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  1. sevans623

    Comic Conventions

    Thanks to both of you! Lantern7, I'm lucky to live in AZ so San Diego is my usual end of summer vacation place. It's a beautiful city and the zoo is amazing! I've spent years driving past the Convention Center, glad to finally make it in this year! scarynikki12, youtube is pretty much where I've gone for all the panels in the past, so I think I'll just hope for Hall H and not worry if I fall short. We'll definitely be walking the floor Thursday, and from there who knows. I'm loving all of the updates as panels get confirmed and signings get announced. Thanks again for the advice!
  2. sevans623

    Comic Conventions

    This year is going to be my first trip to SDCC, I'm extremely excited. There is so much to do it's slightly overwhelming but I think I'm just going to take it easy and try to see a bit of everything, even if it doesn't involve waiting 8 hours in line to get into Hall H. I feel like that's a waste of my time there unless it's something super important to me. I'd rather walk the floor and visit some smaller panels. Any tips from those that have been before? I'm thinking of getting an external battery to easily recharge my phone, but otherwise I'm not sure of any other things to be sure to have handy. scarynikki12, hope you don't get too injured this year! I'm also excited to let my fangirl out, especially since I'll be going with my friend, and leaving the husband and toddler at home so no worries about bed time, dinner, or naps! I almost wish it started tomorrow!
  3. sevans623

    S39.E17: Anna Kendrick / Pharrell Williams

    Dongs Around the World amused me way more than it probably should have. But I like Anna Kendrick anyway, so she already had my sympathy going in. The Little Mermaid skit was great (ditto everyone on the Octopus dress!), as was the awkward dating short. Overall pretty entertaining show this week.
  4. sevans623

    AMC Actors: Where Are They Now?

    The obvious one, Josh Duhamel is mostly known for being Fergie's husband and was on the show "Las Vegas" after AMC. He also did the Transformers movies and continues to do VO work on Disney's Jake & The Neverland Pirates. Jacob Young (Adult JR) is now on The Bold and The Beautiful.
  5. sevans623

    Favorite Panel Members

    Kristen Schall has cracked me up since Flight of the Conchords, I thought she did a pretty decent job. I hope they get the chance to have her on again soon.
  6. sevans623

    The Twelfth Doctor: Let's Not Argue About Numbers

    I do appreciate that it is a drastic change from Smith, and sets us up for the possibility of something less silly. Lisin, good info on the boots, I still just don't think I like the shine to them, and how large they seem in comparison to his legs. The long collar, no tie look bothers me more than the pleats, but maybe because they are so scrunched at the bottom that the pleats aren't as noticeable to me. Who knows though, he'll probably make this look just as classic, and in a year's time I'll be singing the praises of "Frankenstein" boots and long collared shirts.
  7. So I'm just wondering if anyone else had seen the picture of Peter Capaldi's costume (lhttp://blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/peter-capaldi-doctor-who-costume-bbc.jpg)? I'm not a fan of it at all. After Converse and Bow Ties, the most noticeable thing is the lining of the jacket and those shined up version of Frankenstein boots. Am I the only one who hates it? I may be projecting my fear of a new Doctor onto the clothes.
  8. sevans623

    How I Met Your Mother

    The slap episode before this was so disappointing in comparison to the earlier slaps. I feel like it made this episode, and CM as the mother, both shine more than they already did. How about we just switch to her point of view for the rest of the season? I think it would be a lot more interesting than this jillion episode long wedding weekend.
  9. sevans623

    S03.E02: The Sign of Three

    Definitely agreeing with the above as to the strength of this episode - plus even though it was a "what happens when he gets drunk" gag, I really did appreciate that it was used because Sherlock is the type of character that is never drunk, always in control, and it's very funny to see him lose some of that. I think the speech was great - I was cringing watching it, and while I don't normally agree with Sherlock suddenly having emotions, I of course love Martin Freeman's reactions. Overall it was good for a middle episode, and everything getting tied up at the end made it very satisfying to watch.
  10. sevans623

    Which Podcasts Fuel Your Listening Pleasure?

    How Did This Get Made is great. If you watch The Leauge, and hate Andre and Rafi (I totally did) you should still try this one out. and you get to waste time watching crappy movies while you're at it. Hollywood Babble On - I only rarely listen to Smodcast or Jay and Silent Bob Get Old anymore, but this show is good for a laugh every time. Ralph Garman and Kevin Smith talking about Celebrities and celebrity related stories Otherwise I agree with most of the above - I really think anything featuring Matt Mira (James Bonding, FeAB) is probably better than Nerdist - I like both but Mira is just funnier to me.
  11. So excited for the new show, but watching Jon Oliver cry made my eyes fog up a little. I hadn't heard this was happening, so I was kind of surprised, but then again, isn't it expected after he managed to do a really good job hosting this summer?
  12. Am I the only one who has a problem with the idea of Darth Vader being Yoda's father, even if it is for example purposes? Yes? Ok then, moving on. I think that this idea is good, but a bit of a large task. I wouldn't mind if an entire series on blue ray or iTunes came with some sort of synopsis of a the show on a season by season basis, with the option to buy it stand alone as well. Say its a 10 season show, you could do a chapter with each season, important character developments, funny moments, dvd commentary tidbits, etc. I feel like if I'm marathoning, I don't need a ton of information about each episode because they will still be fresh. I just might need to remember that at the end of 20 some-odd episodes there were things happening early on in the season that might come back up. I like the overall thought and agree completely with the fact that the internet is not spoiler free for older shows, I just think it might be a lot to add a book with 100+ episodes reviewed in depth to some shows.