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  1. Has it ever been stated that Evan works in hedge funds? I know it's been brought up about him working in finance, by Jackie herself, but I thought possibly he worked for a company like Citicorp or something along the lines of that. Just curious if I had missed something.
  2. All three did a good job and I have no issue with Keya winning but I'm just gonna say it...Derek was ROBBED! I cry foul on Natalie getting to choose her bird first then choose who gets the other two. Talk about an advantage and how is that fair? If the show wasn't going to give the previous winner that opportunity then most certainly the previous lowest ranked person shouldn't haven't gotten it either. And for the entire season Derek seemed to be overly critiqued and docked for things that others weren't. For instance, Duff's critique of Natalie's chocolate overlay being too far over the edge
  3. We all suspend disbelief when watching these shows. And watch for escapism...however, since this show brings in the REAL issues such as Covid (which btw I could do without since we live this 24/7...365 days a year) a little more realism would have been beneficial when it came to Eddie's spinal cord injury. Like right from the get go. He would have never gone right from the hospital to home. He would have spent time at a rehab facility first, where they would have done extensive physical and occupational therapy with him to prepare him for what his life would be without the use of his legs and
  4. I meant Eddie was home alone the first time Dakota showed up and that he told her he'll text/call her after Katherine and Theo leave meaning he will be alone. I knew Katherine was there when Dakota gave him the pills...that's why I was saying if Katherine inadvertently checks the Ring if she spots the alerts. Again, I'm probably overthinking the show. LOL!
  5. Dakota shows up and hands Eddie a bottle of pills in the front doorway right in view of their Ring cam or the TV equivalent of the Ring cam. We even saw a quick shot of the camera that we knew was already there because Katherine checked the camera one time before. So, will Katherine inadvertently stumble upon this little interaction? Or even just the fact that Eddie is keeping this a secret of him leaving the house with her...wouldn't Katherine get an alert of the motion of movement outside the front door and be curious enough to check since her paralyzed husband is home alone? Or am I overthi
  6. It's possible that Evan's redo party was just a way for Jackie to get herself more screen time after she bailed on the Lake George trip. Plus, it would show them as a united front and that things between them were fine. I get her being upset about the rumor but like others have said, enough already. Tre isn't going to apologize and if Jackie believes Evan isn't cheating, then she needs to let it go.
  7. It was obviously Jon's time to go, but how come Lorenzo didn't get clocked for having a "too thin" cake? His cake was thinner than Jon's. And Duff said his cake was really doughy, too. I know Lorenzo's flavor combo got high praise but to diss one cake for thinness but not another, showed bias. If the judges have a specific criteria, they need to stay consistent.
  8. What exactly does Teddi bring to this show? Except for the fact that I guess she's a good lackey for Andy and the producers to s**t stir and be Kyle's lap dog! Because whether or not Denise hooked up with Brandi had NOTHING to do with what she allegedly said about Teddi to Brandi. Two completely different entities. I loathe mob mentality and I know they aren't all ganging up on Denise, but as others have stated, it's just like it was with LVP. It's not enjoyable to watch. At least for me anyway.
  9. As much as I love this show, lately a lot of it feels "staged" or as if they are trying really hard to drum up drama for entertainment purposes. None of them are good actresses. And Luann's flip of the switch on cutting Sonja from the show seemed awfully abrupt when the whole 'she should get paid' actually started by Dorinda and Ramona chirping about it, not Sonja.
  10. LMAO spot on! I loved in the beginning talking head Kyle was all "Mauricio and I LOVE throwing BBQ's and it's our thing...blah blah blah" cut to the BBQ and Mauricio is a no-show and is at a USC game. He's been MIA for pretty much most of this season and it wouldn't be a big deal if he was like Tom who is rarely seen but that's not usually the case. Kind of makes you go hmmm....
  11. Gee another 2 who wasted the opportunity given by Dr. Now. Color me NOT shocked. And I absolutely love when I hear "I was such and such weight last time I was here SO I should be down at least twenty pounds this time" then when the scale shows they've gained, they're stunned. "I don't understand how that happened, I've been trying really hard" uh...that giant soft taco/wrap thing globbed in mayo or ranch dressing, isn't screaming low calorie. And I agree with the other posters about Cynthia's nasty attitude and horrible treatment of Dr. Now. Talk about ungrateful! I can understand the p
  12. And just like that...things got ugly fast.
  13. Reality TV is the kiss of death for marriages. Just look at all the Real Housewives franchises and most of those couples have all divorced or if they haven't there's rumors of infidelity. And I get we only a see a tiny portion of what is really happening in their lives, but it seemed that Jay was the more attentive parent (even though we never actually saw the kids on-screen)because he was home a lot and taking/picking them up at school. And that's not a dig at Kristen, but her focus, at least during the seasons of the show was on Uncommon James. Like another poster stated, when the kid
  14. Rupaul kind of mentioned it, but I thought the same thing. Sherry is doing the same schtick over and over. Even in the mini-challenge, her cat had that same persona. At this point, even if we hadn't known about Sherry's off-screen stuff, I don't see how she's made it this far "safe" or in the top...there's nothing special about her. Not in runway looks or in talent to be pushing her through to the Final 4. And I get a lot of her things are heavily edited out, but we can see what she's wearing and we can see her whip out the Katherine Hepburn routine or character like it.
  15. AGREED!!!! If this show actually makes it another season next year, cut it down to an hour. Especially if the participant doesn't even have the surgery. Because two hours is too long and drawn out and ends up being filler crap for someone who is full of one excuse after another on why he/she didn't follow the plan. Almost every episode this season was like Groundhog Day and a boring, frustrating one at that. Dr. Now deserves better than this. He gave it a good run and helped the ones who truly wanted it. The others, are a waste of his time, energy and good heart.
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