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  1. Smad

    Frozen 2 (2019)

    Seriously boggles the mind but crappy movies sell, especially when coming from Disney. This movie being the perfect example.
  2. There are plenty of alternatives you can use for masks. For example, it's been impossible here for an entire month now to get any masks, so I've gotten used to wearing scarfs instead since I can't sew either. Bandanas are also an alternative.
  3. That's what I said. Local pages. I didn't say local media, precisely because I don't know how the media works in the US. Local pages encompasses everything that's local, government/institutions and media.
  4. Rules can be different within the same state. Granted, I don't know how it works in the US but it has happened in my country several times. For example, the mayor of my city implemented certain measures long before the state government did. But that's probably how it will shake down where you live as well, largely because there might be 'hot spots' developing so the rules for those might be different from the rest of the state. Which is why I mentioned that the best bet is to check your local pages often. As I said there can be differences between your area and your state as a whole. And on top of that there will probably also be rules coming from the federal government, not just your state government. At which point it can get confusing/messy. So your local pages is where it's at.
  5. I've never checked the page for my city and the state newspaper's site in my entire life put together as I have the last 2+ weeks. The problem is that tv news are rarely sufficient, and there was a time around mid-March when we had almost daily changes happening. Some of that was pages of information which you can't cover in a news report. It's something you should do daily really. Because once these things get rolling, there will be constant changes.
  6. Isn't there a page/site for either your state or you town/county where this information is posted? It's something you should really look into. Stay-at-home orders seem to be different from country to country, it would probably even differ from state to state within a country. That's why local pages are your source in this time. Especially since violations carry with it huge fines or even jail time, at least in my country.
  7. Because Beta is a freaking giant? Who in the communities do they have who is that tall and broad? I can't think of a single one. And am I to believe that these people were never briefed on the leadership of the Whisperers? No one told them 'ok, Alpha's second in command is a GIANT...shoot on sight'?
  8. I'm sticking to my prediction that Carol dies this Season. Episode 14 is titled 'Look at the flowers' after all.
  9. Keeping bad guys on at the expanse of the good guys hasn't worked for this show in years. The good guys all look like morons for over a Season while the bad guys succeed only because the good guys are too stupid to be believable as human beings. And the bad guys have plot armor on top of it. It's past cringe at this point. No he wasn't. He made a perfect headshot on Gamma. Which was astounding because from the angle they showed him, a front headshot was impossible (and not just because Beta's body would prevent such a shot). He made the balls to the wall idiotic decision to shoot a zombie instead of aiming a little higher and burying an arrow in Beta's neck. Wait for the reveal that actual Carol was switched without anyone noticing and replaced with a malfunctioning (hence the erratic behavior) robot by whatever new community gets introduced next. Heck maybe Maggie's new pack has a genius among them and she has been snatching people and replacing them. Next Season is absolutely going to be survivors vs their robot versions.
  10. They did pay already with or without Carol. Or did I imagine the heads on spikes end of last Season? Then Alpha used the satellite crashing, where the protagonists had to put out a freaking fire, as an excuse. During that they found masks, meaning Whisperers violated the borders. Lets not forget the Whisperer in Alexandria who poisoned the water, from which people died, rose as zombies and killed more people. How was that within the rules Alpha had established? Alpha's rules were bullshit because people were dying due to her not following the rules. And that would have continued, with or without Carol. As for Beta, he should have been dead this episode. Seriously, Team Good deserves to die out at this point. Little sissies following the rules of Alpha while she keeps violating them and killing people off. This episode, Enid's boyfriend decides to shoot risen as zombie Gamma (or whatever her name) instead of shooting Beta through the neck who is right there! I'm sorry but that kind of stupid needs to die. Actions like these (not shooting the bad guy who is RIGHT THERE) are why I completely understand Carol being like 'fuck this you morons, I'm gonna go do something'. The Whisperers would and should have been done this episode. Instead it's Negan vs Rick idiocy all over again.
  11. You mean the same people who have been keeping Negan alive and comfy for years now? Let him out into Alexandria's society and even near Judith? The ones who wanted to stop Maggie from taking Negan out? Those people? It would hypocritical of them to take Carol to task quite frankly, especially since they started to take Negan out of Alexandria with them to kill stuff before any of this happened. When did Daryl have a problem with Negan still being alive? I don't remember him trying to get revenge on what happened to him. He was fine with having Negan there all these years. From what I understand of what little I have seen of this Season, Carol always tried to go it alone. First it was Daryl who kept saying 'not gonna let you go alone' and then more and more people got involved. They should have just let her go it alone but they didn't want her to because god forbid anyone upset the precious boundaries opposed on them by these mask freaks. Because you don't kill bad guys that oppress you, you cave in to their demands while letting them violate the rules they set up while you follow said rules like a sissy. People were going to die with or without Carol because these morons learned nothing from Negan. You follow the rules, you get killed because the rule makers are assholes and find any excuse to kill you. Don't follow the rules, you get killed. Alpha is exactly the same, she would just find excuses or stage something to where people have to break rules (like stopping a fire) or use any excuse to kill them off. It's hilarious how people can complain about our team doing nothing against these bozos since last Season. Then when someone does want to take them out, everyone complains because...? Are people really that upset about these characters dying that no one cares about anyway? Other than Connie who is there?
