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  1. Loved the Will, Sonny & Allie scenes today. More of that please. Also love having Lucas back. I still love Xander & Sarah & will always hope she finds a way to forgive him. The only bad thing about watching live is having to suffer thru Lani & Eli (she spent how long at the convent & now she & crazy Kristin are BFF's??) I need Lani to STFU & take a seat. I hate they are the only cops in town. I do love that Victor figured out what Brady's doing. And sadly no matter how many times he cries about what Victor did - I just cant feel sorry for him -
  2. Jake supposedly has something that Thug Guys boss wants - we don't know much more than that - Jake has so far denied knowing what they want. Why exactly don't they just do a DNA test on Jake to see if he's actually Stefan? It makes no sense that NONE of them would be wanting him to take one to solve the mystery of who he is once & for all. Ugh oh Brady how much more stupid can you be? Kristin is not the injured party - she's a nutjob & it doesn't take much to set her off & have her hurt people - obviously he needs to stop thinking with the wrong brain. And I am al
  3. Ugh this Maggie storyline sucks balls - I hate everything about it (and while I love SR - I need her to stop crying all the live long day) - I will say that the letters were well done & hearing SR was really good. I adore Xander & will always be on his side (no matter what he does) While I loathe Eric & Nicole - I enjoyed their convos the last few days. Oh Sarah - please don't sleep with Brady - it's never good when a woman sleeps with Brady. I also loved Marlena going to Rafe even though Orpheus told her not too (I'm one of the few who actually doesn't mind Rafe) -
  4. As stupid as it is that Orpheus kidnapped Adrienne - I am not unhappy if she is in fact alive. I always liked her & want to actually see all 3 Johnson siblings together at the same time - we haven't had that in a very long time.
  5. a couple of goons came to the garage looking for Jake - apparently he has something their boss wants - they didn't believe Ben when he said he wasn't Jake & beat him up (we didn't see the beat down though) Ah I'm so happy Brandon is back - I really do believe that Jake is Stefan (just little things he's doing makes me think that) - but haven't figured out yet why he's lying about who he is - either way he & Gabi just sparkle together & am just going to enjoy where their story goes. I am enjoying the Steve/Hope friendship too & really don't want it to go any further th
  6. Ugh Ginope/John & Hattie/Stevano are disgusting🤢- can we turn them back to Steve & Hope sooner rather than later? Please????? And I might be on board with Will & Ben being friends except for the fact that Ben tried to kill him.
  7. I know I'm supposed to be on Eric's side in this whole Mickey drama but I think he's a sanctimonious prick. I'm totally on Sarah & Xander's side (could be that I love them together though😋). Everytime Eric opens his mouth, I want to punch him.
  8. Pretty sure Thingamajig is Victor Oladipio - he's 6'4 & can sing. His Jersey number is 4 (as is his birthday) - was drafted by the Magic & now plays for the Pacers (colors are blue & gold) - hes been rehabbing from a knee injury so it wouldn't be surprising that he did this before the new season starts.
  9. I'm sad that Brandon is leaving - I adore Stefan & Gabi & their crazy romance. I'm going to miss that😫
  10. Im with you as well!!! They are just perfection- I love them together. Their chemistry is on fire. Have not missed Nicole at all - it was nice not having her cry all the freaking time although I did like her scenes with Brady but would still have rather she stayed dead. Am loving Xander as well. He's just so much fun.
  11. Still going to enjoy the heck out of Stefan & Gabi & see where it goes. I'm still always going to blame Gabigail for everything that happened because I hate her & nothing will change that. As for Ben - he will still always be worse to me then anyone else because whether we like it or not - hes a serial killer & murdered 3 innocent people (almost 4) - that will never be okay no matter what else he does.
  12. I like Gabi & Stefan too- they are hot together & I honestly want to see where it goes. And I actually dont mind if Gabi blames Gabigail for everything (but that's just because I loathe the "princess") & not Stefan Am not a fan of Ben & Ciara because I cant get past he's a serial killer & they are trying to turn him into a hero.
  13. Best news ever that Steve is coming back. I hate that we have to wait so long to see him - but am excited that we will. I need a reunion with the Johnson siblings- it's long overdue.
  14. OMG - just finished the whole season last night. I think season 2 might be better than season 1 (if that's possible) I LOVED episode six I loved all the musical callbacks to the movie & the references to the other two. I may or may not have cried & screamed while watching. And William Zabka had better get some Emmy love this time around - he was just amazing. I really need a season 3
  15. I am loving having Brandon Barash on the show. I like his take on Stefan(I enjoyed Tyler as well but feel Brandon fits better for some reason) loving his interactions with Gabi - their banter the last few days has been so fun (plus a whole day of Brandon with his shirt off- yes please!!) I have always wondered if the reason he was attracted to Gabigail is because she was trying to be Gabi & that he really wanted Gabi & didnt realize it. This is just my opinion- have no idea if it will end up being true but that's what I was getting out of it. As for the rest of show - am not
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