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  1. Empress Josephine

    S06.E01: Big Day

    I am still irritated by the fact that Charles passed over Diana and put Kelsey in charge. She is more than qualified and she has paid her dues, but I guess similar things happen in the real world all the time. Still, it is aggravating because Kelsey and Liza show up at her hang out spot and Kelsey does this speech about 'needing her'. That is a fair statement but Diana has been holding her own for so long. I wish she had. stuck to her guns Charles annoys me. I never really cared for him but I am having an even harder time liking him now. His giving Kelsey the company is ridiculous. He and Liza are the definition of saccharine.
  2. Empress Josephine

    S02.E03: Something Borrowed

    I wonder if that Spencer is truly Spencer? I think Mira/Lombard know that Spencer is Claire's weak spot. She named her daughter for him after all. Wonder if they sent someone else to pretend to be him?
  3. Empress Josephine

    S01.E06: Unexpected

    "It has to be Jon's..." Just when I thought Eddie and Delilah couldn't sink any lower, they decide they are going to now lie to their unborn child. Yep. That will work out wonderfully for everyone involved... but the child. Like, these two just don't think. They want to build lies upon lies and in the end, the unborn child is going to be devastated when the truth gets out because eventually it always does. It would be better to tell the truth now to all the children and have them rightfully be angry and perhaps hate Eddie and Delilah. It just comes down to the fact that they don't want to face any consequences for their actions or truly make the situation better. These two are always so whiny and concerned about how bad things will make them look that they just dig themselves into deeper holes. But somehow Eddie is convinced he is going to always 'be there' and it won't bother him to not actively raise his love child or be acknowledged as the father. And Delilah is somehow convinced that her children might not grow a brain many years down the road and not see, "...Hey so and so looks a little like Uncle Eddie..." They are the most 'selfishly selfless' losers on television as of late. And yes I mean the selfless part because they both seem to have very high opinions of themselves and the 'sacrifices' they've had to make for their 'love'. They have no self-awareness when it comes to the lying and expect others to cover up shit for them (Can't believe Delilah thought Gina/Rome should keep that secret). Every conversation has one of them on the verge of tears from 'denying their love' (Delilah) and 'proclaiming their love' (Eddie). It is so damn silly. If they really wanted things to be over, they would both have stopped seeing each other in any/all capacity. But neither (no matter how much Delilah says she 'can't do this anymore'...wtf did she come to see his show?? I think she secretly likes that he 'wants her') is really willing to cut the chord and now they won't be able to with a baby on the way that is 'Jon's and not Eddie's' *wink wink*. End of my rant.
  4. Empress Josephine

    S03.E02: Chapter Thirty-Seven: Fortune and Men's Eyes

    Is Archie serving out his sentence at Shawshank??
  5. Empress Josephine

    Season 2 Discussion

    Well, they haven't shown themselves to have critical thinking skills now have they haha. Who knows what she was doing while Lucy was in daycare. But like you said she wasn't working. Perhaps it was extra time dedicated to exploring her hobby on the singing app lol. If they are going to continue making poor decisions, she might as well start owning up to them financially.
  6. Empress Josephine

    Season 2 Discussion

    Well, it is the responsibility of both parents to provide for their child. Rachel better get a damn job to contribute to Lucy's daycare and the upkeep of her older daughter. She seems able-bodied and does not seem to have any mental ailments that could hinder her from holding gainful employment. I hope he garnishes wages when that time comes for her to pay child support. Sorry, but this lack of work ethic just irks me so much on a personal level. I have a physical disability and have had more surgeries and personal setbacks than I can count. Still, I hold down two jobs/ put myself through university despite a lot of jerk-faced teachers telling me I did not have the 'mental capabilities' for higher education. For Jon to quit his job was incredibly irksome and plain irresponsible. He has a criminal record. Who knows how long it may have taken for him to get his recycling collection job. He just quits without trying to search for any follow-ups or plans and has so much debt. Good paying jobs to support a family are not exactly easy to come by with that sort of history. I despise people who 'do first and think later'. They are always the people crying about how 'unfair' it all is (Rachel loves to throw this around) and never take any personal responsibility. I can't stand these two one bit and I don't think horrible decisions in life should be rewarded, especially when the people in question don't seem to ever show any signs of having learned from past mistakes. Poor Lucy deserves so much better.
  7. Empress Josephine

    S01.E02: Band of Dads

    I know everyone is put off by the affair and don't get me wrong, I am too, but I am rather entertained by the inept sneaking around this episode for their little angsty talks. If only because I really can't believe that no one in this 'close' and 'family-like' group of friends has caught on to any of the googly eyes, pained expressions of 'forbidden/star-crossed love', the touching, and just general energy happening between Eddie and Delilah. Very good melodrama to meet my cackling needs. I just find that as a group, they get along on such a superficial level. Like they all just want to look like good guys and have everyone see them being good guys. Like Delilah letting the assistant work from Jon's home office and use his laptop. And the assistant showing up with Jon's coffee. Or even Jon leaving the restaurant to Gina along with his wife and Maggie being accepted into the group so quickly. And all the speeches about how great and wonderful Jon was/how he would want things. I don't know...the group friendship just doesn't ring true to me yet. That all being said, I do enjoy the characters of Rome and Gary. Gary is the comic relief and Rome seems kind-hearted. I like how at least Gary is checking in on Rome/ concerned for his mental health. Eddie has not done that because he is too busy trying not to cry about denying himself the love of 'a strong woman' aka Deliah. I guess his wife busting her balls to provide for their family is not strong enough.
  8. Empress Josephine

