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  1. Which is why I went to True Crime. Even with the theme there were a lot of options. My wife went to True Love. I thought Yard for the Boston question. seemed like the most obvious for a party.
  2. I don't remember exactly but I think she was googling people up on her phone or talking with someone backstage. I'm leaning towards the phone.
  3. I kept getting distracted by the bad sound mixing. The music they hear in the warehouse was so loud that it was picked up by the judges mics. They played a clean track for tv but everytime they cut in a judge comment the levels spiked. Glad the show is back. Agree on the kid, talented but that was a floor routine for gymnastics. Other than her I agree on the judges picks.
  4. That was actually a gift from Tarek.
  5. Like I said, the whole situation reeks of "Cathouse." I don't understand how anyone with the funds for these properties would do business with them. Just going by what we are shown it seems that every buyer or potential buyer is a friend or previous acquaintance. So maybe it is just a small circle and they don't give a shit about basic decorum. Finished The season but ffw through all of the wedding stuff. Too much real housewives, not enough real estate. I found it interesting that Tarek never made an appearance. They even showed a facetime but on the phone there was only a selfie fullscreen. Seemed very odd.
  6. This show will hurt their brand more than any badly priced listing ever could. I feel that this show is just Cathouse but without the brothel. So much of it is so off putting if you stop to think about what you are actually watching. They are all characters in a way, but then again they aren't as well which makes you question how any clients can take them seriously. Especially when they are spending that kind of money. Probably helps that some of the clients are just as much over the top and not believable. Does anyone know if that is Oppenhein's actual office? It looks like a cheap strip mall location compared to any of the offices shown on say Million Dollar Listing LA. I feel like it is a set for the show and that's it.
  7. Mama Doris has no toe nails!? That was quite the moment. And just no no no to athlete's big toes.
  8. This show has run its course. 4 months of episodes and no one cares anymore. Doesn't help when half the reveals are followed by a "who?" I still think they need to reformat. Quit the season long contestants whom most people guess within 2 episodes. Go to a standalone episode run. 4 contestants, one episode, all revealed by the end. Rinse and repeat. They'll get better celebs that dont have to commit as much time. They could break into 2 episodes, same week like most competition shows. Performance day 1, 2and performance and reveal day 2. That would give a little bit of guessing time for the audience and not completely bore them. And being a winner per show you wouldn't end up with some like nightangel winning the whole thing. Doubt I'll watch next season. Just watch the reveals followed by hitting up google.
  9. If they are going to have the guest be in the majority of the games they should just make them the 4th chair.
  10. You'll notice that they almost always say "If this sale goes through..." during the epilogue. The first offer rarely does as you can review on sites like zillow. The Vegas flipping couple were really bad at giving the impression that a house sold on the show when in reality it was still sitting on the market. They also tended to switch and rent it out instead. I recently sold a flip in Vegas and I had 3 offers fail in a row. Then a full price cash offer that also changed their mind the day after being accepted. It's rough out there. Eventually got a full list price offer and once closed they put it up as a rental.
  11. I think they got the order wrong. I would swap 2nd and 3rd place. I think if they just added movement to something on that peacock then they would have took 2nd. They could have done the head, it was small and light enough. Would have fit with their story of getting the feather plucked. I don't think it would have been possible to move the feathers as suggested. Too heavy and fragile. Just look at the issues of the smaller wings on the griffon had. I like the bearded guys but that was a boring final piece. Too close to previous challenges and designs. The winners deserved it. I don't think they deserved 3rd place last week so no controversy with them still being in the finals to me. It was a great looking model and something I could see on display at a Lego store. Show overall was ok. I think the bridge episode was my favorite. I would like to see more challenges like that. Perhaps make furniture out of Lego. A chair or throne that can support a human for instance. After watching James May's Lego show where he built a house out of Lego, the furniture was a surprising challenge for them. I also hope they take lead from the show Face/Off which focused more on the build process and techniques. These people have a unique skill, please show it along with the result.
  12. I would rather they go back to the original format having Ryan do the sound fx for Colin. The audience ones always end up with the same tropes now. At least this time one of them tried and was making a decent number of sounds at first.
  13. Is it just me or were the restitutions extremely low? The guy bankrupted two companies which caused who knows how many jobs. $24m stolen (although McDonald's never actually paid all that out) and all he has to pay is $370 a month? My car payments are twice that. He is only paying $4440 a year and since getting out has only paid $62k in the last 14 years. No wonder they say white collar crimes pay and that one guy said he would do it again tomorrow. Doc was decent in the beginning but I lost interest as the episodes lost focus. It really could have been told in a solid 2 hour doc. I remember playing so much in my high school years and with my friends. This was in the mid 90's. I always wondered about who actually won. I completely missed this case and the fact that it was rigged for all those years. In that regard it was good to see it brought back up.
  14. If that is what they really think then yes I agree it is dumb. The tops of the shoes would definitely get dirty which defeats the purpose of no shoes in the house.
  15. Sounds like you are exactly the person the shoe is meant for. Those that don't wear shoes in house. I don't think they are meant to be your out and about shoe. They are replacements for house slippers that allow you to easily step outside if needed without putting on different shoes. Useful but truely a first world problem and priced as such. My wife loves slippers but I don't. So I stick to socks indoors and leave a pair of slip-ons by the door.
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