moment. As much as Hiram is the worst, I think Veronica can still be redeemed, and I think Archie can be a big part of that (if his redemption arc that started this episode continues). I like Varchie together. Although good point on Archie being a little offside on that as well. Betty was being manipulated by the Black Hood. And Archie was an ass when he broke up with Jughead for Betty. I got the soundtrack as soon as it was available on Apple Music (don't judge me - the music was cheesy and kind of good. And the actor's voices are all SO incredible), and there was a reprise of "You Shine" as sung by Cheryl & Toni. I wish the scene would've been included in the episode, but I would recommend checking the song out. It's a really sweet song. Hopefully they did film a scene of the girls singing it, and it gets released as a deleted scene!
  12. AdorkableSars

    S01.E04: Victory Party

    YESSSSSS!!!!!! I am strictly hate/snark watching at this point, and it is great! So much about this show is cringeworthy. Most of the acting. The dialogue. Bascially every storyline and character. But when you yell out snarky comments (even though you live alone) at the screen while nursing a glass of wine, it's super fun, so I will NOT stop watching, thank you very much. Are we supposed to LIKE Lou? The show seems to be trying to sell him as an inspirational dreamer and amazing teacher, who is sacrificing so much and doing so much to change kids' lives (Troy Bolton Finn Hudson Robbie really wants to sing! But oh no. The sports! Lou is helping him achieve his dreams! Lilette (who really needs to buy new shorts) is getting her chance to shine because Lou is giving her a chance, OMG. Etc!) But he is insufferable. I don't know how Tracy hasn't punched him in the face multiple times by now. And if his son wasn't as insufferable as him, I might give a shit about his family drama. But Gordy is the worst character on this show (even worse than Lou. That is saying something), so I'm thinking that Lou and his wife should just send Gordy away because I am sick of watching him. Lou was such a jackass in that scene, yelling at Maashous and Tracy and the guy playing the music. I think Maashous might be the only character I really like or care about at this point. And kind of Gwen (the kid. Not Gail, Lou's wife!). It looks like they're setting up a Gwen/Gordy romance (which I called in episode 2. That's when my snark watching began.), and NOOOOOOOO to that. Gwen deserves better. This show thrives on predictable cliches, so I'm surprised this didn't happen! Maybe next episode. I miss This Is Us :(
  13. AdorkableSars

    S02.E17: Chapter Thirty: The Noose Tightens

    Yeah I'm a fan of Cheryl and Toni, but this is like beyond lightning speed. I would've liked to see some build up to their relationship. But overall, I'm just happy that Cheryl has somebody in her corner who actually cares about her. And their kiss scene was pretty great. I guess now that they're together, hopefully now we can them build a real loving relationship, beyond their spark and attraction to each other. I loved the scenes with Kevin, Veronica and Toni going to save Cheryl! So damn epic! This should be a foursome we see more of on this show. Cheryl needs real true friends, and her and Veronica have had moments where it seems that they were building a good friendship. And there have been some Cheryl/Kevin moments too that I've liked! I would so welcome more screentime for Kevin. Veronica can be a part of all the Core Fours! Happy early Birthday @WhosThatGirl! SERIOUSLY. I adore Mark Consuelos, but Hiram Lodge is actually the worst and this storyline is annoying as hell. It is making me absolutely loathe Archie and sometimes Veronica and I don't like it. And I just don't see how they are going to make me like his character ever. And Archie is getting pretty irredeemable at this point too. True, but it wouldn't have been nearly as badass and sexy. (Feel weird calling a high schooler sexy. Then I remember we also had sexy shirtless Reggie in this episode. Then I remember that Cole and Charles are 25+, and I feel better about myself. Yay for me.) THIS! Poor Nana Rose. I hope someone saved her. Also, shoutout to her for being a badass and making that call to Toni. AND surviving a house fire and a fall down the stairs. Nana Rose is my hero. No you were not! I was also really hoping that a bartender named Moe would the one making their drinks. Maybe Flaming Moes would make them and their dumbass mob storyline go away? LOVED the scene between Jughead and Fred, and that Jughead was helping Fred write his announcement. It's pretty clear that Jughead respects the hell out of Fred and considers him a father figure. And even though FP has been stepping up his dad game lately, Jughead needs someone like Fred to look up to...that being said, Fred is Archie's actual dad, and Archie is turning out to be a real dumbass moronic tool. Also, is Mary really leaving already? NOOO. Stay!! I love the way you tell Archie how much he sucks! Someone needs to. Good Lord. Other thoughts: Dark Circle...is circle the only shape that Archie knows? I probably wasn't supposed to burst into hysterical laughter at the dramatic closeups of Alice, Chic, FP, Jughead and Betty's face as they were watching the news story about the discovered car, right? Well too bad. I laughed. HARD. That shit was hilarious. I cannot say this enough. Archie is truly insufferable. I felt so bad for Fred when Archie didn't show up for the mayoral announcement. I kind of understand why Archie is acting this way, but the writing is not strong enough to justify it. So at this point, I just can't stand Archie. And it makes me sad. Why were the parents at a high school debate for student council? However, it did give us the pleasure of seeing Fred SERVE Hiram (I legit laughed out loud at Fred talking about Hiram going to prison.) I still hate so much that Betty and Alice (since she's the dummy who dragged Betty into it) dragged Jughead and FP into the stupid murder coverup. Ugh.
  14. AdorkableSars

