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  1. I realize this is a show about therapy and lends itself to such but most of the show has gotten too touchy feely for me. And I watch This is Us. I'm trying to hang in there but IDK.
  2. I just rewatched the entire series over the past few days. It's crazy how, upon rewatch, it all seems so obvious now. Except for the Dylan gun on Jess thing. That never really fit in. I enjoyed noticing some things like how the houses seemed really lived in, their real life-like clothes, and just taking in some local color that I didn't pay enough attention to the first time.
  3. I'll be interested to see if Eladio is for real but I'm thinking they won't do that again since Paul had a patient fool him in the third season. I'm only interested in Eladio and Colin. Throughout the entire series, way too many people are educated and/or smart. Not that I have anything against that. They just seem over-represented.
  4. Ignoring the troll... I love the series. Jean Smart is fabulous. Just fabulous. I love the way they set this episode up to show the differing views on harassment of the younger generation vs the older. If you count 69 as old. I'm actually a couple of years younger than Jean Smart and although I wasn't in the comedy business, the general attitude that this was the way the world was and you couldn't do anything about it is accurate IMO. It was degrading, unpleasant or worse and you just had to accept it and move on the best you could. The battle was too hard to try to fight every instance.
  5. I'm enjoying this fourth season. I've watched the other three also. I'm rewatching now. I wish Brooke had answered the phone call with Paul. I'm eager to see how all that ties in.
  6. To those saying or implying something to the effect that you can't have a character study and a murder mystery together -- you're right. Or at least it's hard. I was drawn to both aspects and I would normally lean toward the character study slice of life aspects. However. By the finale I had been so wowed by the plot of the murder mystery and waiting to be blown out of the water by the last episode that I missed all the wonderful real people emotional moments. I rewatched last night and finally appreciated them once my interest in who the killer was had been satisfied. It was really a great se
  7. Yeah, that whole Dylan/diary thing ended up being a plot hole.
  8. Maybe we all got too worked up about this. I mean, it was good, but all the speculation ended up spoiling it for me.
  9. It occurred to me that because we see women's clothes in Keven's room he is definitely with someone at Kate's wedding. Since the Persons basically have no friends except family members, Kevin's lady friend would be a bridesmaid. Along with the other scenes that show Madison and Keven very friendly, we don't see any other lady friend in the wedding party. Therefore I'm gonna say it has to be Madison Kevin is with. At least with the info we have now. They may not be married, but I think they're together. The show might be trying to fool us and will show more later to make this less likely,
  10. I feel like I've known so many Colins in my life. And not in a good way. I'm very interested in Eladio (sp?) Not as intrigued by the two new episodes shown Monday. Laila was not very believable to me. I watched the first three seasons of this show a few years after it came out. I liked it but it got messy by the end.
  11. Ryan acted really strange when he was watching the news about the girls with his parents. I don't think he assumes his dad was having an affair. I think he knows something else. Lori telling Mare this time she didn't see the signs John was having an affair also indicates that's not "the secret" Ryan knows. I don't think Lori is involved but I could be wrong. I think the Dylan stuff is either he is involved in drugs or prostitution or both. And as a long shot may tie the other two girls' abduction to him. And as an extension to Erin somehow. The other two girls' disappearance may not be a
  12. I noticed too and looked it up. He's 6'1" but like you said, he was wearing platform shoes. Pete Davidson is 6'3" for comparison.
  13. I loved the entire WU and most of the sketches. It was a great season finale. ATJ was a good host. I could not stop laughing at WU. IDK how Cecily managed to nail Colin behind her with an entire glass of wine over her shoulder without looking but it was awesome! It was hard to beat the segment where Colin and Che did each other's jokes but she managed it. If it was her send off -- well done. And if that was Pete's send off, I wish him a good future. SNL has never seemed to be the proper venue for him IMO but good for Loren to be able to see that he had "that special something."
  14. If you've seen the movie Jerry Maguire, it sort of is Kevin's situation rn. Given the fact that he's been overly enamored of that movie for decades, is Jerry 2.0 a hint as to how next week will go? Maybe that's his story and he just hasn't made the connection yet. Also, such a lovely speech from Miguel.
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