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  1. Have you seen View your Deal? They had a pillow deal that was half off and it was so good that Sara had to get it.
  2. I just saw the clip of Whoopi asking Bernie if he's in or not and I thought she was incredibly rude. I'm not saying this as a Bernie supporter, but due to her interaction with other candidates who have been on the show. She was flippant and kept asking the same question but wouldn't let him answer. He said that they were assessing the campaign and she kept asking him what he's doing. I get she doesn't like him, but the way she was talking to him was disrespectful of someone who is on as a guest. I also thought Sunny saying he's politicizing Medicare for All was dumb. He's been pushing this for years and this pandemic is showing how important it is since people are losing their jobs and thus they are losing their insurance. Watching the interview makes me glad Trudeau interrupted the show once again. If they don't like Bernie then that's fine, but the way they spoke to him compared to how they talk to others is like night and day.
  3. I wish I could watch it live, but Trudeau is getting ready to speak again *sigh*
  4. Didn't Sara leave because she couldn't handle Meghan. I think this just reminded her of why she left the show in the first place.
  5. I don't understand why they are continuing to go on the air when Trudeau, Trump and Cuomo will all be doing press conferences during that time. It's safer for them to stay at home instead.
  6. A lot of us speculated that Meghan was freaking out about COVID19 because it affects her now, so she was shaming anyone who was treating it lightly and telling them to stay home. Now that we know she's pregnant, and far enough to know the gender, it makes perfect sense why she was so enthusiastically working herself up whenever the topic came up. She probably wants people to stay at home and be diligent so that her hospital appointments are hassle free. (She's also being affected regardless, but it makes more sense why she's so passionate about it at the moment) As for Newt, I recommend listening to season two of Slow Burn. It's all about the Clinton impeachment and how Newt went out of his way to go after Bill. Being partisan usually means going with Republicans while they can do whatever they want. That's what Newt wants more of. The fact that he is against giving nurses more money proves that he doesn't even care about people.
  7. Wasn't he the one who got tested and then used the Senate gym before getting his results?
  8. Maternity leave will last a little bit. We might get Ana during those couple of months as long as the pandemic isn't still going on then.
  9. Congrats to Meghan....but am I the only one who envisioned Meghan and her would be child arguing about how 'great' their fathers are? If she's having a girl, then picturing this is even funnier. ..i'll see myself out now.
  10. I didn't even bother to watch it today, since I knew Trudeau would give another press conference. I feel like this is going to be the same thing that happens for most of the week, which makes me feel like the ladies should just stay home for the time being. They're being pre-empted nonstop, so it's better to keep them at home and not risk any of them getting sick for a show that won't be seen by most.
  11. The most important political show on television isn't essential? I think Meghan might have a few words for you. Her words are essential, even when they don't make sense.
  12. I should have expected it, but I didn't. Trudeau is making another press conference and since he's not a fan of the View, he enjoys doing them at 11.
  13. Trudeau is speaking again. No view again for me.
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