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  1. Sorry I’m from Australia 😂 it’s slang for being raised without both parents in the same home because of parent separation. Not very nice term actually when I think about it, I should probably not have used it, but it’s Kail, so meh. https://www.dictionary.com/browse/broken-home
  2. Kailyn is pure selfish. She already has a litter of boys growing up in a broken home, she doesn’t need more children. Of course she’s not thinking about what’s best for those boys, she’s only thinking now she has an excuse to have IVF and do gender selection for that elusive girl, without being judged for it and she doesn’t have to risk yet another boy naturally. Bringing up the fertility factor on her podcast as if it applies to her, is a ginormous slap in the face to anyone with PCOS actually suffering from that symptom. Obviously she’s not one that suffers from fertility issues 🙄 Plent
  3. Coffee literally came out of my nose whilst reading that last part! 😆 You are such a visionary, I love you. The idea of old age Kody and Robyn being brutally denied access to their celestial afterlife planet paradise, to instead spend eternity tumbling through the universe endlessly, is just mwah! 💋👌🏼
  4. Robyn: ‘I make bomb lasagna and bomb cheesecake’ Oh honey no. You have absolutely no business using that sentence (even if you are 10 years younger than the other wives as you like to remind us all). Yeesh, what a cringe.
  5. Poor little Areola inherited Kody’s whole actual face. It’s quite disturbing looking at a pint sized female Kodouch - complete with bad hair. It seems she has some kind of untamed mullet happening, reminds me of the time I cut my own hair at her age 😂 I’m sure she’ll grow up into an attractive girl like most of her sisters, but those Kodouch genes are strong right now.
  6. Kody teaching his grown children to wipe their butts was a new low in content, even for this bunch. I was flummoxed when Kody says he plunges all their house’s toilets, multiple times? I’ve never plunged a toilet in my life! What are these people doing to block all these toilets on the regular? Perhaps it just confirms they are all full of s***💩 While I get Meri’s maternal instincts, Mariah is a grown 25 year old and lives a three day road trip away; she shouldn’t have even entertained her mother’s offer to come move her, or need to have it vetoed by her douche-lord dad, who was called i
  7. Whoa whoa whoa!! Spoiler alert would have been nice there Sandy! Next thing you’ll be tellingk us, Meri was once talking online with a bad woman, who was pretending to be a man. Be great if they covered all this completely untouched stuff, on an episode now and then 😉 I personally couldn’t care less to see self righteous ME-riah and her chubby clone lap dog’s weddingk planning, but I guess that’s literally all this show has to offer us now. Like Counting On, it will just be an endless parade of weddingks and babies (with a few moving trucks and wives passive aggressively side-eyeing a
  8. I’m just sittin’ here kicking myself for that missed opportunity...for rill.
  9. Robyn: ‘It wouldn’t be appropriate for one of us to lead’ 🙄 The ‘pink elephant’ in the room is that SHE does lead everything though, via her subtle manipulation tactics and vice-like grip on Kody’s (probably) ramen-pubed balls. Kody is clearly only living with her at this point and only invested in things that concern her. She subtly got the legal marriage and was responsible for the demise of previous top dog wife, masterminded the move from Vegas to Flagstaff, got her first choice of property Coyote pass, massive rental house there... then all the fake fighting/eye-booger crying a
  10. Yes please! Sign me up for an overpriced frumpy, dumpy smock, so I can get a unhygienic simple kid’s lunch-box snack covered in dog hair, arrive with it. What a deal! 🙄
  11. How many of these stupid pyramid schemes can Christine push on her fans at one time? This family has a finger in every dodgy pie, it’s unbelievable! Interestingly she’s also pushing the My Sister Wife’s Closet joolry on her social media, despite the website being down. Almost like it’s their very own start-up pyramid scheme...🤔Either that or just offloading the inventory, hopefully it’s the latter.
  12. I agree, I think it’s genuine weight loss in the last year. Christine doesn’t tend to filter herself in any sense and never has. Meri is all about her vanity pride and ‘walls’ and tries to control the way she’s perceived, but Christine seems to be fairly open and genuine - plus if she knew how to tune her body in my opinion, she’d filter her face too (which she clearly doesn’t). That’s where most people start, when editing pictures. Body tuning is much harder.
  13. Meri’s little bit at the end. I’m just sittin’ here hysterically laughing 😂
  14. Sofa Sloth


    She really is a pretty girl! Her natural colouring is stunning! It’s very sad she adds in those unnatural copper tones. I very much doubt those eyebrows are microbladed. She’s achieved those herself, by form of over powdering and pencilling plus a bad home-shaping. No professional would send their client out like that, or they shouldn’t be practicing! I gave Mykelti a quick photoshop makeover here below (ala Meri 😉), restoring her natural hair colour and showing what her eyebrows would/should look like (if I could get hold of her and give her a proper tint and shape)! To be fair her eye
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