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  1. My best friend is a Canadian, she was shocked when she moved to Texas because she did not understand religion and Bible beaters at all! Consequently she is one of the greatest humans I have ever met, and the sole reason I’m raising my child without religion! When She’s old enough to understand it I will introduce it (I am Catholic) and until then I focus on good morals and zero “you’re a sinner and will burn in hell”.
  2. Jessa had life in her voice, it was refreshing. Meanwhile Bin was 100% checked out from Her and forced the few words he did say. You could instantly see the difference when he was talking to his kids.
  3. Someone on Reddit said she named the baby after the birthing couch Fern-a-tur and I’m still laughing 🤣🤣.
  4. The Seewalds: Benessa and The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Name, Henry and the Plants
  5. When my parents and I talk about my brother we call him boy 🤣. When I speak to him I call him Bubby, and my child calls him Uncle Bubby.
  6. It’s a southern thing. Bubba, Bubby, sis, sissy and sister are super common and we don’t look twice when we hear it with or without the siblings. when she starts calling her “little mama” then I’d be worried about the sister mom role.
  7. And for people who Bible beat you to death, they sure do overlook greed and sloth. But for me, if Jill calls people fat they are fair game.
  8. I get that he’s a “boy” and these idiots think he has to be “tough’” but FFS he’s still a toddler. They were so rough with him, poor baby.
  9. I believe so, I think it was speculated he’s the one Josh is trying to implicate to get off.
  10. On Reddit they call them her “wigtails” and every time I read that I can’t help but laugh 🤣🤣
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