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  1. They are writing another book? What more wisdom could they possibly have to impart?
  2. Jer ran a 7:19 per mile pace and Jed! ran at an almost 9 minute per mile pace. 4 minutes is a lot in a short race.
  3. And it isn't a new concept. Google the word and you'll see it's been around for a while. And Audrey has so little self-awareness that she doesn't realize that in order to single-task, she needs to put down her phone and just be with Ember.
  4. https://appgrooves.com/ios/1253602285/vimvest-invest-save-give/vimvest-llc/negative Looking at recent comments, this app is not worth sharing with others.
  5. I agree completely...and in looking at pictures of Audrey from childhood and teen years, I'm not convinced her current hair color is the natural shade. I think she is more auburn and she enhances the red. I am a little surprised Ember doesn't have curls, but those could still come later.
  6. Gotta love the excessive use of a filter so that Ember's hair looks red. It is not. Give it up...she is not a curly red-head as her mother pretends to be.
  7. And let's be honest, Audrey told Ember to do that for the photo op. How else would we know that Aud was suffering again?
  8. And it's not like she can get in and out of the tub without major assistance....
  9. I loved how Ben said that Jessa gave him a list of approved names to choose from and he liked Ivy. Yeah, he's not allowed anywhere near naming a baby!
  10. Jeremy and Audrey have a rule that they don't post on social media on Sundays because it's the Sabbath. They have now broken this rule twice that I'm aware of: once when their book came out and they shilled it non-stop on a Sunday and again yesterday for small business day or whatever its called. I love the message that sends....it's OK to go against your stance if the intended purpose is to make yourself some money. 🙄
  11. I took it that those plastic containers were the serving containers.
  12. And then thanks her afterwards for getting the dessert for him!
  13. But here's the thing...no way in hell can Whitney get those shoes on by herself. I used to weigh 300 pounds...I know.
  14. Do you live in Central IL? We have a Bella Milano here, and yes, I had the exact same thought!
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