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  1. Here's the good stuff: I thought Chips idea was good, and I thought the stuff with Alex showing what it was like going through COVID was good, and would have been must-see TV. But it needed to be a week later -- March 11 was when things started to look disastrous, but I don't think most people had really really settled into how crazy this was all going to end up. But I liked the idea of an American icon there and discussing what it was like would have been worth watching. And if you like Jennifer Anniston, it was worthwhile to see her -- forget this Alex person she was playing -- te
  2. I'm wondering if Mitch is really dead. He and Paola might have faked his post-crash death and are moving off to, I don't know, the Maldives. What would have been. good way to kill him, though, would have been for him to suffered injuries in the crash and then die from injuries in the hospital because he couldn't get care because of the COVID patients. This is the stuff that's really worrying me about the last two episodes. They are going to overplay COVID dangers -- even pre-vaccine, this is a disease that MOSTLY hospitalized and killed the very old. I don't think anyone on the sho
  3. Did we know about the second time? A lot happened, but I thought that was a hot mess. Too many stories -- too much up in the air. Now that he's gone. I wish they had stuck with the original premise and not made it a direct "Today" show parallel. I would have liked to have seen Mitch and Alex bounce off each other, and then Bradley gets tossed in to the mix. And I feel bad for Carrell, who signs up for a different show and then had them change it from under him. It would have given Aniston a chance to act instead of just being hysterical the entire time -- a SportsNight or Newsroom
  4. But Hannah didn't say no. I'm Mitch's age -- we were raised and taught that not saying yes is different than saying no. I understand it was wrong -- I understand that current morays see it much differently and that enthusiastic consent is a the way things should work -- but we were taught no means no. That's why he never considered that Hannah thought differently about their encounter than he did -- it's why he was okay saying something like he did to her about things working out okay for her (getting promoted to head booker). And he was used to women wanting to have sex with him. So he didn'
  5. Canon is a strong word to use with Shameless, but I don’t they rewrite any history.
  6. Do we have confirmation Mitch is dead? Maybe he’ll end up in a hospital and die of COVID that way. Or in the hallway like the first images of Italy were showing. I think Mitch is a fascinating character, and wish they would have spent more time with him. Because I still don’t think he thinks he did anything wrong. He asked women who worked for him to have sex. I don’t think he pressured or forced, but the power difference made it hard/impossible to say no. From his perspective, though, he could have thought they wanted to have sex with him. That does happen. Maybe Mia doesn’t regret it — ma
  7. The New Teen Titans was my favorite comic; Robin was always my favorite hero. I followed the book until Wolfman left, and this incarnation was key to me. I remember the shock I felt in the new prestige format the first time they showed an unmarried Dick and Kory in bed together. I remember when Dick decided to hang up the tunic and grow up, the brilliance of the one-shot "Who is Donna Troy?" and the joy of Donna's wedding to ordinary guy Terry. The book dealt with hard themes, but the Titans were not a dark group. Dick, Donna and Gar were, at their core, optimistic, happy people. Even wi
  8. Some randomness a few days later: 1. Nate's a dick, but Ted deserves to be called out for abandoning the team in a crucial moment of a crucial match, and he should have admitted it in the first place. I think that might be the way it plays out, but Ted should have given Crimm a comment, and then should have hooked ups Rebecca and (I guess, Keely, since she's apparently the PR department) of how to talk about it. 2. As has been stated, Rebecca has partners in the club; I don't know what percentage of the team is owned by other people, but it's a number, and she has a fiduciary respons
  9. No, I think she's mega rich. Private plane, chauffeurs, offering to buy the restaurant so Nate could get the good seat he wanted. The Christmas charity tour. Plus, she does own a major-league sports franchise. She's a long long long way from any middle class. She's no Beezos, but she's the richest person on the show (except for evil Giles) by far, and there are a lot of rich people on the show. And Sassy said so.
  10. I have a long term Ted prediction, and it involves Christa: I think Ted's mom is going to be a monster. Or if not a monster, the kind of person who teases and criticizes constantly and aggressively. That's why he's always working hard to please women -- Sassy's comments about his eagerness, his wife's complaints, the biscuits every morning -- because he watched his dad kill himself, and he's making a connection between his mother's behaviors and his father's suicide. He might even blame her for it. He's trying to keep the women around him happy. So we might see Christa playing that p
  11. I'll be tuning in mostly to see Rogers, The Musical, and really hope they pad the schedule just enough to squeeze the whole thing in. Because nothing could be better than a dancing Hulk, right?
  12. Christa only plays Jorden/Ellie. I don't think they wanted Ted's wife to be mean, and I don't think I've seen Christa do anything un-mean in a while. She would be fun as Ted's loving but acerbic sister, though.
  13. Especially for someone who prides themself on their curiosity.
  14. I like that they are showing, in the end, Ted is not good enough for this job. He might be great a building culture, or being the guy to talk to about stuff, but he simply doesn't know enough about soccer to be a major league coach. I think that's what is getting Beard -- this started as a lark, but they've been at it two years now, with very limited success and very visible failures. They have a team that was in the Premier League last season, with the same players returning -- and added a legit superstar -- and not only did they get blown out in a marquee game, they aren't dominating the low
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