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  1. The babies name is Rya Rose. I actually really like it.
  2. I’m sure the nannies are the ones raising these kids. I never understood why people make it seem like Kylie is the better mom out of all of them. I’m sure she loves her daughter though.
  3. Do you guys think he’ll really leave her? They’ve been together forever it seems.
  4. Who the hell thinks she’s a good mom?! They must be joking.
  5. This is actually a great question. I would love to know the same. Maybe they’re fans of Cole because he’s hot to them? Lol.
  6. She’s not going to stop until she has a girl.
  7. Idk I mean he’s cute to me in a weird way lol.
  8. So apparently it wasn’t Lindsie that helped to build tax fraud against Todd, it was his son Kyle. They all owe Lindsie an apology.
  9. Oh okay that makes sense. I didn’t look at it that way.
  10. That literally makes no sense lol. If you’re going to build a house why not let it be everything you want? I can imagine that building a home is very expensive.
  11. Wow. That was shitty. No wonder Miranda wanted in on their text conversations.
  12. Finally a place where people don’t kiss their asses lol.
  13. Is it true that Corey cheated on Miranda with Leah after they got married?
  14. That’s honestly sad. I wonder if it was because Creed was not a girl. I find getting pregnant such a blessing because some women unfortunately are not lucky to do so. I don’t understand how she didn’t bond with him.
  15. They need to go ahead and cancel this show.
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