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  1. https://www.pedestrian.tv/entertainment/influencers-black-lives-matter-post/ Came across this article and it’s like it was written about slacktivist Mariah.
  2. Exactly! Let’s do it. The irony of the Instagram handle ‘therealmeribrown’ when she is literally portraying herself as someone else. Dream on old gal 😂
  3. Holy crap she is tone deaf! As you say perfectly above LauraKaye, the country’s on fire, there’s a killer virus on the loose and old Mare here wants to write a vapid 500 word essay promoting herself and how good she thinks she looks in her crappy MLM polyester. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but at least Mariah is talking about something other than herself at a time like this and at least raising awareness about the state of the world and it’s issues, (even if it’s being executed poorly and condescendingly). Meri is still living in white privilege la la land, ignoring the real world and shilling her pyramid scheme with face-tuned selfies. Ugh gross.
  4. Thank you for your posts! Interesting! I learn so much here. If only Mariah could be half as informative with her posts and provide actual education on social justice issues she supposedly majors in. That is one of my biggest issues with her, that she claims to want to educate, yet provides zero actual insight of the basic principles, for the majority of people who have little knowledge on how to be an ally to the LGBQT community. She’s obviously only interested in lording herself above everyone else in wokeness level as it gives her an ego boost, not actually helping fix inequalities.
  5. Oh ok thank you, I was worried I’d gone a bit too personal and political there! Hard not get political in the Mariah thread, as she’s decided to make that her thing apparently! Yes, early Maori settlers supposedly were guided from Polynesia by the stars and ocean currents. In Maori culture there is a lot of mythology and legend and the sea is often featured, as it is considered to be the source/foundation of all life. The islands of New Zealand were thought to be fished out of the sea by a god and people to have evolved from marine life.
  6. I’m thinking she’s just going to try and be a blogger and Influencer/brand using her social media platform she’s building with the woke crowd and sister wives fans. She’s already got her website set up shilling the woke products of other people at a premium and been paid to promote products . I truly don’t see how she can use her degree for a career in social work, as she sucks at relating to people. I see her as someone who will continue to drift and blow through Meri’s money while she ‘finds herself’ all her life and Meri will happily provide the goods. I’d never even heard of this idea! To me it seems outrageous to dismantle a system designed to uphold and enforce law, but then I don’t live in America and our cops are not heavily armed. We have strict gun control laws. I know nothing of police brutality, two of my good friends are in the police force and are caring good humans. In New Zealand where I grew up police did not even carry guns and this kind of police brutality would not happen unless it was self defence. This may be a sweeping generalisation, but we seem to have much less racial tension in Australia and New Zealand also. Obviously white privilege and racism is very real and exists everywhere, but America seems to still have more of a divide still maybe due to the systems in place and history. I’m of New Zealand Maori descent (indigenous people of New Zealand), I grew up in a culture that was technically the disadvantaged minority, however due to New Zealand’s solid social system, I never felt less others. In fact, I received grants to further my education, sImply due to my heritage. I was given equal opportunity in education and in health care as white kids. I wonder if it not the police that are the problem, it’s just systemic racism. You get racists in every profession, but it’s a big problem if they are in positions of power, (like politics and law enforcement) and are the ones dictating the laws. It appears America doesn’t have those basic systems right, to fight the inequalities that still come from being a minority and oppressed race from the start. Fixing the health care system, the welfare system, education system inequalities, introducing gun control laws, better psychological checks on those entering positions of power - just overhauling basic systems that allow inequalities to exist, would surely be more helpful than removing law enforcement? The bigger the economic divide, the bigger the white privilege and racial problem grows.
  7. I hate to be a know-it-all, but I can help you with this. My interpretation, is that it’s a straightforward process of finding an elusive ‘radical’ silo (not your average farm silo - it must be ‘radical’ so an armoured Military one as it likely has the better acoustics for screeching silently into). Firstly check the silo will fit her generous girth and then heave the woke one, face-first screaming in to it, before swiftly shutting the lid.
