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  1. Oh, come on, Emma, how hard could it be to find a spare set of fresh lungs in that town? Just ask Romero, he'll bring over three or four sets for you to choose from. And Norman could do the surgery right in the basement. My guess is that he is going to taxidermy one of the major characters, but who?
  2. I dont particularly miss Jenny or Cynthia, but the loss of Chummy and Peter (and Young Sir!) and now Sister Evangeline has dealt a serious blow. I'll keep watching the show, but it's no longer on my Must-See list. Too much TV last night, I kept having Call the Madmen dreams: Don Draper arriiving on a bike to deliver a baby; Sister Monica Joan pitching the Tastycakes account . . .
  3. Wept copiously, of course, but there was a severe Chummy deficiency! They are going to really have to step up their Chumminess if they are going to keep me happy (between weeps).
  4. I wonder how many takes they had to do before Vera and Morgue Girl didn't break up? I hope the drive Norma now has will expose Ted Chaough's Sex Club and Wannabe Sheriff, and let Nestor keep his job.
  5. Spin-off show for Vera and Nestor: "The Misadventures of Sheriff & Loco!"
  6. Gosh I've missed this show, and how I love Norma & The Sheriff. Anyone else notice Nestor Carbonell looks eerily like middle-aged Tony Perkins? No one can play crazy like Vera, she is Lucille Ball and Lizzie Borden all wrapped in one. And those outfits--she must shop online at J. Peterman. She need an Emmy. Road Cone needs one too--amazing performance! I hope Road Cone shows up again in future episodes, though there are so many shows he is needed, to bounce off people's heads.
  7. I agree, but that would have been a lot more effective had the actress in question not been named Da'Vine.
  8. I was eating dinner during the vomit scene, so . . . no. Just no. Other than that, I liked the cast; the concept and execution are just weird, and not in a good (or sustainable) way. If Henry has no romantic interest in Eliza, why on earth would a busy man like him take on a makeover of a horrible horrible person he hates? And a romantic sub-plot would further ruin the show. Their suddenly liking each other at the end of the pilot did not remotely ring true. I just don't see where this can go, character or plot-wise.
  9. Like the cast, not crazy about the writing or the concept. If there is nothing better on or I don't have a good book to read, I may tune in; but if it gets cancelled I won't miss it (and will forget it existed within five minutes).
  10. Bad Show. No one in the cast is sufficiently interesting or attractive to keep me watching this mess.
  11. I feel just the opposite--with my Sunday Night Bonnet Sagas off for the summer (Call the Midwife, Turn, Mad Men), the only thing I'd be watching would be Halt and Catch Fire. While I kinda like it, I don't like it enough to stay up till 11:00 on a worknight.
  12. Well, Wifey really came through for Abe in the end--I just hope they left his horrible, horrible knit cap in the house when they torched it. I love Other Burly Bearded Guy's (I cannot for the life of me keep them straight) Villainous Exit Laugh when he is relieved of his commend: "Bwa-hahahaha. BWA-hahahahaha!"
  13. OK, I'm out. I gave it four chances, but I barely smiled at this last episode. Only Ron Funches brightened it up (thank you, Undateable, for introducing me to Ron Funches!). I don't hate Chris D'Elia, but his violent overacting is wearisome. When he's reined in, he's not bad. The rest of the cast are just kind of . . . blank. Perfectly talented performers, I'm sure, but none of them manage to rise above the script, which is nothing to write home about.
  14. I love Lee Pace and I love 1983 (gosh did I have fun in the early '80s--1980s, I mean). But this was slow going. The McGuffin has to be a lot more interesting, and they have to "1983 it up" a bit more. Spend more money on some of the great tunes of that year, go a little more over the top with the hair and costumes. One reason Mad Men was such a hit from the first was that they 1960'd us over the head with a baseball bat. But it's good enough to keep me going for now . . .
  15. I hope next week is the series finale, and next season we pick up with a new show, "Simcoe!"
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