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  1. They dropped to 3 with wider spacing for covid. Probably why they are having Doris be even more vocal than usual. She truly does bring in the negative energy with her comments.
  2. Yeah that was quite an episode. He probably should have done one spin in the regular game before passing, just to guarantee something. But his way got him to the final where luck just crushed him.I don't blame him for continuing. He only had 2 whammies in that last round and every space is big buck. Easy to gain all you lost just by hitting $75k or $100k.
  3. That's exactly what I was thinking. Dating is just the vague framework for the questions to ask. I did get a kick out of how much it bothered Iggy that nobody knew who she was. Seems like her whole personality is that she is Australian. Carson at least had fun with it.
  4. I picked the hustler out by question 2. However I started second guessing myself when the other lady started acting really weird. She really made herself look sus with her constant talking. But the teeth tidbit solidified it. She really made a mistake at the end by not trying to pin the hustler on the other woman. I feel like she could have convinced the guy easier than the woman. Glad the show is back. It is pretty fun.
  5. I had a few laughs with Nicole's guys. They were so bad. Plus her voice is so identifiable that I was hoping a guy would end his answer with "nailed it!" I wish they at least had a follow-up on their dates. Right now it feels like there is no conclusion. Just guys meeting a d list celeb and calling it a day. Call me crazy but I like Bolton's idgaf songs.
  6. It's funny because that is exactly what the Korean guys said right after. They want to be pop stars. So it works if you are actually talented. At least to get through round 1. The "man band" was pretty bad. They reminded me of those over the top cover bands that corporate hires for company events. Entertaining but rarely great singers. Seen the towel guys before, but no other routines by them so looking forward to what they do next.
  7. Great start, a lot of exposition but I feel like they got most of it out of the way. I was wondering if we would see Loki's response to Thanos killing him, so I'm glad we did already. Lots of cool stuff in the TVA. I got a laugh at the drawer full of infinity stones. Basically the most powerful objects that drove the first three phases and now are just paperweights. The D.B. Cooper flashback seemed out of place. Funny as a joke, being a bet with Thor, but why? I figured they would be chasing a different Loki based on the stained glass window. Overall I think we are in for a fun
  8. Ok while last week I said this bunch are the oldest looking 21-23 year olds, this week they act like high schoolers doing a group project. So I guess that balances it out. Funny to think that most of these people weren't even alive when Tyson bit off Holyfield's ear.
  9. On the GSN version they let the players pick which set of questions they got, A or B. That gave the appearance of being fair and I think they should bring it back. 3 players in the final chase is both a benefit and a hindrance. Unless you have someone willing to pass early they tend to get fewer questions asked overall vs just a single player going. So I understand the 3 space lead. I like that the host is reading faster but I will admit it was hard a few times to understand the question. Ken's seemed faster but I think it was just because he started answering before she finished an
  10. Wow, just wow. I don't know how such a crappy idea and poorly executed game show can offer such large amounts of money.
  11. Normally 21-23 year olds look like babies to me but why do so many of these contestants look like they are in their late 30's already?
  12. So I got into the circle late and ended up binging season 1 and the French season in the last two weeks while waiting for new episodes to drop. I enjoyed both quite a bit. I was actually surprised with season 1 because I hated jersey shore bro at first but he grew on me. He seemed very sincere and happy he won. The French season is the best. Plenty of energy, good scheming and strategies but in the end people were kind and impressed by the catfish. This season is my least favorite mostly because of Chloe and Courtney. Both were too over the top and obnoxious in their rooms. Courtne
  13. Seriously, he is describing him as an antihero? Sorry but Joe Exotic is anything but.
  14. I recently became disabled and my wife is helping me out the most as I can no longer work. I looked into assisted living pay in my state and the only person that isn't eligible for pay is your spouse. Parents, kids, friends, anyone else can be paid by the government, but not your spouse.
  15. So is this show trying to find the most despicable people possible? First we have to put up with antivax McCarthy. And this season has had Jenner that got away with vehicular manslaughter and now Logan. Who's next, R. Kelly?
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