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  1. lynxfx

    Card Sharks

    Are guys required to be over 6'5" to be on this show? I swear there have been a string of super tall guys and usually paired with really short women.
  2. lynxfx

    Match Game

    Finally someone with the correct answer. That was a pretty fun episode overall. Mixed with some really hard to match questions. And just why did they give everyone squirt bottles? Really makes you wonder what shenanigans go on between takes. Probably a fun show to be an audience member, with the right panel.
  3. lynxfx

    Spin the Wheel

    They've had a couple episodes where the player zeroed out at the end. I think the stakes are high enough. I agree with the pilot seat. Not needed and really you should double up on every question. There are so many questions after that and what you make in the first 8 spins rarely matters. I think nearly every contestant went back to zero or near zero after spin 8. I like the show more than Deal or No Deal. At least here you can play along with the trivia parts. I do really want to see someone win really big though.
  4. lynxfx

    Press Your Luck

    Always love this show growing up. The revival isn't bad and I don't mind the tweaks. Just wish they made a few more. For starters it is still weird having a whammy take zero dollars. Why didn't they come up with a couple $0 specific animations? "I'd take your money but you ain't got any! Hahahheheh" Elizabeth Banks is fine as a host but why does it feel like she is yelling the whole time. Seems like she is really straining her voice. I like the bonus round and the prizes customized to the contestants. Adds a nice uniqueness to what is typically just random prizes and cash.
  5. lynxfx

    Penn And Teller: Fool Us

    They have been airing tricks completely out of order. The acts I saw during the taping I went to have shown up in 5 different episodes so far including the only P&T trick they taped for us. So just a coincidence. With P&T the 3 of clubs is really the only card with significance. They almost always use it when they force a card. I remember Penn mentioning once that they like it because it reads well on camera.
  6. lynxfx

    Match Game

    She pressed her giant boob against Jay's face for starters. I agree that this panel was on the weak side. The contestants did actually come up with some good or clever answers this time. Not smart for this panel though.
  7. lynxfx

    To Tell The Truth

    The hypnotism was a crock for sure. For one thing mama kept staring straight at her when did the 'sleep' move. She then basically forced her to play along. Second, mama isnt a good actor. If you really did have an involuntary response programmed you wouldn't keep trying to put your own spin on the word each time you said it. She kept trying to make BINGO make sense when she said it. I personally believe all parlor/stage hypnotists are frauds. The long one on one stuff to get you to stop addictions etc are more about therapy. WTF to the baby daddy. I thought there was no way it could be number 1. Thought it was three because he was the only one that said everything still went through a clinic. The hoop dance was actually pretty cool.
  8. lynxfx

    Flip or Flop Las Vegas

    Unfortunately we have seen time and time again that what is shown to have sold on the show didn't actually sell. Like that $500k house which is nearing half a year on the market and $50k in price reductions. I don't know what the deal is but most that they say they got an offer a couple days after the open house end up having the offer fall through. They usually do sell shortly after that but not always. I'm more interested in how much they are getting for the ones they end up renting out. The poker house claimed to get a $70k rental contract for a few months. Now that is pretty good business since they can still sell after.
  9. lynxfx

    Flip or Flop Las Vegas

    Whats crazy is that it is a thing now. Stores like Floor & Decor carry glitter grout in a variety of colors. I've never seen anyone use it but the examples they show is with glass tile and never on the floor. To fix would be to painstakingly grind out the grout or just rip up the floor and start over.
  10. lynxfx


    The macaron ice cream sandwhich is a rip off of an already well established company. Go to any tea and boba store and you'll see the exact same icebox setup. I think they sell for $5 each. The ATM wasn't a good deal to the consumer IMO. I bank online only, USAA, and get refunded any ATM fees up to $15 a month. I can use any ATM I want and there is a $500 day limit. I also only take out cash maybe once a year. Cash is a last resort. Hated the overalls and hated the name even more. The mouth breather thing was just creepy.
  11. lynxfx

    S01.E20: Free Fall

    That's exactly how I took it. I am surprised to see so many people take it as a cliffhanger. If it is then it is a very poor one. I like the show and hope we get season 2.
  12. lynxfx

    Flip or Flop Las Vegas

    I did think it was cool that they showed the local fabricator for the neon sign. $500 didn't sound too bad for a custom sign. Not right for the headboard but I would like one for the shop or a game room. Honestly half the time I see the end result I don't know if I don't like her design or just hate the cluttered staging. They always over do it with the staging making it look so busy.
  13. lynxfx

    The Grand Tour

    I loved the tent this season because it was only used for chatting and conversation street. I'll miss that the most next season. The track times for new cars will also be missed. Excellent season and I do enjoy the road trip adventures the best so season 4 should be epic.
  14. lynxfx

    The Gong Show (2017)

    I'd be bummed if it got canceled. It was just fun goofiness and a way to kill an hour.
  15. lynxfx

    S04.E04 Overton Window

    That was Axe having his guys cause a bunch of parents to have to drop off and pick up their kids from school instead of going to vote. It was in a district heavily favored for his opponent or something like that. Chuck dismissed the idea even though they already did it but not much was talked about it.