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  1. Yeah, I really think what she said was bad but if I’m being kind, and I’m inclined to be here, she was given something wildly stupid and out of character so she came out with something stupid. Or it was Carina’s first take on what happened before everyone hated it. Anyway, she got put in a bad position. It’s honestly all one big ball of “how did this happen?”
  2. I just wouldn’t go betting on that level of communication, but if Carina told her that and still tried to peddle the enthusiastic consent in a safe place thing... yeah, it’s still funny in its awfulness. What kind of idiot can’t keep that straight? Tries to lie their way out of a mistake with HH giving the interview? It’s not good but it’s funny. I doubt she’ll kill Maria or anyone unless one of the actors wants out. It would only be more bad writing and shoving characters off to the side. They really can’t handle a cast this size on top of everything else.
  3. Hmmm, I imagine it would be a very complex thing to figure out but humanity tends to suck at the equal part. You’d also have to account for gender, sexuality and disability in that. If you just mean who passes more for white, I guess not? Maybe? Idk. They don’t have to be seen as equally POC for it to be more of the same messiness with this show, imo. Carina has deliberately made them characters who aren’t white and probably congratulates herself on it regularly. Mainly, I think it’s just the part about the successful POC both going though all of this for the white town drunk who is totally a good guy when he’s not lashing out. Oh, he lashes out a lot? Well. His sadness makes that okay. Knowing how this show goes, I wouldn’t take anything good from that, tbh. Or there’s no connection to anything. She’s a beautiful woman regardless of whatever the motivation might be.
  4. I really don’t know how anyone could have gotten enthusiastic consent from that. I spent the scene wondering if it was consensual at all and I lean towards no. It was way too uncomfortable and just so damn off. The scene the next morning and HH’s interview didn’t help with that. You’ve got to wonder what they were thinking. For sure. With less time to do his sad, pining stalker thing he’s much more tolerable and was fun in his 10 minutes of amnesia. Meanwhile, the more attention Michael gets the more sick of him I get. This is a problem with Maria that’s been brewing from day 1. They never spent enough time on her to come close to establishing her as a character and then started heaping shitty decisions on her. Is it out of character? Maybe? From what I guess is the character but that’s a lot of me guessing. I’m not sure from what they’ve shown. Terrible writing, an obsession with a character and a plethora of Carina’s issues meet black woman and disaster strikes. Alex is more developed but if we were ever supposed to think he was curious about or open to women, they sure as hell never spent the time to show that. They just developed him enough for that to make absolutely so sense but be really sad. Ah, yes, the “both of these people can do better than Michael. Why are they sacrificing a friendship and integrity for him? Wow, it’s really awkward that the successful POC are pursuing the town drunk so hard” position. It almost makes less sense than the threesome.
  5. I doubt she’ll ever acknowledge it, tbh. HH did give her an easy out for blaming Maria and the character gets a lot of bad decisions piled on vs character development time, but then Carina would have to give up on it being #WokeAF. At best it was written as enthusiastic consent and then everyone else was like “nah, creepy” and that’s what made it to screen. Interestingly, I’m struggling to remember any examples of clearly established consent with a gay couple like you see with, say, Liz. Maybe that’s part of this. She understands consent with a straight, sexual pairing but other than that you get a lot of problems. Threesome of doom, Guerin’s hand, all the possession and messing with people’s minds, not telling Maria she was possessed, bringing Rosa back to life, bringing Max back to life, etc. That interview from HH was just a total lighting rod and fuel on the fire for that messed up scene. The blow up with be bigger than if someone else said it or certain other characters did it but she did herself no favours. It’s funny because it contradicts Carina, though.
  6. Yeah, I think between it being the CW, already being renewed and pilot season being DOA right now they’ll be fine for season 3 unless it gets U-G-L-Y ratings. She might manage it if she tries real hard but it’s unlikely. I fully expect it to get “prematurely” cancelled and left in an awkward place, though. Cue years of her saying how she would have ended it to anyone who will listen and she thinks will follow her to another project. Her Michael obsession is a likely candidate for this. Of course the two POC are done dirty pursuing the angsty white man.
  7. There always seems to be some crazy disconnect between some of the people involved. Carina, the director, the actors, the editor, and probably Twitter/Instagram carina months later. here you have, carina: enthusiastic consent, safe place tyler on screen: miserable heather in an interview: it was a test, aka manipulative writers: haha, bucket list; felt loved. Situation diffused and explained. director: let’s make her look nefarious when Michael comes back in and repeatedly show Alex being uncomfortable. Yes.
  8. That might be the million dollar question in all of this. I think she’s incompetent and that always has to be remembered but beyond that, idk. Michael is her favourite ball of angst and manpain so maybe it was for him to get what he wants. Maybe she has a thing for threesomes (/turning a gay man straight?) and got to put it on the show. Maybe she wanted to be “edgy” and get people talking. Maybe she tried to be super duper woke and played herself because she’s not even close. I’d say there’s no way she could think fans of both ships and all 3 characters would be happy, but she’s so incompetent... I’m more surprised no one pulled the plug on that mess, tbh.
  9. I know you're joking but I actually do enjoy this lol. It's hilarious to me how TPTB think they're so progressive and woke and awesome and yet they absolutely are not. Well, it’s definitely the most interesting part of the show and it brings me a certain kind of hate watching entertainment. I just hate that it exists to send out these messages and it’s legitimately a Bad Show. If you told me they were actively trying to be offensive, it would make more sense. You’d expect people acting woke to at least accidentally get things right but not these ones. If they are handling something well you just haven’t given them enough time to take it to a bad place.
  10. What I enjoy about this show is just how many ways it can be offensive. It’s so creative.
  11. I’m so happy I remembered to get caught up and spent some of my currently not so valuable time to reach that. What the hell?
  12. Well, he’s already raged about it and been sad. I expect them to gloss over that he kind of did get them all killed. He didn’t rig the place to blow and I don’t think they would have been mentally able to leave, but he tried to brute force a door open and started a countdown. It’s possible that someone else could have figured out how to open the doors if they’d had time. It’s a tad awkward. The more things change, the more they stay the same. Her mother is in it, which is mildly funny in a sad way.
  13. Destroying the polaroids... 13RW did that so this is the second Netflix show that I’ve seen have one victim destroy the photographic evidence of other victims of sexual assault. Without their knowledge and under the guise of protecting them iirc. Yeah, I’m not a fan of that.
  14. It was serious but the super important time jump they totally needed skipped a lot of it. Henry dying finished them off and maybe they were growing apart (I can’t remember) but the show skipped over most of the relationship. Yeah. This show doesn’t have much left other than letting the badasses be badasses, but that would take attention away from Negan and make a Alpha seem even more pointless. I’ll take a Carol, Daryl and Michonne road trip to kill alpha and see new places.
  15. Yeah, I’ve always been fine with him not being in a romantic relationship or hooking up because it felt natural. I’ve seen the different takes on it (asexual, trauma, coded as gay) and I’m not sure what I’d label it as but it’s worked and been consistent. I think a lot of it is Reedus more than anything. And the show is not good at romantic relationships. They could never do another one and I’d be perfectly happy.
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