    S02.E16: Chapter Twenty-Nine: Primary Colors

    When Mary yelled at Archie (saying everything that we've all been thinking) and righteously defended Fred, did anyone else carefully set down their glass full of wine, and start excitedly couch dancing and yelling "yaaaassssssssss!!!!" at their TV screen? No? Just me? Alright then, carry on... But honestly, I LOVED that scene so much. At this point, Mary and Fred are like the only two people on this show that I can actively root for, and would legitimately hang out with and NOT want to punch them or scream at them. Also, Fred desrves happiness...maybe all of this craziness will reignite the flame between he and Mary? Oh...and maybe FP too, because DAMN. FP/Jughead scenes are always some of my favorites, and this was no exception. I loved how he hung up on Hiram's ass and went to buy a dozen burgers. Skeet and Cole have a really believable and natural father/son chemistry, and it always makes their scenes so compelling to watch. For all his faults, FP truly has Jughead's back (I loved seeing him and other older Serpents keeping watch over the younger Serpents chained to the school). And you can see how much he loves his son. Give me more FP/Jughead. Also, because I cannot say it enough, Skeet Ulrich is such. A. Hunk. Seriously, total babe alert. it brings me joy. I think one of my new favorite things ever about this show is how threatened Hiram is by Jughead. A big, bad, nefarious dude with ties to the mob, who is cruelly building a for-profit prison is letting a high school teenager shake him up this much? I love it! Go Jughead!! I really enjoy how the "chaining themselves to the school" drew negative attention to Hiram. One of my favorite moments from this episode was after Ethel milkshook Veronica, and Josie couldn't hide her laughter. I was laughing too, Josie. You do you, girl! I agree that the cast has awesome "friends" chemistry. I think this is largely helped by the fact that they're all genuinely really close in real life. The scene that really punched me in the heart emotionally (just as hard as Veronica punched Reggie) was Archie gathering up the Bulldogs and going to cut the Serpents from the chains tethering them to Southside High. Archie legitimately looked torn before he cut Jughead's chain. And that last look that he and Jughead shared...the hurt, the pain, the anger and disappointment. My heart broke for Jughead and Archie's friendship/brotherhood. Yup! But she's only guest starring on both, I think... Jughead's overdramatic way of speaking, acting, and just living are ridiculous, but I love it. I've gotten to the point now where I've just accepted that this show (and pretty much every character on it) is ridiculous. It is unbelivable, crazy, unrealistic, and I LOVE it. Bughead is still my favorite. Loved Betty supporting Jughead's strike, and even going to visit him while he was chained to the school. And then agreeing to run for student council with him. Gah, they are so, SO sweet. Cheryl........I don't even have words for how heartbreaking her life is. When she gets out of there, she better not be going back to Thistle...manor, I want to say? (I forget the estate name. Sorry!) The thing is, every other family in Riverdale pretty much sucks. Except for the Andrews and kind of the Jones. Oh man...could you imagine Fred or FP taking Cheryl in? Fanfic, write thyself! But for real though, writers...can Cheryl PLEASE have something good in her life for once? Even if her and Toni get together, let her have even MORE happiness than that. If any character on this show deserves it, it's Cheryl.
  15. AdorkableSars

    S02.E15: Chapter Twenty-Eight: There Will Be Blood

    YES. And I hope we get to see it again soon. I really like Toni and Jughead's friendship, and it seems like (along with many other things), the writers totally forgot that it's a thing. Yeah, I'm worried for Jughead too. He is a serious threat to the Lodges and their nefarious ways (which is hilarious in and of itself because like you, said he's a teenage boy! Like 16 or 17 and he's making big, bad mafia man Hiram Lodge tremble in his Armani suits). I also hated how Pops sold Jughead out like that :( Way to throw your best customer under the bus, Pops...and after Jughead so gallantly decided not to publish his article about Pops selling to the Lodges. And yeah, I literally yelled "dumbass!" at my TV screen when Jughead agreed to go meet the person on the other end of the anonymous phone call. Yes Jughead, in a town of Black Hoods/Lodges/Chics, it's a super good idea to go out by yourself at night to meet said person. Thumbs up, bro.