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  1. MarquisDeCarabas

    TAR in the Media

    That would be me. I used to go by angle man on the old twop forums. That Colin was so willing to go with it, was both such a relief and cemented them as one of my all time favourite teams
  2. MarquisDeCarabas

    S44.E14: John Mulaney / Thomas Rhett

    Not sure about Aidy but Kate’s a vegan, so I’m sure that was part of her reaction
  3. MarquisDeCarabas

    S44.E14: John Mulaney / Thomas Rhett

    They topped the diner lobster sketch.
  4. MarquisDeCarabas

    S44.E09: Matt Damon / Mark Ronson & Miley Cyrus

    You know those kayak travel commercials where they’re confident but not Kayak confident? Well there’s Kayak Confident and Miley Cyrus and her double-sided breast tape confident
  5. MarquisDeCarabas

    S11.E08: The Witchfinders

    What did the Doctor say when she put on the witch finder hat?
  6. MarquisDeCarabas

    S11.E07: Kerblam!

    Something I just realised, the system put The Doctor in maintenance with Charlie before she switched it. It was trying to show her where the danger was. Thats a really nice touch. I kinda wondered why the system thought the best use of the Doctor’s talents would be janitorial work.
  7. MarquisDeCarabas

    S44.E06: Steve Carell / Ella Mai

    I hope who ever watches this on the west coast tells how the alien thanksgiving sketch is supposed to end, assuming they filmed a version in the dress rehearsal that worked
  8. MarquisDeCarabas

    JC Mounduix: His Game Never Goes on a "Yatus"

    It was so nice seeing him get rocked and realise he’s not in charge of the game. Here’s a BB tip, if you think you’re in an alliance, but you don’t have and/or know the name of said alliance. You’re not really in the alliance.
  9. MarquisDeCarabas

    S20.E22: Power of Veto #7

    The winner of the Otev comp has never won big brother. Honestly if I’m Brett right now I’m looking for when the earliest possibility to dump Tyler. You don’t want him anywhere near final four.
  10. MarquisDeCarabas

    S20.E12: Nominations #4

    Rockstar’s reaction to Brett’s move, is exactly why it was a good move for him to make. He is now living rent free in her head until one of them goes. Yeah he doesn’t like her, but it was a game move. Unlike what Sam did which really was personal. Like I really felt bad for Kaitlyn and Haleigh.
  11. MarquisDeCarabas

    Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    The way it went on the show had JC using f***** and bayleigh saying it’s just another word, which is why jc dropped the N-bomb. I think he lost his cool for a split second and fucked up
  12. MarquisDeCarabas

    Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    How did the JC Bayleigh conversation go over in the feeds? Because the way it seemed to unfold on the show I’m kinda with JC here. He tried to explain how the m word is bad using Gay and F%#^^*#T and when she still didn’t seem to get it he used the N word maybe he should have said ‘The N word’ but I think he was trying to make that point.
  13. MarquisDeCarabas

    S20.E03: BB App Store #1

    Part of me is hoping that Faysal tried to game the system, knowing that if it was ham there’s no way BB could enforce that punishment without some very bad optics. That being said you know productions annoyed and will find something worse
  14. MarquisDeCarabas

    S03.E23: Battles Lost and Won 2018.06.18

    I’m guessing next season is going to be their take on Red Son
  15. MarquisDeCarabas

    S04.E18: Lose Yourself

    Starting to think Savitar had the right idea. If I was Ralph my last words would have been, I told you we should have killed him. I'm slightly more annoyed at the fakeouts that suggested that DeVoe didn't know exactly where the metas were. Why is he pretending to Marlize he needed to search for them. Is it because he was trying to hide the fact he already had the weeper? It was clear that Harry figuring out who the last two were with a weakened version of the thinking cap, that DeVoe would already have this info. Every once in a while someone comes up with a good point, Like Ralph pointing out they keep doing the same thing over and over, and they expect that work. Yet they never notice. They know DeVoe wants the bus metas so they put them all in one place. Yet it never occurs to them once they have them all, that DeVoe is going to come for them. Devoe's been one step ahead of them because he predicts how they act, How is the answer not obvious; try something they don't expect. DeVoe is a walking Xanatos Gambit at least try to plan around that. They have Melting point why not have him take away Null's power at least and give them to Iris or Joe. Hell have him take Cecile's telepathic abilities and give them to Joe. You know that List of rules for becoming an evil overlord? if I ever become a super hero or joined a super team I would as part of my training become a master of of Game Theory and Strategy, or find someone who can do that. It's great to have a Superman, but you need a goddamn Batman too. This is what I'm talking about Iris was unpredictable and she won, (I'm not sure how good of an idea it was to basically send Marlize back where she came from, though.) A thousand times this. The promo suggests they might start thinking outside the box, a little late though.