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  1. whiporee

    You, Me, Her

    I finally got around to watching he season finale. Boy, did that suck. I was hoping the whole time that there would be real conversations, real discussions. But nope. just the guy crushing on Izzy bringing up shit that they all should have been talking about for a LONG time. I'd point out all the things that didn't make sense, but that would be all of the show. So I guess there's one more. My guess it's more of the same, only this time it's IZZY who leaves. If they went one more maybe Jack would. Yikes.
  2. whiporee

    You, Me, Her

    I didn't get the white guy in the couple having the kind of power he did. And I didn't get why he was upset, and why he wouldn't want them there. I think it is absolutely shitty and unrealistic for Emma to just decide because she's having twins that Izzy can't. Izzy could -- and should -- leave, but Jack and Emma seemed to make this decision without their partner, and that's flat out unacceptable. Izzy's tirade about them all coming full circle was great, and the perfect way for them all to end this silly experiment. And then she backtracked for a reason I don't understand at all. But in the end, this is what I realized -- there is no chemistry in the throuple. Izzy says she gets sick whens he thinks about not being with Jack and Emma, but she doesn't show it at all. for her to willingly stay in this kind of relationship, the passion and emotions would almost need to be obsessive but she's totally clinical both in her conversations and her actions. Unless I'm missing something, there doesn't seem to be passion or desire shown by any of them and maybe that's why the show only barely works for me.
  3. whiporee


    Assuming it gets renewed, I guess we've seen the last of Jules, which is too bad because I really enjoy Amanda Peet. I did like Maggie, though. And I liked Jean's understanding of what Martha Plimpton needed at the moment. Some things are universal. I also thought Jim and Gabby's speeches were fantastic, and the kind of thing I'd really prefer people to say instead of getting too angry about the situation. Those two have very nice chemistry an have in implicit understanding of each other. Hope they get to bring it back. It's a fun half hour.
  4. whiporee

    Veronica Mars Revival

    I liked her a lot on House of Lies, but I'm a sucker for over-the-top vulgarity.
  5. whiporee


    I've really enjoyed this season, and this week was actually touching. Everything about Panda Express was great, the intermixed confessional and baseball calls were great, and I've really started to like Gabby. it's gone from a wild show to a pretty nice one, and I've enjoyed it both ways.
  6. whiporee

    Good Media: Articles, Clips, Previews, Reviews

    Dan Le Batard did a long interview with Mike Schur this week on his South Beach Sessions podcast this week. There was absolutely nothing about The Good Place -- I'm not sure Dan knew about the show at all -- but there was a lot of good stuff about his writing history and his overall philosophy. Mike's a big fan of Dan's show -- he wrote along form piece about it last year -- and their camaraderie was great. A fun listen, even without ANY TGP stuff.
  7. whiporee

    You, Me, Her

    Too slow for me. I think this show gets lost in its premise more often than not, because I can't think of a compelling storyline they've had yet. It's like they got greenlighted on a show about a threesome, and then thought they were done, and the rest has just been filling in gaps. There are good storylines in this -- like how the abandonment of the idea of monogamy changes your overall thoughts about fidelity, for example. What does Izzy do for insurance? What is the mortgage on this new house going to look like? Why does Jack get two women but neither of the women get two men? What if they ran into a more exploitive throuple? It's not a comedy, so they aren't limited by trying to be funny. But it would be good to see them try to be something other than a zoo exhibit.
  8. whiporee

    Season 8: Speculation and Spoilers Discussion

    I was listening to the Ringer's Spec podcast, and they raised an interesting point -- why is Winterfell called Winterfell? The other castles have specific names that describe them, but Winterfell is sort of oblique. Unless it's not. Maybe there's a real reason it will be the focal point -- something to do with the crypts and the ongoing heat, Maybe it's where the NK's master is buried, the place it fell in the last battle.
  9. whiporee

    Veronica Mars Revival

    This is going to be tough, because I completely identify KB with Eleanor Shellstrop now, and it'll be hard to see her back as Veronica. She's done such a good job of investing herself so deeply in both of them that it's hard to see her as anyone else. It'll be okay because the VM stuff will be over before the Good Place comes back, but I can see my little brain struggling to figure all this out.
  10. whiporee

