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  1. maggiegil

    S03.E08: Unfit

    That seemed to be a much more defining moment for Lydia than what we saw in flashback or I would have loved to see her being recruited and trained to be an Aunt. Does June really think shes off limits because shes occasionally been in videos about Nicole? If Gilead is as harsh as we've been lead to believe then they would not hesitate to replace June with another similar looking woman or put a veil on her, I presume she hasn't spoken or featured that prominently in the videos that anyone in Gilead would notice or they'd just spread a story that she died of grief for Nicole. Ofmatthew/Natalie was only shot in the shoulder so I assume we'll see her again, probably chained up like that handmaid that tried to drink drain cleaner while pregnant. If June is supposed to be playing the game smarter etc. why on earth does she refuse Lawrence reasonable requests. Shes seen what Lawrence can do when hes inclined to help and how much he loves his wife. The baby died because of an umbilical cord wrapped around their neck, we know Gilead uses medicine and doesn't have a problem with ultrasounds etc If babies are so precious you think they'd be inclined to have a medical team monitoring labor (im sure it could be done from another room) and stepping in only if there was a problem. It seems like this could have been avoided/reduced risk with a fetal heart monitor or something
  2. maggiegil

    S01.E01: The Chosen One

    He showed it off in several photos so I assume he liked it. I meant that he seemed to have an appreciation for Japanese culture and traditions which is what I thought added the interesting element to him wanting to conquer them but its pure speculation on my behalf
  3. maggiegil

    Spoilers For the Hulu Show

    The Israeli trailer! June really gives Ofmatthew a taste of the own medicine
  4. maggiegil

    S01.E01: The Chosen One

    I was watching the first episode where Nicholas and Alexandra were getting intimate and I was like "how lazy, the actor has a tattoo on his arm that they didn't cover up". Only to google it and discover that he actually did get a tattoo when he went to Japan on a visit (https://www.slavorum.org/nicholas-ii-the-tsar-with-the-dragon-tattoo/). It added another element to his attempts to invade Japan later I thought. Also there was an assassination attempt when he was in Japan (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ōtsu_incident) I feel like I've seen quite a lot of documentaries about Nicholas II and they all focus on not being able to have a son for years, Rasputin, revolution and death.
  5. maggiegil

    S03 E05: Unknown Caller

    I wondered about the choice to have June in the video, showing the woman you raped seething in the back seems like a bad choice to present to the world. As June and Luke are married, legally Holly is considered to be his child. It would be up to the Waterfords to prove in court that she is not his via a paternity test which obviously would make trouble for June and if it goes that way it will be interesting to see what Luke does now he knows that Nick is the Father instead. June's walking partner must be the most fertile handmaid in Gilead. I'm really interested to hear more about her story, she seems like she has Stockholm Syndrome, I wonder what "offense" had her relegated to handmaid in the first place. I'm presuming we're getting a Nick-centric episode this season focusing on Chicago maybe thats when we'll find out about the wider world Did anyone else notice that the cargo plane was full of goods on the way back, does that mean Canada is still trading with Gilead?
  6. maggiegil

    S15.E22: Head Over High Heels

    Anyone else see HAOG has been cast in a Netflix show so not definitive that hes leaving Greys but looking more likely https://deadline.com/2019/04/greys-anatomy-alex-landi-recur-season-2-insatiable-netflix-series-1202596575/
  7. maggiegil

    Leaving Neverland

    https://pagesix.com/2019/04/17/jackson-kids-quietly-investigating-wade-robson-and-james-safechuck/ "While the late Michael Jackson’s children continue to explore legal options against his accusers Wade Robson and James Safechuck, Page Six has learned they’re also quietly investigating Robson and Safechuck in advance of filing a lawsuit. Robson and Safechuck made headlines when they appeared in HBO’s “Leaving Neverland” documentary, which aired earlier this year, to recount alleged sexual abuse by the King of Pop. Now Prince, Paris and Prince Michael Jackson II, aka “Blanket,” are on a mission to find out if the men were paid, in any capacity, for their participation, and to look for any inconsistencies in their accounts of the alleged abuse." "According to a source close to the family, the children are said to be preparing a lawsuit for fraud, emotional distress, slander and misrepresentation. We’re also told that in the potential suit, Prince, 22, Paris, 21, and Blanket, 17, are not looking for money, but want Robson and Safechuck to accept “responsibility” and give an “apology.” Any funds awarded will be given to charity. Jackson’s three heirs feel the documentary violated their privacy as they are mentioned in it. “All of these things take away their privacy,” said a source."
  8. maggiegil

