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  1. I was thinking the exact same thing about Dorit's outfit...sitting at the table she looked like she was at a sleepover
  2. Glenn was completely spineless when talking to Jenna...and she keeps talking about people getting into her personal life...wtf?? She brings her personal life into the workspace constantly and then whines that she did nothing wrong? Doesn't she understand what having a job means? Or being professional as the chief stew? I hope i never have to see her horse face on a show ever again...please TLC, never bring her back
  3. It was great seeing Rose tell off that disgusting pig 😁
  4. Love Erica's parents...and how cute was her dad when he asked if anyone wanted more fried rice?
  5. OkOk i haven't read the previous pages yet, but am going to put my 2 cents in and then catch up I hope to see a modern day Wizard of Oz scene when David goes into the apartment...maybe a cardboard cut out, wax figure or hologram of Lana and a voice saying "pay no attention to the fat man behind the computer screen" As far as Darcy and Tom i can say that TLC is cruel to animals...a horse has been poisoned, strangled, shot, stabbed, drowned and electrocuted...now TLC is beating this poor dead horse...Tom is a narcissist who wants air time and Darcy is a pathetic mess...please, please, please for the sake of her daughters cut her loose...i can't even imagine the embarrassment of having their mother humiliate and degrade herself for money Ed is a disgusting, horrible pig...i'm sickened by him and by everything he does...he's a controlling, scary predator and i can only hope this whole thing pings the radar for internet detectives Yolanda is too stupid and boring to even watch Lisa is an embarrassment to women, Americans and the human race in general...i love Usman's mom...you go girl!! Usman only wants to get into the music industry in the US and he's made no secret of that...he's still strangely likeable...Lisa is delusional, cruel and completely as disgusting as Ed...and btw, where does her daughter fit into her wanting to go anywhere to be with Usman? Stephanie and Erica...who cares? Steph is a drama queen on a YouTube mission...hope it backfires...Erica can do better Ash is another narcissist and Avery needs to go home to her children There seems to be no chemistry at all between Geoffrey and Varya...they both know, but are playing it out...she can do better than an asshole...love her mother and brother, though
  6. Jenna seems like the most useless chief stew EVER...she must be getting paid on the amount of times she can bad mouth the other stews behind their backs...she's extremely unprofessional and lazy
  7. Supposedly he's been type chatting with Lana for 7 years because she's too shy to skype or actually talk on the phone...i guess that kind of shyness is ok, but Anya's isn't...at least she actually exists
  8. Ngl i think ezra looks like some type of larva in moncler's design...maybe moncler and geoffrey can team up and do an insect themed runway show...or even make "fashionable" sleeping bags...i've seen sleeping bags that looked similar, but probably more attractive and better priced!!
  9. The judges have lost their minds...I felt his looks were the weakest and his final model looked like a gigantic tick! Apparently the judges think that ugly, shapeless and puffy designs are fashion forward...i could make crap like that lol
  10. That's great that you got your baby! Congratulations! ☺
  11. I think Bill did great too...and not defending Joe Gorga, who acts like a Neanderthal most of the time, but sperm count has absolutely nothing to do with virility Funny thing, though...i'd bet money that neither Jennifer nor Joe knows that 😂
  12. Apparently Bravo can't afford enough duct tape to keep Jennifer from talking...the way she interrupts EVERYONE is so annoying that i don't even give af if she has a good point or not...i wish they would do a segment without her there so others can answer questions that were asked of them
  13. Are you saying that you don't love pizza? 😂
  14. Brittany is right in her pronunciation of the town in Kentucky...she would be wrong to use the same pronunciation if talking about the palace in France Same logic goes for Notre Dame...the college isn't pronounced the same as the church in France
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