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  1. latincoffee

    S04.E05: Roast in Peace

    Valentina should have gone home and she's lucky that Ru twisted the game.
  2. latincoffee

    S04.E06: LaLaPaRUza

    Oh, Farrah...stop kissing Valentina's ass--she doesn't luv you, boo! And stop crying already and put your big girl panties on or go home!! This episode is getting real!! Woohooo!!
  3. latincoffee

    S04.E04: Jersey Justice

    I like Valentina's looks and all but she's so fake.
  4. latincoffee

    S04.E04: Jersey Justice

    Can't wait to watch it tonight! 15 more minutes to go!!! Let me get my tortilla chips & hummus ready.
  5. latincoffee

    S04.E02: Super Girl Groups, Henny

    I'm glad that Gia is gone. She turned into a Mean Girl and she did the same on Spanish drag series, The Switch 2. You guys should check it out --there are eps on YouTube.
  6. latincoffee


    I am on Episode 2 of Season 3. Anyone want to watch with me?
  7. latincoffee

    S08.E01: The End

    This season seems corny and the acting...LOL!
  8. latincoffee

    S07.E05: Bridal Bath Wrath

  9. latincoffee

    S07.E04: Javid Shah: Long Live the King

    Reza stepped up for MJ in this episode. He definitely is a true friend to her for being there for her in this hard time. I can't stomach Nema. A total tool and he's not even a looker. Selfish POS. GG needs to get with a guy that can understand her emotional rollercoasters LOL!
  10. latincoffee

    Rebooted Season 1 Discussion: Straight Guy of the Week

    I saw a a bit of Season 2 but went back to Season 1 as I just got my Netflix account back on & I am so enjoying these guys especially Jonathan. He is hilarious and easy on the eyes. They have also managed to teach me a thing or two along with tears. Great show! That's Netflix way of bringing people in to get a Netflix account which is a great marketing idea.
  11. latincoffee

    Pose in the Media

    I'm so excited for Season 2!!!
  12. latincoffee

    S01.E06: Love Is the Message 2018.07.08

    I was wondering the same as well. It's like they have a love/hate relationship & in competition with each other. It was so nice to see Bernhard in POSE. Her character seems fun & caring.
  13. latincoffee

    S01.E06: Love Is the Message 2018.07.08

    Based on previews for next week--the plot is definitely going to take a turn. I feel like something bad will be brewing with Stan & Angel soon after he loses his job and fears that everyone will know that he is with a transexual. I was fearful for Angel when she was entering the sex shop because I felt Stan was going to attach her. I'm glad that for this next episode Papi will have a story on him as in previous episodes they have not shown his character much doing anything to bring him into the spotlight.
  14. latincoffee

    S01.E05 Mother's Day 2018.07.01

    Stan's boss is such a tool. Do you guys think that he's coming for Stan because he sees him as a threat at work? I can't wait for the next episode when Stan gets him. Seeing how this unravels means that Stan may lose his job and possibly his wife as well. He may even take it out on Angel. :( Blanca's story was heartbreaking and almost brought me to tears being that I was my mom's only son and being gay...I sorta related to the story as I was very close to my mom and so grateful that she never disowned me and was somewhat supportive of my sexuality. I am glad that Bianca ended up getting her mother's cookbook as it had a special connection to her and her mom.
  15. latincoffee

    The Music of Pose

    Love the classic 80s music played on POSE. I find myself jamming.