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  1. Monday and Friday is way too packed for the show.
  2. Stop and Frisk was incredibly damaging to the psyche of black people in NY, so I get Sunny's apprehension towards Bloomberg. Joy dismissing it was worrying to me, because beating Trump is important but I don't want a racist to take on a racist. Every candidate has issues with race, some more than others. But I think Sunny wants and expects more from the candidates there instead of just pushing their scandals to the side because "Trump."
  3. I actually agreed with Meghan regarding Bloomberg and when Joy said "I'm not shilling for Bloomberg" I said " Yes you are" at the same time as Meghan.....something must be wrong with me. The shouting match after was dumb though.
  4. It especially looks bad when the older woman is bashing Trump, who has bashed Meghan's dad numerous times. I know Meghan says that she'll never vote for Trump but responses like this makes me feel like she wishes she could.
  5. What's funny about this is how earlier this week Marianne Williamson responded to one of Meghan's tweets about Bernie, by saying that he better than Trump...and Meghan Ok Boomer her. So it's okay to be rude to others, but if you say anything to her then you're a horrible human being. I don't care about Meghan, but seeing her spats on Twitter just make me feel bad for her. She's attempting to build this image of herself that has no foundation, so she attacks anyone who disagrees with her. It sounds tiring to live like this.
  6. ...I don't know why I thought Meghan wouldn't being up her dad and his cancer, since she already mentioned this last few times when he was on, but there we go. It's been mentioned again.
  7. I'm not a fan of Klobuchar and her record when it comes to black people is horrible...I like Bernie best lol, I just feel like Sunny going after Klobuchar's record in the manner that she did was more due to her love of Kamala Harris then anything else. Kamala's record was brought up more, but I truly feel like it was because no one expects much of Klobuchar and didn't think she'd still be in the race for this long. Kamala was looking better and had more hype.
  8. This is true. Sunny should have went back to that, but my issue with this part isn't the initial line of questioning that Sunny had. She was great in pushing Klobuchar, but the final part that Sunny said didn't sit well with me since it felt more like an interrogation instead of an interview. I don't like Klobuchar and she has a horrible record with black people, but I think there's a way to push back on Klobuchar without it coming off like you're holding water for Kamala. I only say this, because if it was a standalone thing I think I'd be fine with what Sunny did. But she didn't go this hard when Kamala, Bloomberg, Biden, Buttigieg, etc... when they came. She also said earlier in the week that she felt like there's a double standard when it comes to Kamala's record and Klobuchar. Both targeted minorities, but Kamala's okay and Klobuchar isn't? It's just all of these background information that made this exchange not sit well with me. (Just the final part that Sunny said, especially when it came to her body language)
  9. I have to disagree with this, because I think Linsey just wanted her question answered. While Klobuchar was answering the questions that Sunny asked of her. I think that's the difference here. If Klobuchar was being evasive or using her political speech to get away from the question, then Sunny's aggressive questions would be fine. But that wasn't the case here. It felt more like Sunny was annoyed that there's a white prosecutor who isn't being questioned on her record in the same way her fav, Kamala Harris, was and she wanted a gotcha moment.
  10. I feel like Sunny wanted a Linsey Davis moment and instead of it coming off as someone trying to get a straight answer from a candidate, Sunny was just attacking Klobuchar based on something that hurt Kamala Harris during her run. I do get why Sunny did what she did. If you're a prosecutor you probably had some skeletons in your closet and Kamala was attacked for this very reason, along with others. Eventually Harris dropped out when I think she was doing better than Klobuchar in the polls. Sunny took her anger over losing a woman of colour, like Sunny, a biracial woman, like Sunny, a prosecutor, like Sunny and lashed out in a Meghan McCain type of way. Klobuchar should be challenged about her record, but not in the way Sunny did it.
  11. Her attack on Klobuchar were for the similar things people had an issue with Kamala about. So I think she wanted Klobuchar to go through some of the same scrutiny that Kamala did.
  12. I don't like Bari Weiss, but she had me agreeing with her in the beginning only for her to remind me why I don't like her. Ugh. Joy needs to stop with the Bloomberg pitch now that Biden is falling in the polls. But it's nice that the hate towards Bernie is continuing. Bloomberg had stop and frisk, which is what they said, but he also spied on mosques too so I can't like him as a black Muslim. He's a horrible candidate. American politics will never make sense to me. Bernie would be a Green or NDP person if he was in Canada, which isn't that far left.
  13. Joy, stop talking and praising Bloomberg. Plus, no one thinks she's going to win so a lot of people are ignoring her for this reason. Kamala, if I remember correctly, was more popular which is why she was attacked more. No one really cares about Klobuchar.
  14. Meghan off today, back tomorrow and Whoopi is off till Wednesday.
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