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  1. They should bank after every correct question in the first round. You need to get 6 questions right in a row before you earn more than just banking every turn. That 80k was one of the higher amounts though.
  2. The onet I remember is that he actually put the net in a wrapped gift box and let the spinner bot attack it. I think they just stopped their match calling foul and redid the match. Was actually pretty funny at how well it worked. Ensnaring was already against the rules I believe.
  3. I think she could have won the 125k but Ken would have caught her at 425k. The GSN episodes are on Netflix if anyone wants to see The Beast. That host definitely reads the fastest of any host. Sara isn't bad though. Way way better than Jane Lynch on Weakest Link. The first show was good.
  4. That's who I think too. Voice fits but I'm iffy on the body. Haven't seen her in awhile.
  5. They buy with cash now on most properties. I think they mentioned doing a hard money loan on one house this season or the last. No one would do that on a house where you know there is going to be a minimum 3 month wait just to get the foundation sorted. The carrying costs without a loan was probably a grand. Tarek is the selling agent so he pockets the commission as another company or waves the fee. It is never mentioned so your guess is as good as mine. All they do is give a blanket mention of "minus closing costs" when calculating the profit. I do believe they made a healthy profit this time only because the sale price was so much higher than what they aimed for. It was over $200k above asking. You would have to be lying about a lot of numbers to make that a flop.
  6. I thought the same thing. Audio sync was strange even during the duet where we noticed it more. I don't think they ever got the prize structure right. They should stick with the hundred thousand for final round but keep the pilot rules of only losing half if wrong. They could also keep round 5 at 20k since the number of rounds you can win really depends on the good vs bad number. The pilot was a lot looser with the panel. Much more verbal interaction with the contestant.
  7. I forgot all about his Netflix show so thought he had another coming. Nope. His show ran from feb to July in 2018. Just how old are these episodes?
  8. He also modeled his personality after Ari Gold from Entourage for the first couple seasons. I think a client even commented on that once. Because of that I found him cringy at first. Years later he grew on me and he mellowed down after getting married.
  9. Looks like the realtor copied the thumbnails from the previous listing and re-upload them as the full res. Rookie mistake or a realtor that doesn't understand technology. Surprisingly quite common. I've even seen it on some listings on Million Dollar Listing LA. They spend $5k on a pro photographer and then have highly compressed photos on their website. Were there going to be any more episodes? Or are they waiting for after Flip or Flop airs their season?
  10. I am thinking that the producers are playing some mental games. When you have already revealed 3 good singers and 2 bad, you are probably thinking that the last would be bad too. They are hoping the player will chicken out and take the relatively lower $20k payout. It almost worked too. She gambled and won her $100k. So far we have had 3v3, 2v4, and 4v2. I wonder if the show will ever try 5 good or bad singers or if will just be those three combinations.
  11. I think Jane is starting to find her groove as host. At first she was doing a slight imitation of the past host. Now she is still stern but a lot more of her own personality creeps through. Especially with these weak players she has to deal with. She still reads the questions slowly and confirms the answer slowly. I noticed a few times that when time ran out but the person answered she said she would accept the answer. I was wondering why as that money never goes into the bank. So it is just for calculating strongest and weakest link which is only important in a tie.
  12. That was the worst super drop the show has had. Only $25k for the green balls and over $600k for the red balls. Ouch. The Statan Island Ferry question was made for me. I moved to NYC in July of 1997 as a student and one of the free things I would do is ride the ferry round trip. Another hard episode to play along though when they constantly get wiped out to zero.
  13. Couldn't Clare just go to one of those speed dating events in her home town instead of wasting everyone's time on bachelorette? Best producer edit: Clare: This is so hard. (Camera cuts to Dale's crotch as he is laying on top of her)
  14. I think it is time to bring back shows like Average Joe or Joe Millionaire. Just give us a gimmick that's entertaining rather than another group of wannabe influencers hoping to expand their followers. Hell I would take another season of Beauty and the Geek even.
  15. One thing to remember is that this a reality show first. So who knows how much of Clare and Brandon's conversation was edited out. As edited I still think it makes Clare look bad. Brandon comes off looking like a deer in headlights not realizing he needed to have a google doc filled with Clare's personal history. But ultimately not a bad guy.
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