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  1. There's an optimistic part of me that wants to believe some people learned from their experiences. I feel like they showed Shane was genuinely distressed at the situation that led to him killing Armond and his part in it. At least for a little while. Maybe what Rachael said to him taken together with him being an unnecessarily bad asshole over the Armond situation that led to Armond's death, was life changing. He's probably only in his late 20s. He can change. Maybe not a complete turnaround. But maybe good enough to be in a range where Rachael could stand him. And Racheal may have figured out
  2. I think the theme here may end up being all the rich, privileged people go untouched, while the under-privileged or not rich people get screwed over, whether they're at fault or not. So Kai, Armond, Belinda, and possibly Racheal will end up in a bad place. Boy Shane hasn't gotten very far into Blink has he? They keep showing him with that book in roughly the same spot. That may be true for all the books being read, but I only noticed his. I feel like there are a lot of nuggets on this show I'll pick up on second watch when I'm not distracted by the main plot.
  3. It just occurred to me that Nicole is a good example of somebody who has cognitive empathy but not emotional empathy. Cognitive empathy because she can understand why someone is feeling the way they do but no emotional empathy in that she can't actually connect with the person about their problems, even while she gives a very detailed and accurate reason for how she thinks they feel. Narcissists can have this problem. They set it up perfectly.
  4. I agree. I went back and watched that scene carefully at the time and he did really look like he was innocently trying to get into the wrong room. If he knew she was coming and did it, he sure pulled it off well, the way it's shown to us. Then I was waiting for him to actually put his key in his real room and get in as confirmation that yes, he was at least well off enough to have that room. He wasn't lying about that. So IDK with this show but either they did a good job of faking us out, or he's only there in the plot to distract Tanya from poor Belinda's plan to start a business with her. Bu
  5. I was thinking the other way around. Rachael kills Shane's mother.
  6. Yeah, Molly Shannon just added a whole nother level of fucked up to the Shane/Rachel dynamic. I'm starting to think Armond just wants to mess with all the guests for spite.
  7. For me this rang just inside the range of plausibility. It seemed natural enough. I've certainly seen people do it even though I wouldn't.
  8. I actually thought that too. But remembered she was in Best in Show over 20 years ago and looked up her age. She's 59 so doubtful.
  9. Perfect description. I had a problem with him too. They just did not seem like they belonged together.
  10. Personally, I didn't even think she was good in the roll. Susan Kelechi Watkins, who is my favorite on the show, deserves a better actor as her mother IMO.
  11. Sorry, will not watch TIU again if Phylicia Rashad is part of the cast. I'm a loyal viewer of all seasons since the beginning but her statement on Cosby's innocence is beyond infuriating and insensitive to the many victims.
  12. I ended up being interested in all of the patients. I didn't like the Brook and her AA sponsor ones. I disliked Adam. It didn't seem like a real relationship to me. I'll tell you though, that Colin ended up being a mess his last session. I mean, he was always a mess but coming on to Brook was really over the top even for him. He was all over the place. Sadly, someone like him probably doesn't even know who he is at all and has no ability to access it. Like he said, his only skill was "the lie." All he was was "the lie." How does someone like that ever get better? It's all he knows how to
  13. I realize this is a show about therapy and lends itself to such but most of the show has gotten too touchy feely for me. And I watch This is Us. I'm trying to hang in there but IDK.
  14. I just rewatched the entire series over the past few days. It's crazy how, upon rewatch, it all seems so obvious now. Except for the Dylan gun on Jess thing. That never really fit in. I enjoyed noticing some things like how the houses seemed really lived in, their real life-like clothes, and just taking in some local color that I didn't pay enough attention to the first time.
  15. I'll be interested to see if Eladio is for real but I'm thinking they won't do that again since Paul had a patient fool him in the third season. I'm only interested in Eladio and Colin. Throughout the entire series, way too many people are educated and/or smart. Not that I have anything against that. They just seem over-represented.
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