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  1. No it’s not Roberts girlfriend (her hair and eye colour is lighter), but facially they sure are similar. Boys definitely have a type 😉 Unfortunately all I see when I look at Paedon, is that he’s the slightly less attractive clone of a young Kody but with Christine’s nose and forehead wrinkle. He always seemed like a sweet boy anyway and looks really happy now so that’s nice.
  2. I remember from earlier seasons when Robyn announced her pregnancy with Solomon, Mariah had a full-on break down in the bathroom because it wasn’t her getting a full sibling. Then there were the talking head discussion during the ‘will Meri have another baby saga’ where she sat between Kody and Meri on the couch and broke down again, stating that ‘she loved her brothers and sisters but it would so nice to have one that’s just hers’ (paraphrasing). Its fairly obvious based on episodes with regard to the older siblings; Maddie and Logan are close and Aspyn and Mykelti are close, the younger full siblings definitely have bonds (case in point - Ysabel’s post). It must have been a uniquely weird existence for Mariah, essentially growing up a lonely only, but technically being in a family of umpteen kids. She would have felt somewhat left out, like a cousin or something, when the kids all lived in individual houses with their full siblings.
  3. Side by side with a photo from barely a fortnight ago. Same style of shirt. Granted good angles and two weeks of dieting can do a little on the weight loss front, but they don’t fully eliminate ‘line-backer shoulders’ or a tubby midsection that quick. #stopovereditingyourself #justbereal #skinnyfilter #iseewhatyoudidthere
  4. So agree with this. I really enjoy the insights all my COL armchair psychologists above provided, great comments. These Brown’s are both endlessly tedious, yet endlessly fascinating at the same time. It’s what they don’t say and what’s going on that they clearly don’t delve into, or even know about themselves; I just find them psychologically intriguing and I too will continue to watch their terrible show purely for that, I find entertainment in it, in a ‘watching a car crash happen’ kind of way🙈 😉
  5. I love it how he’s been just as absent from social media as Robyn for their dramatic little lead up to the new season, but no one could care less to wonder what he’s up to or where he’s gone, yet everyone is speculating on Robyn’s whereabouts! 😆 It would gut him hard, you just know it!
  6. I actually appreciate the fact Christine doesn’t Facetune herself to the point of ridiculousness like old Mare and she seems confident, happy and genuinely lights up when smiling. I definitely give her a pass on having wrinkles, her smile is infectious. I do agree, she’s not aged particularly well facially and lack of sunscreen, stress and genetics is at play here. Her mum Annie was also very wrinkled for her age when shown on episodes.
  7. Yes!! It will be no different if she tries to remove it again in a few months or a year. He’ll still tantrum for it. One of my boys loved his paci and would have had it in 24/7 if I had let him. But as I’m a parent, it’s my job to set boundaries. I taught him it was for sleep and home only and we always removed it for photos. We then weaned off it at 13 months, he was very upset like Axel and he cried on and off, but again, as a responsible parent, I knew that it would be best long term to do it before he formed even more attachment. We comforted him actively through the separation and explained and cuddled him repeatedly until he was calm. Guess what? It was a distant memory in less than a day. Is she just going to cave everytime he has a tantrum about something he isn’t happy about in life and give it back? Sorry but lazy parenting. Yeah good luck with raising a healthy independent adult that way.
  8. Sofa Sloth


    Umm gross! So she’s gets sweaty and dirty from ‘garage cleaning’ and she’s not going to wash her hair because she’s ‘trying to train it to need less washing’s’. Sorry I may be a COL but I don’t think that’s a thing (any hairdressers on here feel free to correct me) but that sounds disgusting and unhygienic, I bet she smells like a wet dog only two nights after hair washing and I bet she doesn’t change her greasy pillowcase weekly either. Ugh.
  9. You got it! Captain Von Trapp definitely does not approve of Christine running about Salzburg/Flagstaff dressed in nothing but these old drapes.