  8. Great post! These points right here are perfect 👌🏼 That’s exactly it! She’s nothing but a showboat (like her dear dad) who wants to stand on her pedestal spouting off while others actually do the hard work, but yet she wants to take credit for it and be part of that movement. Honey no. Actually reminds me of the time there was that polygamist march protest in Utah, that Joe Darger arranged and Kody showed up with the teevee cameras and some wives and kids in tow, and basically pretended it was pretty much all his idea and his fight. He was doing basically nothing to change the laws except running away from Utah and crying about persecution on television. Old man Darger was quietly putting in the political work; organising the protests and the lawsuits, while Kody got to run around like a peacock, pretending he was fighting the government and so much above those plygs in hiding (not on a teevee show). Lazy poser coward like his daughter. Man, I hate that guy! Yes! 👏🏼 Some of her responses to people innocently questioning her posts or ideals are awful. How is she ever going to be a social worker with that sanctimonious asshole attitude? One person (now deleted of course) simply stated that ‘she had so much empathy but could there be a better way than fighting violence with violence’. This was the reply: another tried to comment on the protests and got this response:
  9. Let me get this straight. So she gives ‘thoughts and prayers’ while posting pictures of her flubby, half-naked body from the safety of her yoga mat and nice apartment, (the epitome of white privilege), while recommending abolishing the police force, and encouraging that others go forth riot with violence and burn stuff...yeah, that’ll fix it. Good plan. This girl is a piece of work. Put your money where your mouth is and go do something useful. Put of picture up of the victims, not an egotistical shot of yourself for a start. Link a fundraiser or petition, hell even go riot yourself! Her thinking she can post a self-absorbed social media message and then take any credit for any advancement in a cause is revolting. She is doing zilch of substance and is a hypocrite slug jumping on bandwagon.
  10. Ok I’ll take the bait and answer those rhetorical questions for you Me-riah. It bothers me because your behaviour is evidence you actually only ‘care about others’ when it benefits you. It bothers me when folx are hypocritical fake self-servers, who are all woke buzz words and zero action, yet are happy to preach and project fault and blame onto others. Well you are entertaining! Granted it’s not for your ‘social justice’ blathering, but because you’re a tone deaf moron, who never fails to take unflattering and unfortunate pictures, with ridiculous pompous captions, that can be mocked relentlessly. I care very much for all those who are marginalised and oppressed, this is mostly why your thinly-veiled self-promotion, disguised as genuine care and your theatrical faux outrage on today’s bandwagon, is extremely annoying and disingenuous. Very few people (including myself), need a preachy, white, 24 year old, from a conservative polygamous sect background, to teach them about civil rights and equality. Most people don’t hate liberationists at all. Only those with ulterior motives and self-serving agendas, who spend more time building a brand and image to scrounge dollars from their D grade, reality star fame (thus avoiding real work), and less time humbly educating society, by quietly practising what they preach.
  11. Her sanctimonious rant from yesterday. I maaaay have added a paragraph to it...taking her smugness down a notch by highlighting her hypocrisy, just seemed the ‘decent human being’ thing to do.
  12. I mean... at the risk of being too crass, she’s stuck in a loveless ‘marriage’ and has been off the Kody rotation for years whilst always proclaiming her eternal happiness and independent fulfilment... I’m sure she has quite the bedside drawer collection 😆. I’ll just escort myself out now too.
  13. Aw shucks it’s nothing! ☺️ You’re way too kind, No, I’m far from a career in comedy (I’m a cosmetic nurse), but I definitely do enjoy a laugh! 😂 Glad I got your request right for you, I do love a good photoshop session in my downtime. Aw XWord bless, you’re so lovely! I always love your input. I don’t know how old you are either, but I’m mid thirties so you can be my online adoptive mother (or sister) depending on age appropriateness. 😆
  14. Ok, I may be waaaay off on what you had in mind, but I was inspired by your ‘jumping the shark’ theme. You’re right, Mariah jumped the shark. Often actually. Every time you think she couldn’t possibly be more of a dud human, she’s there to prove you wrong. 🦈 She jumped it the time she was a feminist/pin-up girl protester with hairy pits, while being the authority on all things racist, (probably as she grew up one herself). 🦈 Or that time she spent $100,000 to Holiday in Bali for a month to become a “yoga instructor” and then used the picture a year or two later, to write a self-involved dedication to her dear great Grandma, who magically cured? or created? (Meh who knows, who cares 🤷🏼‍♀️I’m certainly not going back to read it) her water phobia. 🦈Those times she created cheesy ugly grimace smiles, that no one asked for, that she thought looked cute. 🦈Then that time she finally jumped it properly whilst wearing her unflattering yoga pants and was devoured instantly by it’s ravenous jaws; her pretentious rants silenced forever and the terrible, no good, heinous cellulite-highlighting yoga pants, were never ever seen again. Ahhh one can dream.
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