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  1. ....then why is she stressing out about buying a crib when she still has plenty of time to get it?
  2. I'm wondering if she's on mat leave now, since she should be close to her due date.
  3. I sat down to watch now and heard Whoopi say "That's our show, hope you liked it. Bye." Only for the show to not be over. ....huh?
  4. What were they saying at the end? Before the washing your hands & wearing your masks bit.
  5. Meghan says that she's less into identity politics than the other hosts.....
  6. So Bolton pretty much admitted that he was in the room when Trump did the quid pro quo, but didn't testify because he put money over the country. He says that it was due to partisan and that the Dems were playing theatrics, but it was just about money. He also said his vote doesn't matter, which is why he isn't going to vote for Biden. Bolton is no hero, he's just another narcissists. I'm glad Sunny and Joy went off on him. Their questions were better than the ones I've seen thus far.
  7. *paraphrasing here* Joy: So you'll testify if called? Bolton: Well it depends. Joy: But if it will help the country you'll do it, right? Bolton: I just don't want to be stuck in partisan politics. -- They should have ended the interview right then and there. He's such a joke and doesn't seem like he likes being questioned about his ethics, but just to talk badly about Trump since he thinks that it makes him look better.
  8. I saw his face...I knew he was going to be on today, but his face is just so punchable. Ugh! I can't stand Bolton. That reminds me of what Muhammed Ali said
  9. Unless Meghan pulls a Rachel Dolezal, she's probably never going to get a full time job with the Real. Maybe a day co-host, sure, but even then the amount of times they've hand a white woman be a guest co-host has been small.
  10. Meghan doesn't want to be confronted by anything to deal with racism. Like Sunny said, education is important but if you don't want to even touch that aspect of history, but whitewashing it isn't going to help anyone. Also, Meghan looks tanned so she's been going out. She can buy a crib.
  11. Wednesday is going to be horrible, but I'm interested in seeing how Sunny talks to Loni considering she shaded her and the Real when Tamar was on the show.
  12. So I wasn't hearing things wrong.... All I can do is hope that Joy and Sunny call him out and that they make his appearance here a hard one for him.
  13. I don't like Meghan's question. A lot of the rioting was done by white people and the vast majority of protests were peaceful. If she stayed in New York, she'd know that. She'd also know that most of the violence was from the police towards protesters and not the other way around. If she has so much problem with us blaming Republicans for not doing enough and how we should be fair with how we look at things, then she needs to do the same with this issue. Because if she keeps focusing on the violence/rioting then she's basically telling the world that black lives don't matter.
  14. But Republicans aren't doing anything...huh?
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