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  1. nekilarose

    S04.E12: Ghosts

    Okay, my jaw is up off the ground. I'm not sure why I was surprised that it was J that did the deed. He has been gunning for her since he arrived. What surprised me was that the boys didn't have any explosive moments right afterwards. But looking at the preview it looks like it may be coming. I really thought that they w would be digging and find the car with the body. But I did not expect her to use Pope as a distraction while the others robbed Jed. speaking of country Klaus, he was as much of a bastard as I thought he'd be, going after his recently dead brother's pregnant girlfriend. I did cheer when Laney tackled his ass like it was her day job! sneaky Smurf, telling J about Adrian, she was hoping Pope would go out in a blaze of glory with her, so she channeled it down the line. Did y'all see the look Pope was giving J when they were moving Smurf's body? It was stone cold. Oh, and go away Angela.
  2. nekilarose

    S04.E09: SHTF

    Sometimes I think Pope is the scariest Cody, but then J does something and I'm like ....what the hell? Who taught you to be so damn devious? Cause as soon as he heard Angela say Pope would be in charge, you could actually see him plotting. He played it perfectly too. Pope would kill me yes, but J would set my world on fire before he also killed me. Deran, when did you pass Craig for peak dumbass? Planning to hit him in broad daylight? Outside a cop bar? And Craig having to talk sense into you? Take a step back, please. Young Smurf with the shit show that is Colin and his brother, Jesus. No wonder Pope is how he is with that running through his veins and her stellar parenting. She wants to hit that bunker with all that gold, I bet you. JoMo did a decent American accent. Although all I could think of was Klaus Mikaelson in the hollers😂
  3. nekilarose

    S04.E07: Know Thy Enemy

    Angela totally made a deal to snitch on the Cody's, which is why she was trying to find where Smurf 's money is going before she sets her up. Poor Adrian, he came clean, but I'm sure he thinks he's lost Deran. But Deran attempting to cover for him with Pope was sweet. Although now he's on Popes radar. Scariest moment: When Adrian closed that drawer and Pope was right there. I would have screamed like a little girl. oh Craig, attempting to step up.My heart melted at him building a crib and then he went on about breast pumps!! What the crap is Smurf doing? But now we know where she got the "baby" thing from.
  4. nekilarose

    S04.E02: Angela

    LOL, I should have added in a disclaimer: The author of this post is not advocating for the return of that character.
  5. nekilarose


    I just started season 2,and I'm still cackling over her dropping the award, and the next shot is her HAULING ASS out of the building. I had to pause it because I was literally gasping.
  6. nekilarose

    S04.E02: Angela

    Guh, Ben Robson in a suit......okay I'm back. I must have called Smurf an evil heffa like 5 times tonight. How TF she gonna set up her own grandson like that? But this is also the woman who had Baz and Cath killed, and threw away her granddaughter like she was nothing. I hope she is sick, maybe it'll slow her ass down a bit. J panicking and going straight to Smurf.....just like she wanted. Speaking of J, why is Mia still around? Hell, I liked Nikki better, can we get her back? And I cringed so hard whenever Adrian tried to lie to Deran, baby boy, you are not good at that at all. Or thinking on your feet, he just gave up Deran's name. I know he probably didn't have a choice, but ouch. Now they're gonna want you to inform on the Cody's next. And I'll just repeat my earlier comment: they got Bones out here looking like a crackhead! But that hug with Pope damn near broke my heart, he is so damaged, I don't see him surviving Smurf at all. He's gonna break soon.
  7. nekilarose

    The Hot Zone

    I have an inexplicable crush that I can't explain on Noah Emmerich, (it lays dormant until I see him in something, then I remember he exists, and I get heart eyes) but yes, they had no chemistry together. Yes! I thought something was missing! I would have liked to see them at least try to track it down. That was a pretty big/important section in the book. I guess we were supposed to think that when Carter went back, that's what he was doing?
  8. nekilarose

    The Hot Zone

    Look, all they need to do is head to their nearest hood. You can't tell me that they can't find anyone that would be willing to clear a few weeks to properly put lace fronts on celebs? Side note: Julianna had this issue on The Good Wife as well (bad wig) did she have her natural hair out for E.R?
  9. nekilarose

    The Hot Zone

    You totally should! With the book, there's this mounting horror at what's happening and I feel it described the panic a bit better. And if I'm not mistaken it goes more into how they think the virus was created. I kept having to out it down and double check that it was a true story and not made up. fun fact: I was looking at jobs near there,and started reading about Ft. Detrick and USAMRIID. Decided, no thank you. If any of that crap got out, I need to have something of a head start!
  10. nekilarose

    S04.E01: Janine

    Her name is/was Renn. And ditto on Dichen, she must have a great agent, but I'm not feeling the "sultry, wildcard seductress" that the show is aiming for.
  11. nekilarose

    The Hot Zone

    Which is at odds with every other female wearing their hair correctly! I was Air Force, so we were already more lax than the other services, but no way was walking outside with no cover, or hands in her pocket (especially around your higher ups in your chain!) ever condoned. It kinda take me out of the story every time I spot something so blatant. Forgot to mention the Hazelton manager? sitting in his car listening to the monkeys as they grew more agitated. He seemed genuinely upset that he couldn't help them in some way.
  12. nekilarose

    The Hot Zone

    I remember reading the book, and really liking it. Although every time Juliana is on screen, I want to scream. At no point would an active military member have her hair down like that. Don't they have a person on set to catch that? But I'm looking forward to the last part.
  13. nekilarose

    S04.E01: Janine

    Welcome back to our bunch of dumbasses. Craig cheering on Pope was cute, but it was so obvious that Pope is just barely hanging on. The fact that both he and Deran were even discussing whether or not Pope should be allowed on the job is proof enough. He is a ticking time bomb. And Smurf is just standing there waiting for him to blow, so she can swoop in and play Mother Teresa. Was happy to see that Adrian wasn't informing on the Cody's, but I'm pretty sure that's gonna happen soon. But he and Deran were so cute laying in bed, planning out an alibi/paper trail. J is in college and it looks like he's found a new batch of Nikki's, them kids aren't gonna know what hit them. Funniest bit? Craig venting about being a landlord. Seeing him trying to be an adult is equal parts funny and horrifying .
  14. nekilarose

    The OA

    There was a point made that I want them to expand on next season, the fact that they're jumping into bodies with a soul/personality already,what happens when they jump out of that dimension? Do their hosts remember? Or is there a gap in their memories? I did enjoy this season a lot more than the first, though. The robots were the WTF thing that I didn't see coming this season. Also, since we know that they're jumping into the dimensions of their NDE's, we've seen Homers, we're about to see Scott's, but did we ever see Rachel's?
  15. nekilarose

    Abducted in Plain Sight (Netflix)

    I can't even imagine your poor husbands face at "there are also aliens"! The continued contact is what kills me. How hard would it have been to....change your frigging number? That is all. He would have no way to reach you! Oh and monitor your mail! Why did you allow Jan to still get and send letters? Also, who cares if B was threatening to expose the dad? All they had to say was "he's lying to cover up the fact that he kidnapped my kid, even the FBI says so" boom. Now he's a lying, perverted, sick man that kidnapped their daughter! But they each let their desire for B overrule common damn sense. Poor Jan never had a chance.