  10. ‘Made-for-me?’ Nah. I can think of a few that ARE made for her though.
  11. Right? They’re nice flattering slacks that she obviously took pride in ironing (due to the fact they are made of a quality material that requires a press), her shirt is non-offensive neutral pattern and fits well and doesn’t look like it was worn by a toddler during a finger painting session. My COL ambassador here could definitely teach them a thing or two about classic style.
  12. Standing ovation 👏🏻 You nailed it. *cranks up COL hose to full blast in preparation* She is beyond insufferable with her woe-is-me perceived persecution for attention (just like her dad). If anyone IS trying to ‘erase’ her, it’s surely certainly not because she’s gay, it’s because she’s an annoying self-absorbed, narcissistic, precious snowflake attention-whore. #sorrynotsorry #comeatmeMeri #iwillhoseyoutoo
  13. I think they feel better as they can simply pretend there is no critical analysis of them or negative opinions. They can’t take them so they simply erase them instead of allowing them to stand opposing their own stance. Remember that for narcissists like them, the only right opinions and comments are those that mirror their own views and flatter them. If anyone dares question them or provide a different viewpoint then they are deemed haters and bullies and will be deleted, blocked and then Meri/Mariah will play the victim, attacking with a passive aggressive public post to garner sympathy and attention.
  14. Let’s hope ‘Christoper Plummer’ came to fix the water asap, Truely is sick and she already went into renal failure when sick from dehydration once, let’s hope she had access to bottled water or water was back on quickly 🙄
  15. More insight from your *Sofa psychologist into Mariah/Meri and how poor Auj (and maybe Meri’s sister wives) feel. No wonder Auj is depressed! *disclaimer I am thoroughly unqualified as a psychologist just pure speculating and copying from psychology books 😆 In a Relationship with a Covert Narcissist? Since one of the hallmark traits of narcissistic personality disorder is lack of empathy, the covert narcissist is not going to be emotionally responsive to their partner in a healthy way. They are inept at building and nurturing emotional bonds with others. How could they know how to maintain bonds with others if their energy is always focused on themselves? The danger is in not seeing through the facade of a covert narcissist, because they're more passive. But they can be just as destructive to relationships as the extroverted types. The emotional abuse might be more silent and subtle, but can wear you down and demoralize you. Your needs and pleas for attention will be discounted or ignored. You can get sucked into trying to constantly console and help this manipulative martyr to no avail. There’s no way you can fill their emptiness, fulfil their need for attention or change their victim mentality. You will likely not receive many compliments from a covert narcissist as they are always focused on staying elevated to maintain their sense of self-importance and to acknowledge someone else’s attributes would undermine that. If you are complimented, it may be a public performance, which serves only as a purpose to fulfil their own ego and status with others - eg ‘how great is this girlfriend of mine?’ The emphasis being you are an mere extension of them, a possession to be envied. Although the covert is more likely to appear emotionally accessible, it tends to be a performance and usually done with intent to exploit or eventually leave the person feeling small through disregard, blaming, or shaming. Meanwhile, your self-esteem is gradually undermined. The narcissist lacks empathy for you, won’t see you as a separate individual, and will do what’s necessary to maintain power and control. Their pain and needs will always take precedence, so you’re left feeling alone, neglected, low and resentful. Giving Back In general, narcissists are not givers. They find it difficult to put energy into anything that doesn't serve them in some way. A covert narcissist might present themselves in a way that looks like they are giving, but their giving behavior is only demonstrated with the intent of getting something in return. A simple, everyday example could be something like giving money to a busker on the street. A covert narcissist would be much more likely to put change in the jar when they know the performer or others are looking, in order to help facilitate some kind of interaction that allows them to be praised for giving, they then may cast their net wider and subtly post about the interaction on social media or drop it into future conversation, fishing for further praise and validation from the same experience. Giving anything for a covert narcissist is always more about them and and less about those to whom they are giving.
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