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  1. I agree with this to an extent, but I also think Lorelai could have come to feel that she had to get away no matter what because she was a strong, independent teenage mom who was tired of dealing with a controlling mother. And we don't know there was no plan. She could have spent the last year or so putting away any money she could and researching towns and places where she might be able to get a job. I don't think we even know for sure that Stars Hollow was the first town she tried--there could have been a list of places and a plan. Also, don't forget to factor in that most 17-year-old's
  2. It wasn't a major arc because the major story is always Lorelai and Rory and Lorelai's parents. Logan urged Rory to use his dad's lawyer but when her grandparents hired her lawyer there wasn't much else he could do. The Gilmores hired a lawyer for Rory because they blamed Logan. Rory felt responsible since she suggested stealing the boat and didn't blame Logan. Lorelai ended up not speaking to any of them and didn't even go to Rory's trial. Last, the fact that we didn't see it doesn't necessarily mean Logan wasn't charged and that the Huntzberger's didn't make some sort of arrangement. S
  3. Well, I would count these as references to Logan doing whatever he wants and not suffering consequences because of his family money. From Norman Mailer I'm Pregnant: And, this from But I'm a Gilmore: Mitchum's speech from Partings seems to indicate Amy didn't see Logan as being reformed by Rory's love for him: These are some of things from the show that make me think that Logan was always bailed out from being responsible for his mistakes. I doubt getting him off for stealing a boat would be any different. But again, everyone is entitled to their own opinions.
  4. The only factor that gives me to pause to not completely agree is the frequent heavy drinking Logan does with his friends. One could say if he didn't have Rory looking out for him after season 6 he could have easily gotten himself into more trouble than he did. As I recall, the father of the one of the rapists mentioned above used the argument that his son was drunk and shouldn't be held responsible for his actions. Which doesn't mean I think Logan would do the same thing, but it does raise the possibility. He's a fictional character and doesn't have a reputation or life to r
  5. Except that I doubt how not to get caught ever entered Logan's mind when they were plotting to steal the boat; that was just something that happened after his shenanigans. And sure, Rory suggested stealing the boat but I doubt she would have made that suggestion to someone she knew to be a law-abiding citizen. Their conversation prior to taking the boat was along the lines of "welcome to the dark side," a theme that extended further into Rory's life with her decision to take time off from school, Logan throwing her a felon party and Rory's willingness to turn it all into a big joke.
  6. I actually agree with both sides of this, and hate the way the children are treated, especially when they're so young. And I get why Midge is leaving for 6 months but it's kind of like when parents get divorced and one of them moves far away. Sure, an adult has a right to do what's best for them, but I also think all kids have the right to parents who at least attempt to do what's best for their children. Childhood really doesn't last that long and being treated like you don't matter that much can have a huge affect on adult life. That said, since it's TV I'm willing to let things happen i
  7. You might want to go a little farther, when you have a chance. Susie has some even better scenes in episodes 4, 5 and 6.
  8. I don't think Midge would be nearly as effective without using whatever material from her life that worked for her. Like Joel said, that's how you're supposed to do it--be honest and open up your life to everyone. He just didn't want to be a part of that. As for the sexism, it's a big part of that era and likely the main reason Joel refused to be a joke husband of a woman comedian. But that doesn't mean he's jealous of her talent.
  9. In fairness to Joel, he wasn't going up on stage and talking about Midge or their marriage. That's a whole other issue than jealousy of her talent. If that was it, he would have asked her to stop. But he didn't because he already knew she was good at it and loved it.
  10. Everything in Stars Hollow was in walking distance, and being an only child gives one easier access to a car and/or transportation.
  11. Seeing someone at Christmas doesn't necessarily translate to spending the holiday with them. It didn't sound like Rory had ever spent the night under Chris's roof before. I don't blame Lorelai for being caught a bit off guard if it was the first time and seemed to only come about because Chris had moved in with Sherry. When you've done all the parenting for 17 years and then have to deal with the other parent's expectations, it's bound to feel a little unfair. Where was Chris was Rory was 5 or 10 and Lorelai would have welcomed some free time?
  12. And my point is that any parent is going to feel differently about the relationship their child has with someone who becomes their stepparent at 16 and the one with their other biological parent. Lorelai always encouraged Rory to include Chris in her life whenever she wanted and not stay mad at him when he messed up. She rarely spoke negatively about him and always reassured her that he loved her very much. We never saw her controlling his calls or visits and she quickly told him it was up to Rory whenever consulted be it about visiting, a Sidekick, or passing along his millions. It wasn't
  13. But. There is a huge difference between allowing your child's father to have a regular role in her life and expecting a stepparent to be a co-parent role when she's already 16. Most people in such a real-life situation would expect to be more of a friend than a parent to a kid even a few years younger.
  14. Chris proposed and Lorelai said no, because we don't know each other as adults. Rory asked him to visit more and call more. Yet instead of taking that as an invitation to move closer and be more involved in their lives, to get to know Lorelai as an adult, he starts dating someone who lives on the east coast and only moves closer and gets a job when she gives him an ultimatum. This shows me pretty clearly what type of person Chris is. Lorelai's mistake was falling for his line yet again when he told her he and Sherry were splitting up.
  15. Maybe. But it is a fact that the sale of the network was a surprise. I know from being in positions where my boss changed, it can completely change the way you feel about your job and your job performance. Being in a position where you have a contract that is bought out and with all new management brought in would be harder. It's also a fact that many have a tendency to blame Amy for each and every thing wrong with the show even though it's impossible for us to know what she did and didn't have control over. I've always felt the show they did produce was pretty good, and prefer to trust t
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