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  1. Ted was right to bring back Jamie. He has an obligation to try to win, and if Richmond is to be promoted, a bunch of draws won't do it. While it fits with the show, Sam is out of line. He's a professional -- if you remember last year and the guy talking about his Lamborghini, he's a highly paid professional. He doesn't get to bitch about chemistry or being bullied or feeling bad when the team he's getting paid to play for is not winning. If Ted can get a talent the caliber of Jamie without a trade or buying them from another club, he'd be crazy not to do it. Higgins knows that because he
  2. Ava's a mess. I mean, I can understand it because her mom is a mess, and I guess her dad was a mess. But she's quite the mess. Deborah showed some real kindness at the wake. She's right -- those things really do need master or ceremonies. Maybe that should be my next career -- getting people to talk about dead people. I was sorry to hear the show bombed, but that makes sense. Comedy takes a LONG time to get right -- stand ups spend months if not years coming up with five tight. Trying to fill an hour would be a gargantuan task. I'm a little confused about the timelines, like h
  3. I thought there was way too little about the public reaction to Deborah's move in the previous episode, and I also found it odd that Deborah would take Ava's looking for another job so seriously. It didn't really seem to fit her character. Or Marcus, either. The episode just felt off for me -- a little out of sync from where it had been building.
  4. Wow, that's a total miss of the scene and the point. she explained it all pretty well. By saying what he did, he put her in a box that he got to define. He got to make a joke about her tits. Woman's a legend, and he thought it was cool to make a joke about her tits as she took the stage, and she could ignore it, or she could joke back, or she could call him out. I guess you'd have preferred she ignore it, and let him think it was okay. She wasn't being woke -- she was putting a piece if shit in his place. It's not okay to publicly humiliate someone, and if you do, then you deserve the humiliat
  5. Wow, CW is a hack. A visionary hack, but a hack nonetheless. It was good. I wouldn't call it great. But next week might be.
  6. Bobby is gorgeous. The actor/actress playing the role is very attractive, and they've done a great job with the character. I liked it, but I think we missed a couple of episodes due to COVID. I can't imagine they thought they'd end the season that hung up in the air. Ed Helms keeps playing Ed Helms. I think it would be interesting to see him play something else, because I've never found an Ed Helms character likable. Not on the Daily Show, not on the Office, not when I've seen him in movies and frankly not here. The self-aggrandizing, patronizing, goofily unaware, too-caught-up-in-n
  7. But any responsible gun owner -- especially a retired cop -- would have a trigger lock on a gun that wasn't kept by their bedside. You don't keep a loaded gun in a shed.
  8. He's the inheritor of Pod's magic penis. Or girls are dumb. Take your pick. That's what the show was showing us.
  9. There's also this: a former cop left his commemorative revolver in a barely locked shed, without a lock on the case or a lock on the trigger, with the gun FULLY LOADED. Who the hell does that? I've got a rifle in my shop (in case of bears, mountain lions or zombie apocalypses) that I keep with a lock and the ammo in a completely different place. With the crime in the town, that's basically asking for someone to take his weapon and use it in a crime. Too many easy fixes for a show that tried to be so much more. I've read a lot of people saying this was Mare's story, but they didn't even d
  10. John sucks for trying to pin it all on Billy, and for screwing Erin and a whiole bunch of stuff, but I can't blame him for trying to take the fall to protect Ryan, especially since what Ryan did was fundamentally his fault. He's actually better than Lori, who was willing to let John go to jail for murder even though she knew the truth. I think had anyone but Kate Winslet been involved, this show would have been much more criticized than it has been. Looking back, while it did paint a good portrait of an area and featured some strong accent work, it was very shoddily put together. When yo
  11. That was a rough, solid episode. Everyone broke up, at least to a degree, except CW and Susan who are still circling around the offices. They're doing good stuff with Rachel and Dana. Brad and Jo are fun to watch. And Ian and Poppy ... Ian knows how to cut much deeper than Poppy does, but Poppy is every bit as mean as he is. But I'm starting to wonder whether she's nearly the person he is -- she might be, in the end, exactly what Ian originally called her. A paintbrush -- able to implement an idea but unable to really come up with them on her own. Even the shovel only gets used once Ian
  12. To each their own. I thought it was pretty darn funny.
  13. On rewatch, I'm pretty sure DJ is John's baby, and Ryan killed Erin. Ryan confronted Erin, or Erin confronted John and Ryan overheard. The whole thing about Billy being covered in blood doedsn't fit Erin's murder -- she didn't have any gaping wounds, no real place for a lot of blood to come from. Dylan's schtick is he recruits young girls to become escorts. That's what he's so panicked about with Jess, because Jess helps him. It's what he was doing with Brianna -- getting her in so deep that she would do what he wanted rather than risk losing him. Classic pimp move.
  14. Breaking Brad was really good on a lot of levels. The pig thing was great, the stuff with Ian and Rachel was great. I think they are going too far making Poppy a jerk this season, but I do like the overall dynamics of the show this year. The young kids aren’t wise but they aren’t stupid; they’ve done a good job showing why Ian was able to build the game and the company. That was lost in his hyperbolic narcissism last year. And also that Poppy was the one who sold out to Brad, and that decision created a real threat to the game. I think they had to build the world last year, and letting Pootie
  15. There's a suggestion on the Reddit board that says the moon-based Soviets acted on their own accord attacking Jamestown. I think that makes sense -- way too aggressive a move for the age of mutually assured destruction for the Soviet government to endorse. Anything else leads to even more of a shooting war than we already have. I think the tensions can be walked down to a "you killed one of ours in an unprovoked attack, we killed one of your sin an unprovoked attack." Not exactly a proportional response, but one that could be sold. I get Karen. I think Apollo Soyuz is going to hav
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