    S01.E01: Pilot

    I think she showed a bit of an unpleasant side when talking to Rome. Katherine mentioned how she did not think the funeral would be an all-day event and acted like it is inconveniencing her busy work schedule. In my opinion that was a very cold thing to say and also something to keep to yourself. Especially considering that she later tells Delilah that Jon was the one person who went out of his way to make her feel apart of the group. But I guess I can give credit to the fact that she does not operate on fakery and deception like her dear old husband Eddie with his saccharine eulogy. Jon is barely cold in his grave and Eddie can't wait to get with Delilah.
  9. Empress Josephine

    Season 2 Discussion

    Same. I have very little sympathy for her. I also had no sympathy for Annie and for some reason, she was also a fan favourite for victimhood/ circumstances 'forcing' her to go for a man she clearly has no attraction towards. I think Hazel may still with the father of her child and is scamming Tarik. She is not innocent and being upfront her intentions does not make them any more honorable in my opinion. I guess it is not very PC but I will say this...yes, a lot of these men have outdated and gross Asian women fetishes, but to act like a lot of these Asian women are not playing into the stereotypes if it will benefit and help them get to America is silly. Dean had every right to ask why she was avoiding eye contact and stalling on questions. If you tell the truth, you don't have to think and you also don't avoid eye contact. His approach could have been much better but I am also glad he did not back down. His brother Tarik is an imbecile who seems a bit touched and clearly needs the situation spelled out. I only wish Dean had brought up how Tarik also decided to abandon his little girl to go chasing a woman he only knew for two weeks.
  10. Empress Josephine

    S05.E08: The Bubble

    I will try and say something nice about Liza and Charles. If she likes it, I love it! Lol...I tried, I really did. But I almost puked when Charles said, "You were sitting reading 'Look, Homeward Angel' and I thought 'Who does that?' ", or whatever 'deep' crap he said that was supposed to emphasize their 'strong' and 'profound' connection. And since he asked, I've sat at my desk on lunch break and read many many books. Where is my star-crossed love story at?! I jest...but not really.
  11. Empress Josephine

    S05.02: A Titanic Problem

    A minor pet peeve...but Liza with all her love of literature and I believe an English Major in University, says that Ada Lovelace was the only daughter of Lord Bryon... I mean what was Allegra then? Do better, Liza! Perhaps she meant legitimate daughter but still. Also, I cannot stand Charles and his moping. I really do not care who Liza ends up with but I have never thought he was an amazing catch.
  12. Empress Josephine

    S06.E10: START

    I have a lot of conflicting feelings about this send-off. But while watching the scene in the parking garage, I imagined Stan's internal dialogue went much like this clip below. And my internal dialogue went like this in response to Stan's weakness and stupidity: "Oh God, oh Stan!" I did actually want to throw something at Stan for not bringing back up. On another note, I am glad Paige got off the train. I have got to say for all the talk about Henry deserving a normal American life, Paige deserved one too. Her parents never wanted to let her have one like they did for Henry in my opinion. Every little joy or form of self-discovery she sought out was always met with hostility while Henry was nurtured So I am glad she realized her life has always been her own. I hope she can get in contact with Henry. I knew deep down she would not leave him.
  13. Empress Josephine

    S06.E08: The Summit

    Look at Elizabeth acting all brand new when Claudia comes revealing her shifty ways. You'd think Claudia has shown her enough times what she is about. I had to pause the episode for a minute and enjoy my cackling. Elizabeth has the nerve to act offended and shocked by Claudia's morals when she is of a similar value system. I never got why Elizabeth hated Claudia so much when they are one in the same. On the other hand, she always loved Gabriel and he was more lenient like Phillip. Yet, she never misses an opportunity to let Phillip know that his flexibility in ideology is a weakness. She could not resist that dig at the end of the episode about Phillip asking for absolution from the priest. The woman lacks self-awareness. Perhaps it is a case of disliking 'your own image reflected' and also trying to bring down those who are actively trying to better themselves and get away from the things you cannot. I rarely ever comment on this website, although I love reading all your guys comments every week. But I just had to come out of hiding to share my thoughts on this particular moment. Great episode. It was so intense.
  14. Empress Josephine

    S02.E09: Paterfamilias

    This has to be said...a lot of German royal houses supported the Nazis in the early days of the party. Kaiser Wilhelm II and his sons thought that Hitler's admiration of Fredrick the Great and the greatness of the past empire was admirable and inspiring. Thus many of the Royals believed that Hitler was interested in restoring the House of Hohenzollern. Hitler was not interested in restoring them and it took a while for many of them to realize they had been duped and strung along. But many royals became members for that reason. But did they all live and breathe the doctrine? Many historians would say that the Kaiser certainly did not and his opinion of Nazism and Hitler was one of disdain. This didn't stop Goebbels from using the Kaiser's funeral for the propaganda machine. I assume those same royal handlers got over it the same way that they got over their own master's many skeletons in the closet, by being hypocrites. Phillip's sisters may have been married to Nazis but at least he never tried to hide the fact or make excuses for them. Unlike the family he married into, Phillip didn't go doing things like 'willingly' changing his last name to erase German roots or go back on promises to rescuing relatives from being butchered by Bolsheviks because of 'public image'. Everything the house of Windsor did was for survival and from a historical perspective very much calculated so that they didn't drop like flies following the example of the rest of their relations after WWI. Phillip's service to Britain during the War should speak for itself. He chose his side so why should he be punished for his relations choices? No one punished the British Royals for family choices, connections, and relations.