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  1. Namarie

    The Twelfth Doctor: Let's Not Argue About Numbers

    I just have to state my agreement with this. I still love Twelve, even as I've been much less satisfied with some writing choices (especially most of the Danny business last season). He's still the Doctor, and I think Capaldi is brilliant, so I tend to assume those are poor writing choices rather than changes to the Doctor's essential character. On a related note, it was nice to see the Doctor hug Clara in the season premiere (and have Clara be surprised but pleased!). :) I'm interested to see how Twelve behaves for the rest of the season... maybe it will be more consistent? We can always hope, anyway.
  2. Namarie

    S08.E08: Mummy On The Orient Express

    I really, really liked this episode. Probably my new favorite of the season (topping "Robots of Sherwood"). Hope this new writer does just as well with the other eps he writes! Agreed that they made the monster genuinely creepy - until the Doctor figured out what he wanted, and then he was genuinely tragic. Plus, it was nice to have the Doctor talking to/about soldiers without anyone being nasty about them. I was expecting snide comments when he was talking with the Captain about the fight having been knocked out of him, but there weren't any. How refreshing! I also thought the Doctor and Clara working out their issues worked as well as it could have. I was pretty sure Clara wasn't actually going to leave, so with that in mind it seemed to play out as well as it could. And yes, Jenna Coleman was particularly gorgeous this week!
  3. Namarie

    S08.E06: The Caretaker

    This episode was so, so frustrating. As has been said, far too sitcom-y, and far too much harping on the abrasive, downright mean soldier & "PE teacher" thing, with the added failing of far too much of Clara not explaining things well to Danny, and Danny not trying to listen to Clara, and the Doctor making snap judgments about people, etc. Agh. Things I did like: several fantastic lines/scenes, with the Doctor as the Caretaker especially, the River reference, and the setting. Also Danny being useful with his impressive flip over the killer robot (which, also as been said, not at all scary). But overall, I keep wanting to love this show as much as I used to, and almost every time, I'm disappointed. Not that I'm giving up, because it's still the Doctor and there are still things to love - and I still hope that Capaldi's Doctor gets the chance to shine that he deserves.
  4. Namarie

    24 in the Media

    I don't see a specifically DVD/merchandise related thread, so I'll post this here: first look at the 24: Solitary featurette that's going to be available on the Blu-Ray of 24: LAD (and not the DVD). Spoilers, I suppose. I'm excited to see the rest of it as soon as it's available.
  5. Namarie

    The Twelfth Doctor: Let's Not Argue About Numbers

    Looking forward to seeing how Twelve settles into himself, if that makes sense. What we've seen so far is very promising. Also, Attack Eyebrows - hee.
  6. Namarie

    S08.E01: Deep Breath

    I loved nearly everything about this episode, most of all Peter Capaldi's Doctor. He was wonderful, absolutely awesome. Hilarious, dark, clever, and heartbreaking in proper measure. I also loved the new opening titles and theme (especially since I loathed the previous version of the music so much). Very, very cool. Clara does seem to be getting some fleshing out as an actual character, which is good. Hope to see more of that. Wasn't super excited to see Vastra, Jenny, and Strax again, since as others have said they tend to be used mainly as "funny" caricatures, but they were all right this time. Other than, yes, a few too many moments of harping on how "old" Twelve looks compared to Eleven, my only real objection (or possible objection if it turns out how it looks like it's going to) to the ep was the final scene. I agree with this entirely: I would really like a different arc this season. If possible. Ahem. Was that really Elisabeth Sladen's husband as the homeless man? Aw geez. *sniffle* I think I need to watch it again, to catch all of the Doctor's one-liners that I missed because of lack of subtitles, Scottish accent, and rapid delivery. Oh, and I must chime in and say I loved the Doctor's scene where he asks Clara to try to see him. Beautiful - almost brought me to tears, more than Eleven's phone call.
  7. Namarie

    Small Talk : TARDIS Console Room

    Watched it with our good friends here as soon as it was available & their kids were down for their afternoon naps. Always fun to watch it in a (slightly) larger group, with fellow fans.
  8. Namarie

    24 in the Media

    Terribly sad news about that young and very talented actress. On a happier note, it sounds like the SDCC 24 panel was pretty cool. Would have loved to be there. Nothing really new re: chances of more of the show in some form or another. Kiefer & Jon Cassar still sound hopeful, though. Minor spoiler warning I guess: this link has details about the LAD DVD/Blu-Ray release (September 30), including "an intense story extension of Season Nine" that I have to admit I'm pretty excited about, based on which character I've heard it focuses on. Also deleted and extended scenes. Oh and hey, it looks like that "story extension" is only for the Blu-Ray. Sigh.
  9. Namarie

