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  1. Brennan seems like she thinks before she speaks and knows how to tactfully make suggestions about proper adult behavior. I think she was chosen specifically for her maturity in life. They already think VK is the best dancer in the world, she needs polish, Brennan is that polish. Prayers for Brennan during this difficult time in her life, at least she had one good year!
  2. I am just going to throw out my wild card prediction for point because nothing else is happening...... Tess
  3. You were in my brain with this!
  4. Pretty funny that the segment was about lean bodies when Meredith is the heaviest cheerleader they ever had, she just got bigger and bigger and was never cut. I guess the Cassie and Victoria favoritism is for all legacies.
  5. NotthebadVictoria

    Josiah and Lauren: He Has To Marry Somebody

    GPS coordinates
  6. I think Gina would be a great Point if she had a better hair color and a better face. She’s no HD largest screen in the universe girl for me. It’ll be interesting to see who tptb pick though!
  7. Poodle perm hair 🤣😂😂😂😂
  8. I was always a Maddie fan until she got soft, and with her interview dress I had high hopes. but you are right, she is soft. And if they let her back soft VK can get as soft as she wants.
  9. Heather better be doing “flash dance” in that costume or it’s a fail.
  10. From the insta story it looks like Amy is NOT doing tap!
  11. You said it more eloquently than I could, I was going to say Gina has a face for Radio, they didn’t 😂.
  12. My money says she’s waiting for the highest bidder to release her first family photo.
  13. NotthebadVictoria

    2019 DCC Audition Speculation

    I do not know how y’all post photos because my phone will not post a screen shot. Anyways, Lacey is trying out again @laceyjean17 on insta. She looks amazing! Made it to Finals in 2017 I think but they didn’t like her. I loved her! dlt0672 on insta posted about her.
  14. NotthebadVictoria

    Josiah and Lauren: He Has To Marry Somebody

    Laughed so hard I spit coffee