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  1. The kids on the park with masks -- and immediately shunning the one who coughed -- did seem rather on the nose for now, especially as I look at an ad for masks above the reply box 🙂
  2. whiporee

    S01.E07: Trick

    It just ended up being nothing. The Fiona stuff really threw it off what I think it might have been, but maybe they had a premise and nothing much else, and the story is always in the nothing else. Was the book deal the reason for Billy's RUN this time? I got the feeling that was a while ago. it would have been interesting to see how often they had tested each other. Like how did Ruby react on her wedding day when Billy didn't text back? or during her breakdown? How often had Billy texted her? I really think there could have been an interesting, compelling story about these two people who always kept this other option in the back of their heads. Laurence knew about it -- why would Ruby tell him? All sorts of interesting ways the premise could have played out. Instead we got jumping and impaling and a taxidermist and an inept sheriff department we don't care about. Also, as a Coloradan, I can tell you the timetables were much askew. Babe's cell phone had a southeastern Colorado area code, and that's a long way from LA.
  3. whiporee

    S01.E06: Tell

    I think Ruby has a history of mental instability, and this would be another example of that so she would lose her kids. She's texted Billy twice -- once 12 years ago and once five, and my guess is the five was the breakdown Laurence insinuated. I don't think she'd lose her kids, but she might lose custody. I don't think Billy pushed Fiona, and Fiona is the bad guy in this. She did stalk them; she did extort and she did steal. While she didn't deserve to die, she's not a victim of Billy and Ruby. I think if they had chosen to talk to the police immediately they might have gotten away with things, but not without a lot of difficulty. If the taxidermist doesn't say anything, though, i think they can get off. Plenty of reasons for there to be Billy and Ruby's DNA on Fiona, and if the train does not have video of them jumping, or if the train doesn't have video of them getting back on ... as long as there's no real witness to them not being on the train, the story might work. Except for cell phone tracking. I don't know how that all works.
  4. whiporee

    S01.E05: Jump

    It's a different show than the one I signed up for. I'll finish it out, but what excited me about the concept has turned into something that doesn't really excite me very much. Was Laurence seeing a mirror of her messaging app on her laptop, or did he have spyware on her phone? They've gone back and forth on him so many times that his character is impossible to understand. Decent guy? Asshole? Devious? Having an affair with the magically appearing blue-haired nanny? Haven't they been gone like three days now? Things seem to have moved quite quickly. And now we have a murder (or at least manslaughter), which Billy clearly committed. And all the fun of seeing them impossibly run from the police. Also, with all the talk of Ruby's phone, did anyone think about Fiona's? That's pretty much all the clues anyone would need. Different show. Sort of interesting, but not the one I signed up for.
  5. I know the show left it ambiguous, but reading his face, do you think the treatment was working or not? I really liked Amanda Peet. Always have. I would have preferred more of her in season two and three. A very funny first season. Okay second one. Third was soulful and nice but not as funny and while the fourth had moments, I think they just wanted to redeem Jim too much. Not a bad watch, but never got as funny again as it did the episode where Jim was getting the fans to fight. That was classic.
  6. the best way to do that would be to not tell them at all about the changes. let them all hunt for idols and advantages that aren't there. I think it would be great to hold off on a merge until the final three or four -- keep everyone as separate as they could for as long as they could. and go back to starving them -- make them really hunt for food so the game takes more of a physical tool than an emotional one. Or even better, put out some fake idol making kits, so you'd have people trying to play idols that weren't really idols. Or just run two separate games, but have the juries only look at the TC of the tribe they didn't play for. It's a very fun show, but the last few seasons it's been more like 'Schemer" than Survivor. Now get off my lawn!
  7. whiporee

    S01.E03: F**k

    This one was better. I guess Laurence feels his point has been made, but joint funds are joint funds. I thought Billy's story was good. I don't think he's scamming people -- those guys are usually giving people who need it some sort of hope that they can change their lives. An old job sent us to Tony Robbins for a week, and while I didn't care for it, I didn't think he was scamming. Just trying to offer hope to people who were looking for it. So if thats what Billy was doing -- and it seems as though it was -- I can see why he'd think it was bullshit and want to run, but I don't think it makes him a scammer or even sleazy. I've liked the show so far, but i fear Fiona is going to ruin what i like about it. I don't like the crazy woman troupe, I don't like the omnipresent scammer, i don't like the detailed worming into his life like Danny Ocean. I thought they had a nice character study building between two people who saw the opportunity to change their lives -- even for a few days -- and took it. I now think we're getting something else, and that's disappointing. But maybe I'll be wrong.
  8. The dog stuff was hilarious. "I'm still paying alimony. I just want Scrappy to be happy," and "You know that was a green card marriage, Joe Buck." Anything with joe buck on this show is solid. Beth was a jerk, and the show really lacks energy when it's not Jim and Jules. The previews had me laughing more than the show, but I thought the show was funny. Any time Jim can rant it's funny. And it is too bad Jim could not remember his encounter with Eden. it was sweet.
  9. whiporee

    S01.E02: Kiss

    Harry Cranes are gonna Harry Crane, I guess. His wife leaves and he’s worried about his tennis game. Plus, he doesn’t know where the school is. Then cuts off her cards. One thing, though. Those are joint accounts. She can just call and have them reactivated — you don’t get to just shut your souse off from joint money because you’re mad. As for the plot, I don’t know. I liked the pilot, this one less. The leafs are a lot of fun when they are having fun, but the rest of it is pretty bleh. And I never need to hear someone else detail how they’ll seduce someone. It’s like an early 2000s AOL chat room.
  10. I thought that was flat out brilliant until the last three minutes. Jim hitting us with after school special stuff after all that? After the life he lived and things he's done, and he's gonna hit Jules with parent bullshit? nd then Beth waking up just in time to hear about Jim and her mom? Blech. Until then though, comedy gold.
  11. I laughed long and hard at this one, though. And I bet they could make a lot of money selling Colonizer jerseys (I know it was pointed out, but the charactature face licking the blood off the knife was a great touch). I also liked the owners convincing themselves they were good men, as well as Brockmire's threatening rant (reminded me a lot of Dogma, which, you might not know, is not available on any streaming service). Maybe there's still hope 🙂
  12. whiporee

    S01.E01: Run

    i didn't pick up that she had kids. I didn't even know for sure she was married. Laurence could have been a boyfriend, but I might have missed it. I found it very entertaining, and a wonderful premise. A much better viewing for me last night than Westworld or Killing Eve. So I'm glad to have something to look forward to.
  13. I think Kenny was killed because he was a a guy working outside of MI6 who was looking into the 12 without government machines to protect him. I doubt it had anything at all do with Eve or Carolyn -- just the kind of thing that happens when civilians get too close to the bad guys in TV shows and movies. I thought V felt flat, too. Eve stuff was pretty good though. I don't like office politics in things like this, so the new guy at MI6 inspired dread in me.
  14. whiporee

    S01.E07: Episode 7

    The homeless russian agent made it clear to her that she couldn't avoid repercussions. Like he said, the only people she could go to was the CIA, but that meant a bunch of interrogations and innuendos and maybe even filed charges. The only thing she could do was try to go to Devs and screw up the system somehow, because the life she knew was over. And to be fair, Devs probably offered her more protection than anywhere else. it was clear that Forrest and katie were gonna let her in. Not a bad place to hide if you have to hide.
  15. I'd normally agree, but EoE players aren't usually part of the jury, are they? It seems like this season is unique that everyone who sticks around is still a part of the game until the end. I could easily see EoE people who have been through that comparative nightmare wanting to reward one of their own over someone who had it cushier at the regular camp.
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