    S09.E12: Day 9: 10:00 PM-11:00 AM

    That would be excellent. Tony could join in. As far as that idea about the Russians getting Jack so they can ask him for help - that would be interesting, too. I mean, they didn't cuff him or even search him for weapons before he got in the chopper... Well, that was seriously intense (not that I expected otherwise). I can't decide whether or not I'm angry that they killed off Audrey. The President's reaction, both at the moment he heard the news and in the scene with the coffin, was absolutely heartbreaking. I teared up when he was talking about forgetting, too. As soon as Audrey died, I started anticipating how exactly Jack would kill Cheng. I didn't see the sword coming (though it looks like Cheng had a few seconds to - heh), but it was satisfying, especially coming after how Jack took out everyone else and incapacitated his old nemesis. I do hope Chloe actually got pardoned, because otherwise it wouldn't really be that safe for her to check in on Kim & co., which would make me very sad. But I assume Jack would have seen to that.
  10. Namarie

    S09.E11: Day 9: 9:00 PM-10:00 PM

    Yeeeaaah, I wondered about that, too... Things I loved about this episode: -Both Jack and Audrey's separate reactions to Cheng being alive. I had to watch them both more than once. "I'll never forget [Cheng's voice]." Oh, Jack. -Mark's look of panic when Jack arrives and wants to talk to him & Pres. Heller alone. You know you're doomed, right, Mark? -Jack calling Mark an idiot. -Chloe's escape from Cheng's truck. Awwww yeah! Now you'll save the day, right? (Looks like it, based on the promo.) -Kate looking uncomfortable while she listens to Jack's half of his phone conversation with Audrey. Heh. -Cheng telling Mustache Russian Guy he should have sent a bigger team to collect Jack. Not that it would have helped, of course. -Audrey trying to do something useful. It's not her fault her security detail failed so epically. Things I didn't like about this episode: -Audrey being set up as bait/hostage. Sigh. -The scene with the pills on the ground and the Meaningful Looks from the military folks. -Still no Tony. Sigh. Oh, and the British military got to do something useful! Sort of. Accidentally.
  11. Namarie

    "DAMN IT! " The Quotes of 24

    "Just so we're clear, I wasn't asking. That was me being courteous."
  12. Namarie

    S09.E10: Day 9: 8:00 PM-9:00 PM

    I agree that they shouldn't have spoiled the surprise of Cheng showing up by putting Tzi Ma's name in the opening credits. But other than that, I loved every crazy, ridiculous, action-packed minute of it. Can't wait to see how Jack gets out of this situation. Also can't wait to see his reaction when he finds out that Cheng is here, and behind so much of this. Loved the reference to Renee - it was about time. I'll choose to believe that Jack didn't refer to her by name (and called her "my friend") because going into any more details would still be too painful. And Chloe better not die. Maybe instead of being more okay with dying now that she knows she's not to blame for her family's deaths, she'll ... have more desire to stay alive! And help Jack! And open sockets and reposition satellites for many more years to come!
  13. Namarie


    Those all seem like probable answers, yeah. Thanks. :) Indeed. That was enjoyable.
  14. Namarie


    Here's a question that has occurred to me as I reach the end of my selective re-watch of this whole series. Disclaimer: I didn't rewatch most of Day 6, since I remembered disliking so much of it, but I do recall most of the scene where Jack has to shoot Curtis to stop him from killing that one guy. However, in Day 7 (which I did rewatch all of), instead of shooting to kill Tony, Jack shoots him in the hand and then in the shoulder to keep him from killing Alan Wilson. And this was while Jack was dying of a pathogen that causes seizures and stuff, *and* with the full knowledge of Tony's betrayal, and after Tony tried to use Jack to blow up Wilson. So, what are we supposed to think? Was Curtis just not as much of a fan favorite as Tony? (Which would make me sad. Roger Cross is awesome.) Or is this just another example of why Day 6 was kind of terrible?
  15. Namarie

    S09.E05: Day 9: 3:00 PM-4:00 PM

    I was, too, but on rewatch I think it makes sense - he looked to me like he wanted to stand, but then he thought that the Secret Service agent that was right behind him might interpret that as an act of aggression so he decided to stay seated. That's what I'm going with, anyway.