  12. So from reading this...Carol is going to die this Season, right? Usually when a show with not so talented writers goes out of their way to ruin a beloved character to the point even the character's fans want them dead...they are dead.
  13. The battle doesn't even make sense to me. So on top of extra bad cgi it was also ridiculous. Hey now. I'm sure if someone locked me in a hole for eternity because they were ego tripping, I would be a pissed as hell. And I'd probably be a little petulant and whiny as well and frankly I would be entitled to it. Just saying...
  14. IMO Amara could have been more compelling but that was never going to happen. First of all the showrunner who had started the Season left half way through and it shows. Second, this show just doesn't have the budget to put primordial beings into actual action. They can't even do archangels. Due to the changes midway through the Season, the people in charge clearly had no idea how to finish the myth-arc. On top of that the original plan was to kill God off and when the CW said no, they had to hastily rework the end of the Season. It was pure luck that Robbie wrote such a fantastic episode with 11x20. It also didn't help that the show decided to humanize all these supernatural beings (Crowley, Lucifer, demonic and heavenly office workers) before we even got to S11. There were no more Yellow Eyes, Lilith, OriginalRecipe!Angels (Zachariah, Uriel, original!Cas) so there was no way they were going back to something like that with Amara. Amara can end the world with a snap, instead she kills only a few people here and there for the entire Season until the previous episode when she sends deadly smoke that kills a few thousand. There should have been escalating destruction over the course of the Season because Amara's goal was a confrontation with God. She foolishly believed God cared about his creations so she started small (like the church massacre). Instead of her just sending a 'back off' ripple through Heaven, she should have destroyed it (because that's only logical). But since the showrunners weren't done with Heaven and needed it for the future, all we got was her shaking it up a little. IMO the reason why they went back to Amara's connection with Dean over and over again to the point it became redundant and boring, was their clumsy way of avoiding what should actually be happening. Amara smashing up the planet on a larger scale the further we get into the Season. Then it would make sense that Metatron urged God to get involved (like lets say Amara had destroyed an entire continent) and that God was hiding. Instead she did less damage than Michael/Lucifer/Angels etc. even before they were about to have their super fight. Remember the tv reports of natural disasters all over the world getting worse the closer we got to the fight or Death about to wipe out Chicago before Dean came to him. Destruction was happening on a planetary scale. Sadly there was no more talent left behind the scenes (aside from Robbie maybe) and supernatural beings had become a joke by this point.
  15. The first problem one would have to tackle is the inconsistent, expanded or discarded canon of the show. That in and of itself makes discussing this almost impossible. You'd probably have to make your own headcanon for it to fit what you think is going on. When it comes to the 4 Horsemen, I always view the situation this way: Only one of them is for sure a primordial being, Death. Death 'came to life' as soon as God started creating once Amara was gone (there was no need for Death before, since she always destroyed what God build so balance was maintained...hence why she didn't know Death) because of the whole 'balance' thing. Where there is life there is death. So God had no control over it and he certainly didn't create Death himself. When it comes to the other 3 Horsemen, they are not primordial beings IMO. I think they were specifically made because we know they can only effect things on a grand scale with the power from their rings and they only come into play during big events. It's kind of in their name, Horsemen of the Apocalypse. I don't think Famine, War and Pestilence are what causes people to have no food, get sick or go to war. They are called upon when God's story wants something big to happen, an Apocalypse if you will, because they can make it happen on a grand scale. Like War said, last time he was in action was WW2 (iirc). Pestilence was probably around for the Black Plague which wiped out half of Europe. But all 4 of them were brought in for the biggest story ever, literally the story of God's book aka the bible. Although probably not for the first time because know from Zacharia that even the Angels had previously brought planetary destruction upon Earth. IMO though those 3 are just part of God's story, unlike Death. But you can't have an apocalypse without Death except Death clearly has to be bound in order to be used (because he is a free agent unlike the other 3). Not sure if I explained it well enough. I swear it all makes sense in my head.
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