    The Good Fight

    I've watched since day one but I've got to say its beginning to lose me. I didn't mind the red jacket thing but I found Jay talking to camera saying 'why not punch anyone whos speech you find offensive' be to a bridge too far. It lacked the nuance that I expected from a smart show like this (I think the Good Wife was more balanced than the Good Fight but still). Punch a "Nazi" is such an awful thing to promote because who decides who the "Nazi" is? Once ideas that someone decides are unacceptable are acceptably punished by violence where does it stop. Also, Michael Sheen's character is so ridiculously over the top and not in a funny or charming way
  9. maggiegil

    You're The Worst

    I hated when it was revealed the flash forwards were fake outs but the montage and the ending was so satisfying and I forgive everything. A well done finale that tied up the vast majority of loose ends and still felt true to the series. Although I still don't get Paul and Lindsay getting back together after everything thats gone down.
  10. maggiegil

    Say Yes To The Dress

    If you're not in the UK/Ireland you might not be familiar with Gok Wan, hes a stylist who focuses on making women feel confident. Hes the main presenter of the new SYTTD UK, SYTTD Lancashire and I was in floods of tears watching him with a bride who's blind, the way he was able to describe her dress to her was so beautiful https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x3iiYT3Icso
  11. maggiegil

    S15.E19: Silent All These Years

    100%, it was bizarre and I there is no way it would have been helpful for someone as traumatized as that. I agree with what others have said that I hate it when Greys trys to bash me over the head with a theme, I got the idea of women supporting other women from the scenes with the patient and Jo and Teddy, the guard of honor wasn't necessary. The most powerful moment for me was when Jo went to take her Mothers hand and she pulled away. I hope that isn't the last we see of Michelle Forbes, she did a great job but unless Greys repeats the Izzy's daughter needs a bone marrow transplant scenario, its the last we'll see of her. It would be interesting if a sibling from her Fathers side tracked Jo down through her DNA profile or something
  12. maggiegil

    The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley

    I think she wanted the finished product without any of the steps to get there, if you think of all the steps involved in getting the personal computer to stage its at now, it would be a bit like if Alan Turing wanted to invent the Macbook back in the 1940's. I wonder what could have been achieved if she hadn't been so set on the idea of a tabletop machine that only tested a drop of blood. A larger machine that tests a vial or two wouldn't have been as impressive but it would have been a hell of a lot more impressive than what the Edison ended up being. It would be interesting to find out what the people who worked on the design learned and if they now think its possible to do a pared back but bigger version of the machine or if its just impossible. I would have liked to have heard more from the guy that wanted to make it bigger than tabletop. I agree with what others have said, I don't think she had altruistic motives in having a healthcare company, I think she just saw it as an industry with a lot of money to be made. I had heard of her before the scandal went down but only in print media and described as an impressive businesswoman. Shes the kind of person I would love to meet/watch something on before a scandal breaks just to see would I have been taken in by her or seen through the veneer.
  13. maggiegil

    Jazz and the Jennings Family in the Media

    I wonder did Jazz have particularly amazing SAT/ACT scores that we haven't been privy to or is she getting these interviews based on her fame? Good for her either way
  14. maggiegil

    S05.E12: Up in the Air . . .

    I hope they had security or that was a private park or something for the day camp. Jazz said there had been hate comments under the video she posted, if they didn't have some sort of screening or something it was a very risky endeavor. I'm still not sure of the purpose of the day camp. I assumed it was going to be for teenagers (13-18) who seemed to be the demographic at the group Jazz attended that inspired the whole thing. The games they played were the type every child plays, there wasn't anything revolutionary or transformatory about them but I thought could have been good ice breakers for teenagers. I thought it was kind of a good idea when I thought the people who had been at the group last week were going to be there, meet new people their age etc but I didn't see the point in it being for random children. I can't say I've ever thought of Jazz as a perfectionist, I had to rewind it when Grandma said it to make sure I didn't mishear that Jazz really manipulated her parents to have the surgery early, now that shes had it she doesn't see any benefit to being able to convalesce at home, thats a slap in the face IMHO. You could see the manipulation when she was like "you want me to be happy, don't you etc.". Does anyone remember last season when Jeanette kept taking to her bed to cry when the boys went to college, she is going to be an absolute mess when Jazz leaves.
  15. maggiegil

    Jazz and the Jennings Family in the Media

    Thats awful! I didn't think that everyone that appears would be getting paid but Noelle seems like a fairly integral part of the show. I'd refuse to be on too if I wasn't getting paid given her level of involvement. I hope that TLC will make a very generous donation to her appeal and that Jeanette/Jazz gives more than $150.