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  1. Not sure why the quote box is here. I hope that whole "homeschool" day in the life thing was set up by Jessa for content for YouTube. Because if it wasn't, I ache for her kids. They'll never learn anything. It shouldn't have been up to Spurgie to entertain Ivy while trying to do his own studies.
  2. I get the impression that David doesn't have much to do with the children who aren't sons. And not even very much with them. I think he let's her rule with an iron fist.
  3. Stupid question I'm sure, but I wonder where Jonathan sleeps during his visit? Does he share Timbits trailer? Or does he perhaps luckily have a hotel room where he can unwind and process the craziness he might be marrying into?
  4. She might want to get closer, but I'm sure she's always on guard since Best Mama Ever is now up her ass all the time, walking on pins and needles. Jill has bragged about how they torment Kaylee. She's probably scared Jill will completely embarrass her in front of Jonathan. I get the impression that Jill is majorly crushing on Jonathan.
  5. I feel for Timothy. I hope he manages, somehow to break free of Best Mama Ever and completely disappear somehow so that he can have some thing resembling a normal life. As for (and Kaylee), I'm sure Jill is secretly glad to be getting rid of her. Unless she manages to somehow outdo Nurie and get pregnant (with triplets) the second after they get married (if Jill hasn't completely scared him off), Jill will probably not make as much effort to see Jonathan (and Kaylee) as she does with Nurie and Nathan.
  6. My niece is 13. My nephews, who are twins, are 11.
  7. Would you all send thoughts/prayers for my brother's ex? She had breast cancer a few years ago and was doing well, but found out today that her cancer is back, stage 4 metastatic. They have three kids together and my heart is breaking for them. The divorce was nasty and unfortunately, my brother, much as he loves them, couldn't really handle being a full time parent. But her family would probably never let him see them again. So the whole situation is a huge mess.
  8. I wonder if it ever occurs to her that people might think she's a single mother when she goes out with the girls? She seems to think that's an awful thing.
  9. Josh isn't dumb. If he really didn't want those other kids, there are ways he could have prevented it on the sly. He knew having the other kids was his duty and since he didn't have to take care of them, probably didn't really care.
  10. Thanks! I must have missed when it was posted and when I went looking couldn't find it.
  11. She just said she was taking a break from Twitter not all social media.
  12. I didn't see any pictures (videos?) of Ivy dancing with Ben. Can they be posted here?
  13. If that's all it took to "fracture" them, then they've probably been faking for years just for the tv show.
  14. Jill will not be satisfied unless the babies name has her name in it. Doesn't matter that it's a boy, I'm sure she'll insist, then say Nurie wanted it.
  15. Are Nurie and Nathan living with them now? They seem to have been with the Rodriguii forever now. Maybe Nurie is having a harder time being separated from best mama ever than we think.
  16. Eh, Joy always looks like that. There's not much there...
  17. So she just went to Carlin's to have a photoshoot and get her hair done?
  18. I wonder what she'd do if he cut off the paying for everything while they are together, and said, "that's what she gets for being a mean, nasty person who always has her phone in everyone's faces!"
  19. You're talking about the ass who took a nap while his wife was in labor because HE was tired.....
  20. Everyone I've known who has done the black wedding thing has ended up divorced. And very nastily, too.
  21. Not just two people. If Anna is really living there, you know she'll expect the Rebers to let her give birth there, to really cement her place.
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