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  1. IMO the most you notice it is with the zombies. You realize in S2 he's gone once the zombies are just dumb and slow. Imagine if they stuck with semi-smart, semi-fast zombies. We wouldn't be at the stupid we are now where zombies have to be stealth, hovering above ground, completely silent, teleporting and multiplying like the Matrix to be a danger. Or even if they just made it so that you have to knife/shoot them at a specific point. Only the brainstem is active according to Jenner, yet zombies are always taken out by stabbing/shooting the regular brain which the zombies don't even use.
  2. I've had it once while in another country and have no desire to eat it again. Unless of course if I were in their situation, I'd eat to my heart's content rather than starve. The horse meat I had was very stringy, hard to chew and I think it's down to horses usually being so muscular (but I'm not sure there). Just not my cup of tea I guess. Mad props to Hershel Junior though. Having to eat spiders? That's where I draw the line even if I were starving. Those 8 legged monsters are getting nowhere near my mouth. I rather do a Daryl and dig for worms. I think the kids aversion to eating horse
  3. So when our characters senselessly get horses killed all the time, people say 'poor horse, bad character' and move on immediately. But when a horse is killed for the legitimate reason of 'our children are starving, they need food', that's when it's time to hate on a character? That's just weird. Has anyone considered that this might not be an option anymore since they dumped 10k walkers into the river in last Season's Finale?
  4. That's probably true about having seen all the good parts. However there has to be a time skip. Because these guys don't just become sudden zombie killers over night after the travesty of S1 of 'run and don't kill'. Biggest mystery for me right now is what Hope was doing inside CRM for all that time (assuming a time skip) because there is nothing about her story in the trailer. It's clear what everyone else is up to but not her. It seems to me the CRM has massive amounts of walkers stored away. They even have enough to waste them in dry runs (the scene with the walkers near a wall bein
  5. Why was this not Season 1? At last it looks and feels like a WD show. Finally the kids are killing undead en masse. Funniest thing about the trailer is them giving the middle finger to all the popular ships (Iris/Silas, Elton/Hope, Elton/Percy) before the season even begins. The CRM soldier imitating the Whisperers...that looks so much better than the stupid Halloween masks they had on the main show. That looked freaking real. However I will roll my eyes so hard if some rag tag group from the outside+inside manage to take down something as big as the CRM.
  6. Oh I know. But this forum here is like the only place I have seen where the majority is anti-Negan. What baffles me is that so many women are stans of him. Forget everything else he's done but as a woman myself, I will never forget that this guy kept himself what essentially amounted to a rape harem. And I will never get behind this show trying to redeem a serial rapist (and sadist and torturer). And what really angers me is that so many people, even those who are not up for a Negan redemption, always forget the rape harem.
  7. They have shown them before. The walker who bit Hershel in the prison. He was dormant on the ground until Hershel bumped into him. That's one example I can think of.
  8. Except it's not working. The guy is everyone's fave character despite what he has done. His more moderate fans admit they know what he's done but he's still their fave. The fans who are like Negan (aka a-holes) are the ones who have run Lauren Cohan off social media.
  9. Does Negan have some kind of mission in life to orphan kids?
  10. AMC+ airs episodes a week earlier. Most people will see the episode tomorrow when it airs on regular AMC (see the OP).
  11. Is anyone aware of this project? I didn't know where else to put it (it's not TWD related) but it's about our fave little monsters, the undead. Now I would love for this to become a series (even if it's limited). Because this is how you do it. And this was done by one guy during the pandemic. Networks really have no excuse whatsoever for the garbage they put out. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt12661206/
  12. I'm late to the party but I just got around to finish watching this because I was bored and haven't watched anything TWD related in years. So let me get this straight, all they are teaching in that colony in terms of walker killing is theoretical? Felix's class of 'hit the brain, don't tire yourself out etc.' is all they do? No practical applications whatsoever? Elton is teaching others martial arts which can't be part of 'kill walker training' because you are not going to get into a martial arts fight with the freaking undead. Then we are told by Huck that she was training with Hope spec
  13. Smad

    The Winchesters

    I don't see how you can even do a show about Mary and John (especially given it's time frame 1970s) without also addressing the elephant in the room which the show never did. Unless you ignore it just like the original show did after the reveal. The only reason Mary and John got together was because they were supernaturally forced to via a cupid in order to force the birth of Dean and Sam. As we were told via the cupid, Mary and John hated each other. I've always wondered how extreme the hatred was considering that despite a cupid's influence their marriage was sometimes extremely shaky (the m
  14. So glad I stopped watching long ago. Reading this about Carol makes me incredibly sad. To this day I wonder what the show could have been if AMC had just let Darabont do his thing with it. So what if he wanted to do stuff not in the comics? Considering the comics aren't exactly deep, deviations from it wouldn't have been the worst thing in the world.
  15. Smad

    Eternals (2021)

    So the Eternals have been on Earth and from what I know are actually tasked with keeping the Earth safe... ...Marvel better come up with a damn good excuse as to why they were nowhere to be found during 2012 Avengers (Loki+Chitauri would have destroyed more than New York if left unchecked), Age of Ultron (Ultron would have destroyed all life on Earth) and especially Infinity War/Endgame. I just hope that the explanation isn't a damn cat (sorry Flerkin) again.
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