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  1. They really need to book a Palestinian voice this week, because going by Meghan's twitter, we're going to see a lot more lies and misinformation spread on the View. And it's no longer okay.
  2. If you thought that call out is good, I recommend checking out what happened yesterday when Trish and Dr. Shola both went in on him as well. Chaka Khan's facial expressions when he spoke was hilarious too.
  3. Did I call it or did I call it? Meghan doesn't care about the racism and suffering that Meghan Markle went through, this is just another way for her to stick it to the Brits and tell the world that Americans are better. Her entire rant made this Canadian roll their eyes and then laugh when it went back to Whoopi.
  4. Why do I feel like Meghan's outrage over the royal situation isn't due to what Meghan Markle went through or the racism that happened, but more about how Meghan McCain doesn't like the royals and is using this as a way to stick it to them. I think Meghan Markle coming out is a big story, in the same way that I think Prince Diana's interview was as well. I think all of us who are not white knew they the royals were like this, but now everyone is seeing it. It's just another example of a black woman, even if she's white passing, still gets hate because of her race.
  5. I like this shade of blue. She should go for it instead of the blonde. It would make her more interesting....ah, but then she'd be afraid of being called a Democrat, so I guess that won't happen.
  6. I'm surprised that they are having a black actor come on each day aside from Friday. That's pretty exciting. And Friday just warms my Sabrina the Teenage Witch heart. I wonder if Meghan will mention the show, since she would be in that age range of those who watched it.
  7. The View and ABC needs to do something about the amount of time Meghan talks. I get that there's a lot to say, but either they get her someone who can help her be more concise when speaking, or they stop with the 10min ad breaks and allow everyone a chance to speak freely.
  8. Meghan is saying that she doesn't want criminal, i.e. people who commit voter fraud *winkwinknudgenudge" to vote, when she's really saying that any person who went to jail no longer should have any rights as a human being and as a citizen. She's clearly in favour of the 13th amendment, despite how racist it is. Her entire rant was trying to hide the fact that going so hard on this issue only hurts people of colour and those who don't come from a rich background.
  9. I never thought I'd see a Hamada gif here lol
  10. With the Taylor topic, I thought the joke was an old one especially since Taylor had been with one person for awhile now. However, I don't know if Meghan mentioning Britney made sense here. Despite how Taylor is now, she made it her brand to talk about her relationships. Leaving easter eggs and what not for fans do they can speculate. It was great PR and got her name everywhere. She has calmed down since then, which is why it's a dumb joke, but it isn't really a case of the media hounding her about her relationships.
  11. I get what Sunny is saying, but I won't be taking a vaccine from Johnson & Johnson. Their history with women, especially women of colour, and how they treated people seeking justice against them just turned me off from them..... Granted, I'm in an age group that is low on the list of getting the vaccine so by the time it reaches me there will be more options.
  12. I was confused by Joy's comments on Lindsey Graham. Was she saying that it's a good thing that Kristen Gillibrand changed her tune with regards to Cuomo? I hope that's not the case.
  13. Shocking as it may seem, but I agreed with Meghan and her sparky hair part with regards to Neera Tandem. Her tweets were dumb, especially considering her position, but she's not s good person for the things mentioned and other things.
  14. Ana is on the show, so there are two Republicans. My issue is that the View is lacking on a progressive left leaning voice more than anything. Why not bring them on instead of another Republican?
  15. I thought Sherri looked good. I didn't really care for the Biden segment or the former QAnon lady.
  16. Amazon had had numerous scandals with the more recent one being how they stole money from their drivers. They've been trying to restore their image, so it's funny how the View got a paid spot to talk about how great Amazon is by providing a 40k scholarship.
  17. Whoopi just said "I hope you're the new face of the GOP." And now I'm disgusted. Did they listen to what Kinzinger said outside of being against Trump? This just reminds me of Meghan's love or Navalny. People are being uninformed and stupid by praising bad people because they are against bad people. Kinzinger seemed to want to go back to the days of sending Americans out to war and have them die for their country. Not for freedom, but oil and other resources. That's deplorable. He even said this, so why would Whoopi be for this? Why didn't Joy or Sunny say anything? I'm so annoy
  18. So this guy is praising Meghan's father™ over and over again...but he also said that Meghan's father™ was for the Iraq war before anyone and he was in the right. The Iraq war was a huge mistake, those for the war are warmongers who destroyed a country, killed millions of people all for the sake of oil. Is this really something praiseworthy? Doesn't this make Meghan's father™ and this person horrible people? I guess he's trying to say that Republicans need to go back to this...but he's not doing himself any favours.
  19. I wanted to hear what Meghan has to say considering how she was demonizing AOC and members of the squad since they came into office. She helped feed the hatred towards them and she needs to realize that. I wanted to hear what she said and how she'll try to distance herself from it, even though she helped create this mess.
  20. Joy, Sara and Meghan are not in because of snow....the Canadian in me wants to say this is weak, but the Canadian in me also wants to sympathize with them even though 2 feet isn't that big of a deal. Edit: I'm just kidding about it not being a big deal. 2 feet is about 60cm, so it's a lot lol.
  21. I think they cut Meghan and Ana's mic at the end. I feel like most will side with Ana...but I kind of on Meghan's side here. The GameStop (which is EB Games for my fellow Canadians) is a big deal and to bring up the topic to just say "I don't care." Is typical for the View but I don't like it when it happens. I do think giving a check is more important, but the topic was about this so.... Meghan did throw a fit though, which doesn't help matters. I don't really care about stocks (it's too close to gambling for me, so I just avoid it) but it is a huge story. AMC is the next one
  22. Meghan saying "There's the 1% and the rest of us." Which made me laugh, because Meghan comes from money. Her mom's side is loaded. Lol.
  23. It seems like Sara pissed off wardrobe today, because her shirt is a choice....
  24. Lol, I completely forgot about that. Meghan already got Sherri, Tara and others iced from the show. She made Abby quit and she made Sara quit the first time. She got Ana to appear less frequently too. She tried with Sunny, but it didn't work and for a while Sunny didn't even look at her during panel. Kind of amazing how this all happened due to one person. I feels like after the death of her in-laws, Sunny and Meghan have gotten closer so I do sense a genuine bond between them.
  25. Joy is hardly progressive, she's a centrist through and through. She does have left leanings here and there, but she's pretty much a centrist. As for Sunny, she's conservative for her private life, but a centrist democrat for politics. She's said so as much during a discussion when Meghan first joined. Sunny is against abortion for herself, but agrees with separation of church and state and will fight for it for something else. I think her own personal leanings might make her have things in common with Meghan, plus they are both Christians so that helps too. I don't know how practicing Me
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