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  1. Aurora Borealis

    Commercials That Annoy, Irritate or Outright Enrage

    Ok full disclosure: I’m female. Current batch of commercials making me stabby have one thing in common: wife who thinks/acts like/is written to be smarter/better/superior than their husbands. List includes but certainly is not limited to: 1. TD AmeriTrade retiring couple: Wife: “I TOLD you we had a fortune!” Husband (looking sheepish): “Yes, you did.” 2. Wayfair commercial couple, very end of commercial: husband gets two notes of the jingle out of his mouth & wife is already clearing her throat at him to STFU. 3. Senokot laxative commercial: Husband very obviously mis-pronounces product name, which results in a lecture from his wife. (Another thing that bugs: “Sometimes I get constipated.” “Really?” - Um, if you’re sharing the same bed you’re gonna know when your bedmate is having such issues. THIS SHOULD NOT BE A SURPRISE.) There are at least two others that are escaping me at the moment, but I at least needed to get these off my chest. :::returning to lurkerdom::::
  2. Aurora Borealis

    "DAMN IT! " The Quotes of 24

    "You probably think I'm at a disadvantage. I promise you, I'm not." What made that line for me was the little smirk Kiefer Sutherland did while he said that.
  3. Aurora Borealis

    Wishlist: Hoping for a Cure (Or Not)

    WOW, Ms. Chicklet, just WOW. I would love to see this - it's the perfect way to acknowledge both of Jason's lives and lets the people involved in each one do what they need to mourn. Just how does one go about getting a writing job on a soap opera?
  4. Aurora Borealis

    Battlestar Galactica [2004]

    milhanna the last line said by an Eight in the miniseries was, "Don't worry, we'll find them." I agree w/ you on the line reading - not sure what Grace Park was going for.
  5. Aurora Borealis

    Morning Joe Survivor Game

    Hey y'all! Have not seen Morning Joe in ages but TWOP has kept me somewhat up to date (or at least my hatred is that strong...) -- to Steele, Buchanan & Noonan. 1. Karins-Makes Mika feel creepy and gets away with it. Karins for the WIN! 21 2. Dr Z- Deserves his money back from Williams College. Talk about a waste of money! 21 3. Thomas -Still dreamy, even in a onesie. 19 4. Rattner -Sometimes the lone voice of reason. And Financier! 19 5. Willie-The lone Yankee voice. 19 6. Heilemann-Now at the opium den. Conferring with Roger over their next stop in their debauchary spree. 17 7. Jeremy Peters - the best hair on morning TV. 17 8. Meacham-In his den with leather-bound books, which smells of rich mahogany! 17 9. Ezra Klein-Bringing nuaced policy analysis without tired sloganeering. WaPo screwed the pooch. 17 10. Barnicle-Red Sox shill. 15 11. Tina Brown Gossip-monger with a red pencil. 15 12. Eugene-Pulitzer Prize winner! 15 13. Richard Haass-Mr. Wine and Cheese 15 14. Jeffrey Sachs Climate change is real. Preach! 15 15. Roger Bennett-Now at the opium den. 15 16. Brian Sullivan-Unemployment numbers guy 15 17. Howard Dean The walls in Iowa are still reverberating 15 18. Ed Rendell-"America is a nation of wusses" 15 19. Michael Steele-Even worse without the Republican machine behind him. 13 20. Sam-So young, yet so cynical 13 21. Louis-Glorified Go-fer. Ed Wood's talent is that of Orson Welles by comparison. 13 22.Katty "Pointer-out of the Obvious" Kay. Don't ask logical questions. It'll break the show. 15 23. Donny-Does anybody know where the high school girls hang out around here? 13 24. Uncle Pat-Still racist after all these years. 11 25. Peggy Noonan-REAGAN! REAGAN! REAGAN! 9 26. Joe "Well, I NEVER!" Scarborough...because "Democrats do it too-ooo" 9 27. Harold-Pretend Democrat 11 28. Mika, "It's the staff's fault I'm dumb!" 9 29. Dan Senor-Advocates sending other parents' kids to war. 9 30. Halperin - Still believes in Christie 2016. 9 31. Cackles - erstwhile Palin supporter. Still seeking gainful employment. 9
  6. Aurora Borealis

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    Was considering starting a separate thread to document life on the barge, but decided not to as it would mean yet another thread for people to keep track of. Tonight, at midnight, I'll be hosting a candlelight vigil/memorial for AJ Quartermaine, to be held around the pool. The lights will be dimmed, candles and tissues will be provided, and I'm trying to design/build a small memorial float that can be put in the pool for all to see during the service. I was thinking along the lines of a small ship that we can put notes, flowers, etc. in, and then at the end of the service light it on fire and send it off to sea like a Viking funeral. The service will go for as long as is needed for everyone to have their say (or not, if silence is preferred). Monica has been invited so she can finally be among friends, but I honestly don't know if she'll be up to attending. And, most importantly, all drinks tonight are on me.
  7. Aurora Borealis

    Nicknames/Catchphrases/etc.: Bullets of Love

    Yes, the barge that's currently docked off the coast of Bolivia, that can be reached within moments from anywhere via any number of wormholes (like the one that gets you from Cassadine Island in Greece to Spoon Island in Port Charles).
  8. Aurora Borealis

    Spoilers and Speculation: Clink Boom and Cheese Fondue

    Oh God, not Limo!Sex Part Two......Part One is still burned into my memory & won't leave....