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  1. Reading trough this thread for the first time and it's kind of insane the extremely high standards some people have of 4 year old Vanya. She's apparently crazy, born evil and a psycho because she didn't magically know 1) hurting people is wrong 2) what death means 3) the value of human life 4) empathy, morals and ethics These are all things your parents are supposed to teach you. After she threw the first nanny into some lego foam, that's when it was on RH to sit her down and teach her these things. It's also weird the double standard so many people have. If one blames Vanya for not coming out of the womb a perfectly taught human being, then you can't excuse Allison. Everybody defended 4 year old Allison mind raping her sister as 'her father made her do it' and she was 'only 4'. Sorry, but if lack of teaching and age isn't an excuse for Vanya, then it isn't one for Allison either. She should have known mind raping her sister is wrong and evil. And since Allison mind raped her way into fame and stardom, she clearly was psycho as well, right? But the wrongness of that doesn't even get discussed in this thread. It's also kind of funny how Vanya is the only one labeled a psycho when her siblings were too. The bank robbery scene was disturbing. Watching children smiling, laughing and making quips as they were tear through humans...that's normal? And unlike Vanya, those kids where what...13? After all they should really know better at that age, right? Unless they were born psychos too.
  2. In fact, had Sam not involved Martin at all, none of it would have happened.
  3. Watch the scene again at the end of episode 5. And then watch mom-bot's behavior in the following episodes where you can clearly see that the person who is in the bot has a problem behaving like a bot. Heck there is a scene where Diego finally gets mom away from the house willingly (which they made a point about being against her programming) and she turns into a human trying to tell Diego something important before they are interrupted. It always felt to me like an abandoned plot.
  4. I have a question. Maybe I missed something but was it ever explained whose 'consciousness' jumped into the mom-bot after Pogo repaired it? I even watched the scene again which starts with the invisible force moving away from Vanya/creep guy doing it on the couch, up into the attic (where we see the body of the first chair woman and RH diary) and then out of the house and all the way to the academy. Pogo was even waiting for it to jump into the bot, after which they had a discussion but no name was attached to said 'consciousness'. What did I miss?
  5. I don't see it that way. Chuck's only goal seems to have been to pitch brother against brother, namely getting one brother to kill the other. That's what he's been trying to get Dean and Sam to do for Seasons and it's what he did with Michael and Lucifer. The apocalypse is just the backdrop to what he really cares about. Ironically this is a point all the archangels (except Raphael) made. Gabriel pointed it out in Changing Channels, for Michael it's his holy mission and Lucifer basically said God is using them to play out his fantasy of fratricide. What confuses me is God's need to play out fratricide with multiple siblings. I would understand if God had a brother and they came to blows and he either wants to relive it via proxy or he developed some fetish for it or whatever convoluted reason one can think of. But God never had a brother, he had a sister. His focus on brother/brother conflict and murder makes no sense to me. He should be all about brother/sister conflict.
  6. Chuck doesn't 'control' most of the world and it's people and monsters and what not. Because that wasn't his focus. The rest of the world wasn't his 'favorite show'. But it's hard to ignore that their entire life was written by someone else when you have early Chuck writing books about the guys lives and often before the guys went through it. He handed Dean pages he had written that Dean was reading in the laundromat which detailed the actions and thoughts of the brothers in that laundromat. And since God is the writer of the brothers lives as per S15, you can't ignore that everything about them comes from him. And of course they don't become different people once his influence is gone. This isn't a case of someone having lived their life for 20 years and then being mind controlled for 5 and when that's over they go back to who there were when they were 20. God's been writing them since they came to life pretty much (the story and therefor the first book starts at Sam's 6 month birthday). They literally don't know how to be anyone else since they were always this way, hence they would stay the same once Chuck is not writing them anymore. It's just as hard to ignore that he was controlling their life to such an extend that when his influence is gone, Dean starts looking for an actual different job. Of the two brothers, it was always Dean who was 100% dedicated to the hunter life, seeing nothing else possible for him. He's still the same guy of course but he's free of being forced to live as he used to and therefor free to make choices because 'the show is over'. Chuck is not renewing it anymore for another Season thereby not impeding the choice not to keep hunting anymore.
