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  1. nekilarose

    The OA

    There was a point made that I want them to expand on next season, the fact that they're jumping into bodies with a soul/personality already,what happens when they jump out of that dimension? Do their hosts remember? Or is there a gap in their memories? I did enjoy this season a lot more than the first, though. The robots were the WTF thing that I didn't see coming this season. Also, since we know that they're jumping into the dimensions of their NDE's, we've seen Homers, we're about to see Scott's, but did we ever see Rachel's?
  2. nekilarose

    Abducted in Plain Sight (Netflix)

    I can't even imagine your poor husbands face at "there are also aliens"! The continued contact is what kills me. How hard would it have been to....change your frigging number? That is all. He would have no way to reach you! Oh and monitor your mail! Why did you allow Jan to still get and send letters? Also, who cares if B was threatening to expose the dad? All they had to say was "he's lying to cover up the fact that he kidnapped my kid, even the FBI says so" boom. Now he's a lying, perverted, sick man that kidnapped their daughter! But they each let their desire for B overrule common damn sense. Poor Jan never had a chance.
  3. nekilarose

    Abducted in Plain Sight (Netflix)

    I just finished watching this and I must have said "WTF" every other minute. You let this guy sleep in your daughters bed as "therapy" ? Didn't he have kids of his own? Not that I wished he would molest them, but there was almost no mention of his kids after the intro. The dad admitting to giving him a handjob? Was just mind blowing, WTF was going through his mind to just say "okay" ? The mom having an affair AFTER the first kidnapping? Jesus Christ, I'd love to blame the times, but that is some epic burying your head in the sand. All the phone calls and letters that they allowed to keep happening? Like I really can't wrap my head around it. And yes speaking of his wife....bish where were you during all this? How could she stay in town knowing her husband had kidnapped Jan, then going over to blackmail them into dropping the charges? She woulda been slapped upside the head. The thing I can't get over is his they did nothing to help Jan afterwards. No therapy, no counseling, just "oh she looks okay" great parenting there. Yes they were manipulated, but that doesn't make up for their stupidity. Who waits to call when your child is missing a few hours, let alone a few days/weeks? Just ugh.
  4. nekilarose

    Say Yes To The Dress

    Thanks for the explanation! I saw it just said Northern Edition and I was thinking Northern U.S. But I did love how un-fussy she was, such a refreshing change from "I want all the bling!" brides who are just there to be on T.V. I adored Jamelha's attitude on the Canadian version (she was the first bride shown) . I'm paraphrasing here but it went something like, " I'm going to wear this dress to my wedding, birthday party, your kids' parties, Christmas, my kid's party .... if we get divorced I'll wear it to court." I found my soul sister! AMEN!! I laughed so loud at that!
  5. nekilarose

    Say Yes To The Dress

    Yeah I rewatched that one too, it was ridiculous the first time, and even more so now. You're right, her mother should have been against Randy's dress, but all we heard were raves. He's got it on the new bride too, and I'm sorry Randy, it's just not my cup o tea. The one that tried it on tonight had the lining, but it still looks tacky.
  6. nekilarose

    Say Yes To The Dress

    Is this a new episode? The assistant Aron is now helping Randy choose dresses. He is just too adorable. The one bride that has 9 bridesmaids.... her entourage...….that is the most varying shades of blonde I've ever seen. Didn't Dianne used to be more serious and less...giggly and spacey?
  7. nekilarose


    Just got done watching the season. Wow. First, great job with the Jeff character. While I was screaming for something to happen to Jeff to make him pay for all his shit, I did not see him becoming a traveler. And to the actor's credit, he did a fantastic job with his new personality. Like snowwhyte said, it was pretty obvious that he was taken over by 001 fairly early on. I was joking that the traveler in his body was probably like "this guy is a douche, everyone hates him, and this is the best body I could jump into?" Poor Philip, having to see all those possible timelines. Although I get why he flushed the pills, because he didn't want to be medicated anymore, but it has to be rough not knowing what is real and what's not. As well as it being a safety hazard. During the last ep I was so sure he was going to get hit by a car, cause homie was just walking around in a daze. (Although I will NOT forgive them for that tease of him and Carly) Speaking of Carly, if we do get a season 4, can we please have something go right for her? Philips flashes of her in other timelines were mostly bad stuff (her dying, getting arrested for presumably killing the neighbors boyfriend) I didn't like how they decided to retcon her relationship with Mac. They had more than "a moment", but hey whatever. After thinking about it, I'm kinda glad they took the baby away. With Jeff becoming a traveler as well, there's no way it would have been healthy (or safe) for him to grow up in that environment, but damn if it wasn't heart-tugging sad. Trevor! Oh my God Trevor. My heart broke nearly every time he "froze" especially after we knew what was happening to him. He was so stoic in his decision to give up his host body, but I'm glad they managed to save him. A part of me was wondering if they would actually go through with it, but I'm glad they didn't. I can't imagine that team with a new engineer. Grace to the rescue! She was amazing this season, used just the right amount. Every time she showed up, I was like "Grace is here!" then "Oh God, Grace is here." Her propositioning Trevor and him trying to let her down easy was funny at first, but then got so sad later. Thankfully she used her motivation to keep the Trevor that we know with us. Her funniest exchange has to be with the priest: "May the Lord work through you." "May you get a real job, someday" "GRACE!" Marcy willing to go 100% in to stop the faction. Damn girl, talk about commitment. Though I really think a big part of her not hesitating was because of David. David! The MVP of the season, IMO. He started out annoying me with all his "I wanna get buff, so I can be tough like you" talk, but I can understand why he would go that route. When he was inside the archive place and got shot, I swear my heart stopped. Then when he dismantled the bomb and touched the core with his bare hands, I didn't get too sad, cause I just KNEW someone would come help at the last minute...guess me and Marcy were both in for a surprise. Mac. Wouldn't it have been better for him to let Kat divorce her "husband", and let her go live her life somewhere else? I mean that's what he ended up doing at the end. He could have avoided all his distractions and trying to convince her he was the man she married. It could still fall under Protocol 5, after all, agents get divorced all the time..... This is long enough,and I'm sure I'm forgetting stuff, but all in all, a great season 3. I really hope there's a season 4. I would love to see how everything turns out this go round. Also: Did it seem to anyone else that they upped the swearing this season? I didn't mind it, but the amount of F bombs were literally everywhere by everyone.
  8. nekilarose

