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  1. Halfway through; switched to the news. She is obnoxious. Not sure I'm going back. Hope for his sake it was nerves on her part.
  2. The DUI driver who blinded the young lady in last night's episode only got 120 days in jail and 5 years probation.
  3. Both Jill and Jessa should go shoulder length, long enough for a ponytail but not covering their whole back. Jessa in particular looks so damned hot all the time. I don't know how she stands it.
  4. Dreads were worn by ancient Indians and Greeks. If black people can go blonde and straight white people can wear dreads. No one owns a hair style.
  5. There is a fault line in the ocean off of the Rockaways in Queens NY and it is the small unreinforced brick and masonry buildings in Queens and Brooklyn that would be most endangered if it ever slips. As Amarante said, the wood framed houses would actually be safer.
  6. I think it's ugly too and doesn't look like a child's cake either. The horn -- yikes!
  7. Nobody is saying writing reminiscences is bad, It's the quantity that seems more than a bit overboard.
  8. It's a way of covering up disappointment over having just girls.
  9. This episode from 4/29/21 which elicited a lot of reaction is on again tonight at 11PM Eastern time.😀 Edited to add -- don't miss it if you didn't catch it the first time!
  10. Rye is a wealthy area. It does have one feature that might turn off some buyers: Playland. https://playlandpark.org/
  11. Big glasses look good on some people but I don't think they flatter Claire. Her face is too thin or her coloring too fair for them.
  12. She'll be busting her hip into that island expanded into a dining table. In the sketch the distance between the extended edge and the cabinet wall didn't look like much.
  13. I was actually thinking of the tree trimmers with the $600,000 house mentioned above...Don't most of the these construction types report the big jobs and do the side jobs for cash?
  14. That too.The people they are selling to won't be shopping in the local stores either.
  15. Let's hope none of your siblings do anything bad.
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