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  1. Poor Deja. She's situation that can be hard for adults to come to terms with, and she's still so young. When you commit to a partner who has a child with someone else, you're committing to (at least possibly) have their ex in your life as well. Jennifer wasn't around when Deja and Malik got together, but it's a looooooong time until that baby is 18, and anything can happen. Both my husband and I have children from previous marriages, and when we married, his youngest was 13 and mine was 11. We were old enough to understand and accept that we were looking at several years of dealing with e
  2. My experience with the epidural, back in 1991, was that I was in such pain that the needle was the least of my worries. They had me leaning forward so they could insert it, and I started having another contraction. The nurses were going to stop until after the contraction passed, because I had to stay perfectly still. I said, "No, keep going, I'll stay still" - and I did. I stayed motionless except for one hand, which I kept flexing in and out of a fist during the contraction. Then the contraction was done, the epidural was in, and the entire lower half of my body disappeared. That wa
  3. MamaBird

    Your Honor

    That was incredibly unsatisfying. Too many questions were left unanswered. The previous episode ended with Adam on his way to meet Fia's father. What happened at that meeting? What was the point of the whole "Mom had an affair" subplot? It ended up going nowhere and meaning nothing. With regard to 2 above - add me to the list of posters who didn't recall ever seeing the "previously on" scenes regarding the photos the mother took, that supposedly revealed the affair. Where did that supposedly fit in? I also care what happened after Adam got shot (although I probably s
  4. So true. I watched that scene and wondered, "Why doesn't she just call a cab and leave that cold, unwelcoming place?" --And then I remembered my own 19-year-old self, in May of 1973, two weeks before the wedding that had been almost a year in the planning. I dropped my lipstick in his car, reached under the front seat to get it - and found a baggie of marijuana. After he'd promised me that he wasn't going to do that anymore. With the invitations out, some gifts already received, my notice given at work, my dad's tux already rented, I truly believed I had no choice but to go ahead with it.
  5. I went to "On Demand" last night and watched the pilot. I was surprised to see how much information we learned about the Pearsons in that very first episode; over the years I'd kind of assumed that some of it had come out in subsequent episodes. The very first time we see Kevin he is with two adoring fans/groupies - shortly before he flips out on-set and quits "The Manny"- and he delivers a Pearson monologue about how things started to go wrong for him when the Challenger exploded! He says his school was watching it on TV because of the "Teacher In Space" theme, and he was devastated when "
  6. Something I don't understand, and haven't seen explained anywhere: the grey-haired woman that Axe is seen conspiring with in a restaurant, who then shows up in the scene where the bitcoin mining case (or whatever it is) gets taken away from him. Chuck was going to make it a civil rather than criminal case at Axe's request. And Axe's mole intervenes to take it away from him? What did I miss? Is this just supposed to be an example of Axe playing 11-dimensional chess - and if so, to what end?
  7. THAT'S where I saw it before! I kept trying to think of what hospital show it was on. And you're right, Scrubs did a better job with it.
  8. I agree with the posters who would like to see an alternate reality in which Kyle survives. I too have wondered why nobody ever makes any reference to him. Rebecca and Jack were both looking forward to having all three children; they gave them names. During my own pregnancies I remember that I felt "in communication" with my babies, especially in the later months when they started moving around. Kyle would have been a real person to Rebecca, and probably to Jack too. Maybe the three babies they did have kept them too busy to mourn him, but it's hard to believe that nobody - not Rebecca no
  9. I remember a situation like that: Big Love, with the lead character Bill Henrickson. At the end of the show he was practically martyred, and we viewers realized that the showrunners meant us to be viewing him as a hero instead of a letch whose "testimony of the pants" guided his life of polygamy. That seemed to be as much of a surprise for them as it was for us.
  10. It's been so long since the first season, I no longer remember exactly how Nacho got involved with the drug gangs. It does seem like all along he has been consistent in trying to protect his father, and resisting any attempts to involve or use him in the drug underworld. He's afraid for his father, frustrated that he can't convince him to save himself - and heartbroken that he has disappointed him; that he's not the son his father wanted and deserved. He's walking a tightrope between Lalo and Gus. And in the midst of all that, he can still treat the obsessive (tweaking?) girl with compassi
  11. This reminded me of what happened when Janice Soprano did it! Maybe Kate pulled a Janice: Marc hit her and she shot him, and now the family's gathering around to clean up the mess and get rid of the body.
  12. Here's how the laundromat attendant taught me to fold fitted sheets, back in 1973: Slide your hand up into one of the corners of the sheet. With your other hand follow one of the edges of the sheet until you reach the next corner. Plop that corner over the first one. Do that two more times, and you end up with all four corners over your hand. Then you've got something you can lay down flat and fold neatly. That laundromat attendant was really nice to this clueless youngster. She also helped me out the time I used waaaay too much detergent when washing a rug because I thought it wa
  13. I learned how to fold a fitted sheet from a laundromat attendant in 1973, when I was a 20-year-old newlywed. Even my mother didn't know, and she was fascinated when I showed her. I thought a Pearson Speech would be what got Nicky out of jail time, but was surprised that Nicky was the one to deliver it. I figured it would be Kevin. I agree with the others who've said it's time we learn more about Katie-Girl's first boyfriend and where that relationship went. We've seen quite enough ominous foreboding! When he snotted that "Practical Magic" was for 12-year-old girls, after hearing
  14. That's my problem with Deja as well. A lot of last season was spent on her; let's give her a rest for awhile. We now know almost as much about her new boyfriend as we do about Miguel, who is a significant character in all timelines. He was Jack's friend and co-worker, annoyed the Big Three by being (in their opinion) too helpful after Jack's death, and ended up married to Rebecca! I would rather see more time spent on characters like him (Miggy Stardust!) and Tess and Annie.
  15. I'm so happy that Liz finally met up with the gang from the Lodge! I really think that will be beneficial to her and to them. Re the hollow-Earth theory: Do you supposed the head of Janet's costume figures into that in any way? (Did it survive being on fire and parachuting out of the plane?)
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