    Inferno (2016)

    So I finally got around to watching this and wow did they screw it up. The best parts of the book were trying to figure out what was going on, and here, they basically just told us from jump. But the biggest travesty was the ending. Why did they change it? It would have been groundbreaking to leave it as it was and have people deal with the reality of what will happen.
  9. nekilarose

    S01.E08: Witness Marks

    I just finished binging the series, and I jumped while accidentally throwing my tablet. Thank God I'm at my family's for.the holidays. Happy Thanksgiving.
  10. nekilarose

    S05.E01: E Pluribus Unum

    I always love a bewildered Russel! He was like " no, I want my coffee, take that thing away" I wanted to shake Stevie when she was talking to June. First of all, government (especially in DC of all places) is nothing but a hotbed of gossip. You want (need) to get in good with "women their ages" because honestly? They're the one's who make things happen behind the scenes, and know what's going on. You cannot tell me that someone of Stevie's stature would have no idea that hiring her would be a boon for that particular office. Your mother is the S.O.S for crying out loud! You're an aide for Russell Jackson! Of course they'd hire you, regardless of the job, if only for the connections. Yes, you might have an impeccable work ethic, but honestly even if you didn't, your name alone gets you in the door. Yes, it might sting, but that is how the world works, get used to it and use it to your advantage. Those of us that work in places like that know the deal, and if you take the time to actually speak to us (instead of just assuming that we're out of touch, or from a bygone era) it would make things a lot more smoother for you. My God, now I hate Stevie for making me sound old. *Walks off to go find my cane and yell at those kids to get off my lawn.*
  11. nekilarose

    S03.E13: The Hyenas

    First things first: Can we say goodbye to Mia already? I was so ready for her to bite it when she was in the car with Pete, and they were headed to T.J. Speaking of... Peace out, Lucy. Sucks that your son had to see you get got. I don't even know with Pope. I truly think he had a break. What kinda mom hires a damn hooker for her son? Boy needs a shrink and HEAVY anti-psychotics. Craig...….sigh. Lord Ben Robson is gorgeous. Okay I'm back. He's got his own thing with Frankie going on I guess. I was surprised by his comment in the beginning, about how Smurf doesn't like other women. WE know that, but has he seen that all along, or is that a recent lesson he's learned? Deran, Jesus. Trying so hard to do his own thing, but keeps getting dragged back in. I did wonder what happened to those two idiots, but man that's harsh. When he was with the mom, I kept praying he'd lie. Sounds cold, but, he couldn't really give her the truth, could he? And WTF with Adrian? J. Oh my god, J. You are playing a dangerous game. Is this all in retaliation for your mom? Season 4 cannot come soon enough.
  12. nekilarose

    S03.E10: Off The Tit

    Ha! This title is such a damn oxymoron! One by one, they all fell back in line.....except J. I mean, I knew Smurf had them by the apron strings, but gotdamn that was hard to watch. Billy was playing with their head, but that's nothing compared to how locked they're in with Smurf. Oh and in case I haven't said it in the last 5 min: Fuck you, Billy.
  13. Which is crazy cause when he popped up last season, I loved the little bugger. He played off Miller so well "Star Helix!" Then he joined up with Andersen officially, helped kidnap Cortazar, and well......The Little Shit Diogo was born. I guess he needed someone new to act as his guiding light. Naomi showed him in probably the worst way that humans are flawed, and that even the ones you think you know can turn around and surprise you. I think he's been looking for a new compass for a while. Prax was good, but he of course was never meant to stay with the Roci (I would have liked a shot of him and Mei, though. Did they go back to Ganymede?) Oh yeah, Drummer would definitely be in that relationship for Naomi, and may god have mercy on Jim if he ever made Naomi cry.
  14. My OT3 has always been Amos/Naomi/Holden. But Drummer/Naomi/Holden just overtook that spot.
  15. I must have said "Diogo, you little shit" a thousand times tonight. But he got what was coming to him. Speaking of...……All Hail my Captain Camina Drummer!! Woman is seriously bad-ass. I was damn near screaming when I thought she was gonna sacrifice herself to handle that little shit Diogo. Holden will have to get used to sharing his girlfriend. I died laughing at that part. Also when Holden was talking to Proto-Miller and it cut to Drummer looking at Naomi like "seriously, this is why you left me?" Anna and Amos together was awesome! "You know he's dead, right?" But when he told her he wasn't gonna let anything happen to her.....swoon. Oh God Holden, when "Melba" was brought to the brig, and he's being his normal "Holden" self. He would make friends with the person who tried to kill him. I'm so glad this got picked up!