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  1. Okay what songs were parodied by the baby and the very last song? I recognised all the others
  2. I knew it was going to happen, but that was some grade a bullshit. How the hell did he find them?
  3. I realise it doesn’t actually work this way, but this? Is replacing The Good Place. Where’s the earth destroyer thingy?
  4. Little late to this, but I am so very glad they didn’t kill off Gert for good. When the comic killed her off it was IMO a big reason the comic struggled and got cancelled. (Obviously BKV leaving was huge too, but the fact they brought gert back has lead to one of the longest runs is a sign)
  5. What the hell I'm in Canada why is my broadcast getting interrupted for trump
  6. What might be an interesting move. Nullify Janet’s idol then use his idol to save Janet. Show he has total control
  7. Not sure why Lauren thought it was jury management noura is going to final 3. oh Janet
  8. I wonder jost made sure Matt Schatt was this week to make sure it wasn’t available for ScarJo next week.
  9. Keane faked it to keep people from connecting him to 7th K. After Judd got killed, Keane had to be worried that someone might suspect him. it’s a callback Veidt faked his own assassination attempt to take himself off Rorschach’s suspect list
  10. Why were Supergirl and the Doctor fighting?
  11. So it was cliff who messed this up. Good to know when it comes to the AFP vote. I just don’t understand how he thinks he can believe anything Jackson says. I really hope Nicole can win the final HOH comp, unless holly realises her best shot at winning is against Nicole and she takes Jackson out
  12. That would be me. I used to go by angle man on the old twop forums. That Colin was so willing to go with it, was both such a relief and cemented them as one of my all time favourite teams
  13. Not sure about Aidy but Kate’s a vegan, so I’m sure that was part of her reaction
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