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  1. I am on S1 Episode 4 of Mr. Mercedes and was hoping this forum would still have viewers of the series on. BTW, If anyone is interested. Mr. Mercedes first 2 seasons are on Peacock for free!!
  2. It's sad that Teresa's daughter, Gia is the mature one and is giving her own mother words of wisdom.
  3. Kahmora is beautiful and her fashion is amazing but her performance was definitely lackluster. She was only relying on her beauty. Denali has the IT factor for me...hope she wins some upcoming competitions. Symone is a star!!! She's one of my faves along with Denali. I'm predicting that Kandy is going to start some drama soon...hmmm! Her look was atrocious.
  4. That classic moment when Julia told Marjorie off defending Suzanne!
  5. Sorry to hear that, @Bastet I did see Women of the House is also on Pluto. I have never watched the show but may check it out soon.
  6. So DW is on Pluto TV's OnDemand. I am currently watching Season 1. YAY!
  7. She's selfisha dn annoying. Instead of stringing this guy along...she should just leave him alone and stay in Miami.
  8. Not trying to judge because all of us are imperfect beings etc., but to fall in love with someone that you haven't seen, let alone from prison. Kristianna obviously pressured herself to marry John out of desperation and need. Well most of them are together because they want something...a few are in it for love and most are in it to survive back in the real world etc., Crazy!!!!!! I feel for Scott and his lip, well I don't.. He's such a sucker to think that this young clueless, money hungry bimbo, Lindsey loves him. She said it herself that she has dated older guys for their money. P
  9. Dr. Dubrow looks like he got his cheeks done or something. I feel bad for the 3 boobed lady. Her boyfriend looks like he's disgusted.
  10. I think she is so shallow to want to do all this work on herself!! She looks cute. It must be due to insecurities and she loves the attention. smh!!
  11. Yes! Anisha's grandfather (he's so funny!!) & mother along with Brian's mom are my faves.
  12. Can't wait to see how Kevin and Joaquin's love story goes. Kevin seemed to really be into Moose but when he saw him making out with the girl at the movies...he was done with him. Joaquin came just in the nick of time lol Jughead's dad being one of the leaders of the Southside Serpents was the cool ending that we needed for episode 4. I wonder where Jug is going now? Poor guy!
  13. Man this made me google search for a local drive in. It's like a few hours away from me. 😞 Too bad we're in quarantine. Would like to go watch a nice movie at a drive in with some popcorn and a soda. The good ole' days. I understand where Jughead is coming from. Losing his job and then the drive in is being teardown. He feels like he has lost it all. His dad is in the gang. Poor guy!
  14. I just don't get how if everything bothers you--down to a hotel room...why even bother to attend??!! Just stay your behind home.
  15. Anisha acts like an older lady. She seems like she wants to be in charge. These folks are so nosey and she's definitely one of them.
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