    The Expanse Novels - All with Spoilers

    Thanks for the thread! I liked it, but I do have some problems with the world building and the plotlines. Mostly though, this is the second or third time whatever problems there are have been solved by the alien whatevers. Laconia gets most of its power destroyed by the anti-ringers, and Duarte is taken off the table completely by the same thing. The evil doctor gets destroyed -- and the power base shifted -- by Duarte using some sort of telekinetic superpower thing he hadn't shown before. Amos is resurrected by the zombie-making dogs. And given what we've seen of protomolecule technology, I've got no idea how the standard weapons of the Sol system were even able to take out the building platforms. On a character front, I didn't love how Trejo, who has been shown as a sort of noble-but-obedient soldier, quickly stepped in to become as Draconian as Duarte. Likewise with Teresa's tutor, who just became bad for no real reason. And I would have liked to have seen what exactly the rebels were rebelling against. The book said that most things were left alone -- the Laconians put in rules, but for the most part the different parts of human civilization were on their own, still. That had been the case since the books began, except with different overlords, so why were so many so eager to force out Laconia? It would have served us to see some reasons for the kind of displeasure that builds a rebellion. Laconia was, in the end, just an extension of Martian philosophy, so i would have liked to see that displayed a bit more -- I would think Duarte and Laconia would be very popular, especially with the chip Mars has always had on its shoulder. Also, one of the things Avasarala said when the gates were proven harmless was that this was the end of the dream of Mars -- that the presence of real worlds would take away the idea of terraforming the planet. I would imagine it would have made life in the belt different, too, that they had places with actual sky, oceans and gravity to live. So I wonder how popular the belt remained, even before Laconia. And did Laconia then try to force migrations? Just a bit of the universe it would have been good to get some better understanding for. On the plus side, I would not have though Holden had that kind of cruelty in him toward Teresa, but it was a very cool move. I was sort of surprised that there wasn't any Holden/protomolecule/Miller interaction -- with so much of it nearby, Holden would have been a contact point I'm surprised they avoided. I liked Teresa, as sympathetic as they were making her, had the arrogance of a princess. That was a good trait to build in and one that could have been ignored by pushing her one way or the other. Bobbie went out well. Original Amos not as much. And as they go into the last book, I've got no idea who they'd ever think to even stand up against someone who could just make a star go black hole. Duarte's idea at the end of Persolopis -- "storm heaven" -- was proven to not only be futile but disastrous. So i don't know what ZombieAmos was suggesting Holden do at the end Tiamat. Humanity's only real chance is to lay as low as they can for a few millennia and hope everyone can just get along. None of these are great works of art, but I thought this one felt rushed, like they were relying too much on magic instead of really working out their characters and stories. They needed a book between this one (but they also needed a book between the last one, too). I imagine they're a little tired of the story (can't blame them), but I do hope they take a deep breath and really work at closing it out instead of having unknowable aliens save the say again.
  11. whiporee

    S04.E17: I'm in Love

    I had to distance this a little from You're the Worst, because they both were similar to me in a lot of ways. I wish they had left Greg out, period. I understand the new guy, but he didn't fit stylistically or narratively, and adding a third guy at this point just clogged things up and set up an impossible to resolve choice. Or, if they absolutely had to bring Greg back, then having Josh fall and Nathaniel stay in love didn't need to be done, either. In a season that had been about her growth, bringing this complicated choice into it just muddied everything far too much. That said, the callback medley was perfect. And the childlike, giddy look on Rebecca's face when Paula told her she was okay -- that this actually made her fantastic -- was amazing to see. I was hoping that the concert hour would have been a continuation of the show -- that this was Rebecca performing all her songs, but I eventually got that the songs we've heard won't necessarily be the songs Rebecca writes. I had predicted that in the end, Rebecca would become Rachel, but she didn't. And that was cool. Fun show -- at times brilliant, at times not quite as brilliant, but a lot of fun.
  12. whiporee

    You're The Worst

    Paul and Lindsey getting remarried works because it's a long time in the future. Felicity (I was wrong about Paul and Becca having a cute kid. He looked rather dorky) was at least three, which put the wedding at least four years in the future. I could see them after four years of hostility-free hanging out, they realize they just make sense to each other. Kind of like JD and Eliot on Scrubs -- in the end, as you get older (and kids get introduced) someone with whom you are comfortable can make a lot of sense. I loved all of it. I liked Jimmy's perfectionism, I liked Becca talking about her squishy parts, though I expected her to hit Jimmy with his same line again. And I even understood Gretchen outsourcing her vows to Shitstain, and Jimmy having to create a character to write his. And that he kept editing them. All three crucial scenes were nearly perfect -- the rage Gretchen showed Edgar, concise, cruel, accurate and deliberate. Jimmy's hurt at Gretchen's not taking it seriously, Gretchen's admitting that she was trying to screw it up, and then, finally, after he had to beg, admitting she wanted it, and then Jimmy's one-day thing and their collaborative acceptance of her as she is -- all of those were just well played and well written. Really good stuff. My only questions was why was Felicity playing with "Uncle" Edgar if they'd all been estranged this long. My guess is that Gretchen, often being a cruel fuck-up herself, was pretty quick to forgive Edgar a while ago. Jimmy not so much. The montage worked pretty well. Not as good as Scrubs, but pretty well. Gretchen's joy when seeing the ultrasound was amazing, and her easy adaptation to motherhood. And that she still went off the edge sometimes but could live with it, maybe even making the bigger societal point about depression, that it sucks horribly but doesn't and shouldn't discount one from life. Lots of fun, and I'll miss it.
  13. whiporee

    The Expanse Novels

    Thanks for that. Even though I read Wrath first, SD did fill in some of the holes, even though it left some more open.
  14. whiporee

    The Expanse Novels

    Yeah, I had thought that TW was the last book -- and it could be, because they're all getting old -- but I guess they want to
  15. whiporee

    The Expanse Novels

    All right. Just finished it. For anyone thinking of reading how this all ends — if it all ends — I can say it’s a fast, good read and worth the wait. It’s not high literature, but hell, at least we got an end. A lot more than Fire and Ice fans can say 😀 I can see a lot that was cinematized — creating scenes that will be cool to see — but it has a lot of neat stuff in it, too. Everyone plays true to form. Maybe all of them are a bit too Mary Sue, but that was probably required for a story that got so big so fast. I’ll wait a while before talking about it, because most people aren’t on vacation and have nothing to do but sit by a pool and read. But if you’ve been a fan of the books, you’ll probably like this one, too.