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  1. This basically just shows that they purposely don't guess correctly for singers they plan on having on for long time. I would bet that half the judges guess Wayne right before he is unmasked. Same goes for Seal who finally had someone guess him when it was looking like he wouldn't go on. I see why they do it as it would be boring to have them give the same right guess week after week but that just reveals the main flaw of the show. They really shouldn't do a full season of the same acts.
  2. You mean piles of garbage.
  3. It was new and some pretty good presentations.
  4. That was the episode I thought of while watching. I loved the escalation of objects they tossed out and then the final "let's go to bed" from Dan. I can't tell if it is the same eagle above the fireplace. Thought this was one of the better episodes. While not a lot of likable characters at the moment, it was entertaining and well acted. I even didn't hate Harris for once.
  5. lynxfx


    Besides being a total sitcom situation, you could write that off as the boss knowing it was really his fault for hooking up the gas to a showroom stove (would never happen in real life) because he was living there for the time being. Really enjoyed this season. It is one of those shows that is wholesome while not being overly cheesy and also dealing with some more serious subject matter. Now I'm fearful that it will get cancelled like Santa Clarita Diet.
  6. In California we had paper ballots and you used a pen to fill in the dots. I moved to Nevada and they use a touch screen system. Next to it was a locked transparent box that had a roll of paper which printed your selections. You could verify on that to see if the correct votes were printed. Neither was easier than the other and both left a paper trail. They also only ask your name and match it up with your address on their sheet. No voter ID required.
  7. Guess I'm odd man out as I enjoyed the premiere. The preview looked pretty funny too and it will be interesting to see how they end this show.
  8. A bunch of duds this week. Camper stuff was too expensive. I must be the only one that has never broken their phone or tablet. $10 case and my phones have remained like new even after dropping. Not gonna ruin my shoes for golf. The only item that looked ok was the massage ball but it is way over priced. Was glad that she emphasized that they need to get the price down below $100, especially with those margins. Looked like something you would find at Sharper Image. The way they do offers is so inconsistent. Sometimes they let everyone who is in make an offer. Other times you have guys like Cuban that will give them 10 seconds to take it or he is out. Last week we had sharks running to the hallway to make a deal. Seeing that these are real offers and real businesses that they should at least let everyone get their offer out and then you can hardball them if you want. It is just fake drama forcing a decision without hearing all offers and honestly if they took it I wouldn't trust their decision making.
  9. I paused on both. It was just a lot of rambling of the same thoughts. The second one was funnier though.
  10. We actually noticed that on her single camera shots it looked like they were using the ol' soap opera filter on her which softens her up. She was the only one with that 'blur' on her.
  11. The guesses on this show are beyond irritating, especially from Ken and Jenny. I still think people are way over estimating the popularity of this show and how big of a star it can attract. The first two unmaskings have revealed just that. Only guess I have is for the Leopard. RuPaul is too obvious so I'm thinking it is actually Miss J (Alexander Jenkins) from America's Next Top Model. He is also 6'5". That was a pretty cool final pose from the black widow. The costumes continue to impress....except for Panda. WTH was that? Looked so cheaply done compared to the others we have seen.
  12. lynxfx


    I've only watched the first episode but looks like they turned up the weird again. I have no clue what they are going for but I keep watching for Billy Bob.
  13. People keep blaming the wardrobe assistant as if she missed her cue. It wasn't her, it was the director in the booth who had the wrong camera live. It was supposed to be a tight shot on Woody and Kenan who was saying his last lines. They were changing outfits for those that weren't on camera ahead of the graphic bumper. It did save that sketch though. Really like Billie Eilish so that was a nice performance to watch. Glad they showed the gimbal at the end. She sure has blown up this summer. The apple picking was the best sketch and sadly put at the end.
  14. The way we play at home is that if we don't know who the "celeb" is then they don't count. The only reason I know of Ninja is because he was just on Family Feud. I still don't count him. It would be like if the Johnson family from across town was on. I do laugh at all of the A list guesses from the judges and in this thread. Speaking of not knowing people, they guessed Lindsay Lohan while she is currently a judge on Masked Singer Australia. She also apparently doesn't know many of their local celebs and has produced a number of gaffs. I see that Nick Canon still hasn't been coached on how to pronounce "singer". Some of the costumes this year are quite beautiful and elaborate. Best part of the show for sure. Glad they made a true bracket that you can follow.
  15. He did say it was five days ago when they showed him looking better. I agree though, what a horrid procedure that didn't look like it did anything. Each flip also takes 2-4 months so doubt any production shut down. They just schedule a few days here and there to do specific scenes. First look, a demo day coupled with a problem they always find, design choice day, usually one day mid installing finishes, an outdoor day (probably shot the same time as one of the interior days) then some b-roll of stagers followed by the open house. They might keep a skeleton crew available for those unique issues or drama that might pop up but we rarely see any work being done anymore so they probably don't even do that. Each flip is so formulaic now.
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