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  1. Dusty

    S04.E08: Years, Continents, Bloodshed

    I honestly would've liked that better. I would rather they didn't kill him off at all but if they were going to, this would've been a way better way to do it. Also time skipping literally right after is just cheap. I don't have much interest in watching Veronica Mars solve crime by herself. I loved the show as a whole. That's what gave the show its charm. Not Veronica Mars the character herself. So if that's the case if they do more in the future, this is the end of the road for me.
  2. Dusty

    S04. E19. Everybody Hates Kathy

    The actress hurt her knee. I think it might be a torn ACL but not 100% on that.
  3. Dusty

    Killing Eve

    Oh she totally knows she's lying. When Eve was questioning her at the morgue Carolyn asked her "What really happened in Paris?" and some other things.
  4. I'm glad they changed it. I would've quit this show so fast if they went down that road with Katherine. I remember it annoying me so much when I watched the first episode that it wasn't until I read an article that we were going to see a different side to her and understand her better that I decided to watch past the pilot. I just hate that stupid trope so much. Especially since it only would've been done so it's "okay" for Eddie to have an affair.
  5. Dusty

    S01.E17: Goodbye

    This is my problem with the story. If the depression and almost suicide part never happened and Rome just realized that he wanted kids after the fake out pregnancy scare then I wouldn't have an issue with it at all. I think it would be an interesting route to go, while also hoping that Regina doesn't give in. They're already have one too many pregnancy/baby storylines. But if done well, which I don't trust this show to do, it could've been interesting to explore how they would navigate it. But I can't forget about the depression and suicide part, even if it feels like the show wants everyone to. And it'll take more than a couple of scenes for me to be convinced that Rome's change of heart is coming from a genuine place and not for some quick fix. I've always thought him just quitting his job was a rash decision spurred on by Jon's suicide and Rome's depression. Trying to find that one thing that's making him depressed and change that in hopes it'll be all better. But hey, they apparently had the money for him to do that so I didn't have much of a problem with it. But a kid is permanent and it's a lot of responsibility to put on someone as your reason for living. Especially someone who had no choice as to whether they wanted that sort of responsibility.
  6. Dusty

    S01.E17: Goodbye

    I think the only reason I do like the Katheine/Eddie storyline the best out of everything on the show, if I ignore the baby thing, is because of the actors are doing a really great job with it and they're just making it look better than it really is. They've elevating the writing. Their chemistry is good and it makes me want to root for them. I feel like Katherine is doing all the heavy lifting though. Eddie seems like he just goes with the flow. There's been no real closure with Delilah/Eddie, also ignoring the baby thing. It wasn't that long ago when he was looking for an apartment that he was talking to her about it being their place or whatever. I would have liked it better if it was Eddie actively making the decision that he wanted to be with Katherine. That he wanted to fight for her and giving her the choice of whether or not they will. To get some perspective is not a good reason to have a baby. I'm so annoyed at Rome for saying that after Regina said she was still worried about him. That's a really crappy way to put it on her. I really hope Regina doesn't change her mind because Rome is making these impulsive decisions on what would be the miracle fix to his depression. Having kids doesn't fix depression. I mean come on! Rome should remember why he's been stepping up with Jon's kids in the first place. DJ Nash really should've just gotten on the writing staff of Riverdale or Dynasty. That's the kind of show he wants to write. It just really bothers me that he's used suicide and depression as a vehicle for his soap opera. Not to mention Regina's childhood sexual abuse and now just throwing in 9/11 in there for the shock value. He's not even doing the subject matters any justice, which can be done in a soap opera. I've seen some soap operas handle tough subject matter really well.
  7. Dusty

    The Enemy Within

    I liked it enough to continue watching for a bit. I could do without so many close ups and shaky camera. I don't usually mind shaky cameras but I wasn't a huge fan of it in this show for whatever reason. I really wish they didn't put in that young agent with a crush on her superior thing. I just think it's done too much. I hope they drop it. I don't really need romance in a show like this so I wouldn't mind if there was no in office relationship stuff happening. I heard it's not really the case anymore but it was one of the things that I appreciated about Criminal Minds when I used to watch that show. I bought her reasoning for never telling them why she gave up the names. She places her daughter above everyone and everything else. Right or wrong that's what she's going to do so while it would've been good if she did tell someone before now, it didn't seem unreasonable. Which also means they need to do something about her. A protective detail or whatever because if it worked before it'll work again.
  8. Dusty

    S01.E16: The Rosary

    Oh goodness I didn't even think of that and I'm usually the person when a character starts coughing I'm like "Welp, they're dying." They really better not go down that road.
  9. Welp. I guess I should put aside all my complaining about the show being too soapy. It is exactly what they wrote it to be. I wish they had advertised it that way and also not use suicide as their basis for writing a soap. That bugs me.
  10. Dusty

    S01.E16: The Rosary

    Man. This stupid show. I cannot believe they're trying to make me root for Katherine and Eddie. AND IT'S WORKING! But as long as that baby secret is still going on I don't want them on their way back to each other in any way. Continue to co-parent great and leave it at that. Actually now that I think about the baby I'm pretty firm on the don't get back together train. It is the storyline I hate the most out of this show. More than the stupid Barbara Morgan mystery. Also, Katherine can chill on being so insistent on taking some of the blame. It took two people to get their marriage in the state it was in but there was only one of them that cheated. I disliked how they wrote the Gary/Maggie cancer storyline so much in the beginning that I'm just having a hard time caring about it now. And I know that it's a stressful day and there are unwritten rules to parking but Gary always has to make a big scene at the slightest transgression. He did it at the Christmas place with the couple cutting in line too. I really enjoyed the Rome parts of this episode too. They just have not focused on Rome trying to work through his depression enough. It should've been the main focus. Get rid of the Barbara Morgan storyline. Streamline the financials/failing business bits. Forget about the baby and baby daddy story. That's just too soap opera way too early in the show's run. Rome should've been the focus and everyone else also just waking up to their lives instead of just going with the flow like they did in the years before. When they want to they can do it so well.
  11. Dusty

    S01.E15: The Rock

    That would require thinking ahead and I don't think she knows how to do that. To be fair, I don't actually know anybody that has a formal guardianship set up for their kids in case they die but I also don't know a ton of people with kids either so I'm not sure if that's exactly the norm.
  12. Dusty

    S01.E15: The Rock

    Has Eddie or anyone else on the show ever called Katherine 'Katie' before or is that a brand new thing? I skip around the episodes a lot so I could've missed it before but it stood out to me for some reason. I think this is the second real flashback that Katherine has been part of but they do a really good job in those small moments to show the difference between her then and now.
  13. Isn't it romantic when your life has to be in danger for someone to realize they're still in love with you? /s I'm with you. I'm team no one for Eddie for the foreseeable future so if this is the direction that the show is going to go in I really hope, but seriously doubt, that it's a slow burn. Like Katherine is having none of it and Eddie has to work for it. Eddie also comes clean about his baby because I swear if he tries to get back together with her while STILL keeping the secret. Ugh. And also some damn couples/family therapy.
  14. Dusty

    S01.E14: Someday

    This is what bothers me about the storyline. I don't think they cared to take the time to do it well. With the subject matter they really should've. It just feels like they threw it in there and next episode it'll probably be forgotten about. It's just not the type of subject matter that you should one and done.
  15. Drea De Matteo's character from the most recent episode. The person living in Barbara Morgan's "old" apartment. Most likely Barbara Morgan herself.