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  1. I know this has been mentioned in other posts but why are the writers going back and forth about the existence of Violet and Roscoe? Violet was shown this season but this week when Bonnie was in the kitchen and telling her foster mom what a great family she has there was zero mention of them. It is very annoying. I understand they wanted to switch the focus of the show from the family to friends but how can you just ignore the history of the show, especially with it being in syndication.
  2. Most crouton packages also list the gram equivalent per serving size. I follow WW and use a food scale to measure out croutons when I add them to a salad.
  3. Q is for “queer” because after all people don’t say queer anymore they say gay 🙂
  4. Would love to see a counseling session with her and Dr. Paradise!!
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