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  1. I guess her daughter moved out? I also don't like the way hosts out each other or OAP about their business. During a cooking show, I think it was Alberti who said something like, Rachel these would be good for you because you live alone. Well, yeah, she's said so herself and so he probably feels it is okay to out her like that, but let her do that to herself over and over. We all know about the stalking situation with Lisa Robertson. Haven't we learned from that? I don't know how people can be so dumb.
  2. Yes, she left and returned. This was years ago and I don't recall the details. She is very wide on the bottom and so I understand she is probably hard to fit. Just accept it, though, you are not a size small. In QVC sizing or otherwise. Imagine when June of next year rolls around? We'll still be hearing about her 60th birthday celebration.
  3. I'll take it a step further and say I wish she would retire so I would have to listen to her drone on and on at 80 miles an hour about her daughters, her cat, her birthday, her shoes. Oh, and Jane, you're not a size small and if you'd wear the right size, you might feel less compelled to pull on your shirt every 33 seconds. Phew, so glad to get that off my chest.
  4. Side note: I would never ever comment on national television that I live alone. Rachel and Shannon from HSN do this often. Just dumb.
  5. Don't forget Jane Treacy. She turns 60 in January, but has been talking about it for months. "I'm almost 60". Someone who does this thinks they look great for 60 and wants a response: You're going to be 60?!!! Wow, you don't look a day over 41". Jane looks every bit 60 and a more. She ruins every single presentation that ever was. I don't know how her family, friends, co-workers stand her. Take a breath, Jane. Breath. And, get off my screen.
  6. Heading over there now, thanks. I always forget about other threads that are not episode threads. I know, I'm missing a lot.
  7. Again, ignorance. People can't see beyond their own nose.
  8. I know. That was gross, wasn't it? Butterflies are on the decline and to use them for something so stupid as an invitation? Well, I was pissed off when I saw that. Fucking ignorant.
  9. Whitney looks good on the show, but her talking heads look bad. Who comes up with these looks? I know. I couldn't stop staring at her "breasts". I will say, though, that she was on WWHL a few weeks ago and they had settled in nicely. Well, better than they look in this picture anyways.
  10. I could be mistaken, but was generally shocked when I saw Ari care, hold Avi. I believe it was the first time we (I) saw her take on the mother role. Even when Bini was talking to Mother Ari via Skye, he was concerned with who would help Ari with the baby. There are single parents all over the world caring for their babies, alone. Surely Ari can do it for a month or two. But let's be real, she'll have her family there to help and so she won't really be doing it alone. Ari looks vastly different in her talking heads. She looks ill.
  11. I loved the way Scheana phrased this: Brock doesn't get to see his kids. No. It's like this: Brock doesn't see his kids. Huge difference, Scheana, huge.
  12. I know it's been said, but her overblown lips are awful, distracting. The nude, or whatever she's trying to accomplish, color is equally bad.
  13. I know it is a reality show, but I didn't like the way Whitney and her brother were talking (and gesturing) about the hot dog in front of her parents. Even if they didn't know what the gesture meant. Also, why am I always shocked when I see her dressed? Someone posted a picture of her going to some even with Tal or Todd and she was in a floor length dress. I sat there staring at the picture for the longest time. Bewildered by it.
  14. The last thing I want to see on any reality tee vee show is............children.
  15. I'm really surprised there's no mention of when she and Rick were selling the bike, she said she had to have therapy for that region down there. She said she was a cycle instructor and the seats were very small, narrow and compared it to the bike they were selling (wide, larger seat). She said, I had to have therapy after I was an instructor. Rick laughed and she said no, I'm serious (paraphrasing). She was, in fact, serious and Rick looked uncomfortable and proceeded to back out of that conversation and guide her back to selling the bike. No one, and I mean no one, wants to hea
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