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  1. Does the show still include the cost of the renovation in their calculation of how much the value of the house went up? Take that amount out.
  2. What do you propose women with big feet (like me) do? Cut our toes off?
  3. The Modesto husband actually said, "I don't think I can sleep at night in a cookie cutter house." Bet he'd look at a brownstone row house and say it has "character." They were cookie cutter houses when they were built. You want unique, hire an architect.
  4. The husband's acceptance of the baby wasn't as instantaneous as it appeared. Remember, there was a scene where he returned from (probably) the pub and was still hostile to the wife. By the time he was going out to sea again would probably be a month or so. He had taken to the baby by then and yes, it being a boy was part of it. I wondered how he would explain the baby to his shipmates. Maybe men don't count? I think the dying wife had been home with the baby for a while and came back to the Lady Emily because they thought it might be puerperal fever from part of the placenta being left in
  5. Well, they could have a quarrel now and then.
  6. In my opinion the writers are afraid to make these two characters less than perfect for political correctness.
  7. Alyssa said in the video that she had tried preparing sandwiches even separating any ingredients that would make them soggy but he still (and he interjected it too) that they were soggy and just didn't care for them. I can relate. I like a fresh made sandwich from a deli/grill but bringing a homemade sandwich never worked for me.
  8. I always wonder if Adrian Leeds wears those bright outfits in real life.
  9. Sometimes a question is a question and sometimes it's just a way of confirming what one already knows or suspects.
  10. I was thrilled that the recent flippers stuck to their guns and refinished the wood floors in the house instead of slapping down laminate like Tarek recommended. That and using the kitchen/bathroom tile to frame fireplaces were two things that he and Christina used to do constantly on their flips. Then look for a lot of moolah.
  11. A friend of mine was so mad when her parents moved from the city to the suburbs in our senior year. She commuted the whole year. Her father would drop her off at the beginning of the subway line and she would ride through 3 boroughs to our school, a good 90 minutes at a minimum.
  12. Her and Christina or her and Tarek? His post-divorce style doesn't appeal to me either.
  13. I find her harsh looking with the very dark eyebrows and the bleached hair, especially since she pulls it back so tight.
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