  7. The only ones who should have been able to defeat Chuck are those who are outside of his control. Everything Chuck created he controls, he knows everything about them because he wrote it that way (and per Jack God is IN everything...even rocks). And as they stated in the show, on top of God having written everything, he's also omniscient. So the idea that anything that God created could possibly beat him is dumb on a scale I can't comprehend. And that's been one of my biggest issues with this Season. Logically (as per the rules the writers set up), the only ones who should have been able to take Chuck on or down were Amara and the Entity and that's it.
  8. Here is my biggest problem with the ending and it goes right back to their effing mega nonsense of 'God wrote everything'. Except for the very few times when the biggest of situations would arise, the guys never had free will. Free will only seemed to prevail in the most dire circumstances (Dean not killing Sam in S4, Sam not killing Dean when possessed by Lucifer, the end of 15x17). We know that Chuck wrote everything down to their dialogue and even sometimes thoughts. Remember when they met him in S4 and were at the laundromat, Dean had written pages from Chuck which he read out loud that detailed their conversation in the laundromat right down to even their thoughts. Everything about these guys was scripted with the exception of the previously mentioned extreme circumstances. So to finally be free from the scripted pages and Dean dies a few weeks later? That is not just the most depressing ending but it's downright diabolical. Also the only reason why the supernatural existed on the earthly plane was because it was part of God's story. So what, NUgod decided to leave the evil from heaven, hell and purgatory able to run around the earthly plane to continue to kill people? Or is it just purgatory? There shouldn't be any supernatural interference on Earth anymore. There shouldn't be vampires at the end of this story, period. And that's how the show should have ended. These 3 planes have their access to Earth completely cut off and what's left of them on Earth gets send to their respective plane. Then the guys should have to struggle with real life while also being completely free for literally the first time in their lives. After all, the writers decided that once free of God's writing, the guys went after normal things instead of continuing to hunt (Dean's job application certainly points to that). Which means that God was the one preventing them from ever really having that in the first place. The occasional interludes with normalcy that didn't last seemed to have been God's manipulation in a 'see Dean/Sam, normal always ends in disaster for us so we keep hunting' kind of way. It was not their decision to keep hunting year after year. And if during that life of normalcy one of them slipped on a banana and broke his neck or fell down an elevator shaft, so be it. But literally being free to speak, think and decide for themselves for the first time in their lives, to kill one of them that soon after the achieved freedom...I just can't.
  9. Thank Chuck it's finally over. I didn't get emotional at all other than happy the actors, Jensen in particular, are finally free. There are two reasons why: 1) Everything was written by Chuck (right down to dialogue...as shown in S4) and these guys have never been their own characters and 2) the 'characters' have been ruined by Dabb and his writers to the point I didn't really care about them anymore. I'm remaining steadfast in my show/canon ending with 11x23 because that was a great ending, especially God's departing words make me imagine so many exiting possibilities.
  10. Only reason to bring him back as Jimmy would be to reunite with Claire and by extension get to know Claire's new family that cares for her (Jody, Alex even Donna). But what significance would Jimmy have to any of the main characters (Dean, Sam and Cas)?
  11. He should definitely have been sapping their souls. But shh, you are not supposed to apply logic.
  12. Pft, Ash would have long intercepted them and told them 'dead again guys. want a cold one?'.
  13. How? This is the same woman who has always been clear about Amara's anger in S11 stemming from the fact that she did NOT FEEL HEARD. Heck, she even said because of the lengths Amara went to (to be heard) it made her realize how sad, angry and discouraged it made her feel when she didn't have a voice. Sorry but talk about contradicting yourself (probably just to tow the company line). It can't be both Emily.
  14. Because she is a weak woman with feels and men are so much smarter too, of course.
  15. It's just such bad optics. The show has gotten so much crap for this for years that you'd think they wouldn't be that tone deaf at the end of the show. Amara, a woman who was tricked and betrayed by 5 men (God+4 arch-angels) either because her brother was ego tripping and wanted to go solo or because her bro simply didn't want to sit down with her and talk things out about creation. She was the sole cosmic being in it for the sake of the planet but was betrayed again by 2 guys (Dean, God) and then swallowed up without a voice (not once but twice) by men. The other female cosmic being (Death!Billie) was fooled and manipulated by the same guy (God) as Amara and offed in such a blatantly stupid way despite the fact that her sort of plan wasn't even that bad (everything goes back where it belongs). Meanwhile you have 4 cosmic male figures around till the end (God, Jack, Michael, Lucifer). How the hell did this happen? No seriously, how?
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