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  1. The joke/trick is that the two observers are actually blind. The three people ran back to the plane, obscured by the camera angle. The 2nd part is one of the oldest methods but the two blind men is the gotcha. He specifically said, tell me if you SEE anything unusual. Pretty fun inside joke trick for P&T.
  2. I don't see an issue with laminate these days especially 12-15mm variety. Most is more durable plus water and stain resistant than some original hardwood floors. Of course cheap flippers might put in the crappy .99/ft variety but if remodeling your own home on a budget, laminate is a good option.
  3. Since the premise of the show is about popularity yet the final vote has nothing to do with that I wonder if there is something that they can do differently to choose the winner. Perhaps don't even have a final ranking. Instead do a culmination of all votes throughout the season. Or at least take those past ranks into consideration along with the final vote. I think as they seasons go on people have picked up on how to game the system a little more so they need to tweak the show.
  4. lynxfx


    Don't you mean $4.2 billion? 30% of 14b. Of course in the real world this case would get appealed and most likely the settlement reduced.
  5. lynxfx


    Probably all the above but mostly that he just lost their multibillion dollar company that he would inherit. JK was a great addition as was Bruce Dern. So what was up with the Asian lady and the dog? Was she a spy or just a coincidence throughout the show? Nice ending and back to season 1 standards. I don't care to revisit 2 or 3.
  6. Yeah you could tell that he wasn't attracted and didn't know how to play off the flirting. I think he loosened up once he realized she was gay and he didn't have to stick by what he said in private chats. After that it was all fun until his 5th place ranking. He also called the Circle a catfish game when it isn't. It is a popularity game. Finding or being a catfish gets you nothing. It just makes it more entertaining for us, the viewer. It is interesting that the two top players ended up getting 5th and 1st and Ashley almost sneaking in the win. I don't know how I would play this gam
  7. I sure hope so. His involvement got less and less interesting. All of the press conference stuff was so forced and cringy. At least in the first season they had him be part of a hole. Speaking of which, I hope they bring back pirate Jon Lovitz.
  8. It was a good finale and I liked the last hole. Made it feel more like a super-sized minigolf. Good battle too at the end. My problem was the reusing of holes and similar holes in same episode. Cornhole and #2 are basically the same. Then reusing the fishing hole right after doing it. There were so many other holes they could have used to add variety. Guess they were already breaking down or retooling the other holes for season 4. We noticed the 2 women competing against each other seemed odd. My take is that the pairings were random or they thought putting 2 together would up the od
  9. Yeah that was glossed over quickly. Probably will be entertaining in the final when Nick tells everyone. I normally don't care about the last to arrive players but I did really like Jacki. It's a shame she couldn't have been there sooner as I think she would have been final material. Nick has definitely been "playing" the game the most. I don't mind if he wins. 2nd choice would be Isabella. The simplest of cat fishes. Kai has been decent as well. Actually I don't think there is anyone I hate or even dislike. Maybe I haven't paid enough attention.
  10. Yes please stop trying to make London a thing. Netflix is the worst as they have been putting her in every panelist show they make. Every time all she does is go on about how she is black and English.
  11. I knew it was her the whole time because she acted strange the entire time. I figure central casting won't bring in someone like that to be an imposter. I think I guessed wrong on every other person though.
  12. Yup, a season or 2 ago. I don't remember what happened to that one.
  13. The 5th question is always a gimme since the game ends if they have 0 on the wall. The show is starting to get old as no one plays with a strategy. Every move is just a random call. For instance the last couple on their final question. The wall was nearly identical to their guarantee. They should have triple upped on that question as they really had nothing to lose. If he got the question right it would have been the only way to build up a good cushion before the 4 red balls. In the end it didn't matter since he got it wrong.
  14. Altman came in cosplaying Ari Gold from Entourage. Definitely mellowed after marriage and kids.
  15. Flagg's client was a hoot. Just what is in the walls of that house? Josh showed that they were over at least a foot thick. Lots of insulation, money, hookers? Altman's continued to be a stuckup ass, but glad that sold so we don't have to deal with him again. Tracy's client was once again unreasonable and condescending every time she spoke to Tracy. Despite the six figure commissions they are getting, they really are treated like crap by over half the sellers they represent. Then again the 6% (buyer/seller) commissions are a dieing concept, at least for your average home. I see
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