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  1. Because they need babysitters. Help to watch their herd of kids.
  2. I love your post so much!!!! Everything you said, are words right out of my mouth!!!
  3. Hathorlive, I am also so sorry to hear about the loss of your dog. Within this past year I have lost 2 of my 3 kitties. Our pets become family and it's hard when they pass on.
  4. What are the differences between Calvinism and a fundy? I don't know anything about Calvinism. And what I have learned about being a fundy is what I've read here.
  5. I work in a grocery store that has a pharmacy, and I have found half empty boxes of tampons and condoms hidden throughout the store. Also an empty Monistat box.
  6. I agree. I wonder how much of their builds are cake. I didn't even see any cake in Duff's creation. They both use a lot of rice crispie treats though, along with other non edible materials. You're right about Duff's cake being more imaginative. That's why I think he's better. Buddy is good, and does good work, but doesn't really step out of his comfort zone. The dinosaur was amazing, but I think the face/nose could have been a bit longer. It just looked a bit off to me. The city was incredible though.
  7. Didn't Nathan and Nurie use those exact words when they announced their pregnancy?
  8. It should be illegal everywhere. It is also littering.
  9. Duff and Buddys scores are tied now. Surprise, surprise.
  10. Me too! I've despised Buddy like forever, but he's more tolerable this season.
  11. Exactly. What makes them think a medication meant for an animal would be safer than meds designed for humans (?) Their thinking is just so whacked, it seems that they are anti everything beyond the doors of their church. It must stem from lack of education and being raised to believe that the rest of us are evil and are headed for hell. They are just so far gone.
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