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  1. You hit the nail on the head. A terrible actress. She is overly dramatic and her conversations seem so fake. Run for it, Damian!!!!!!!!!!! Please don't say I do. She needs counseling. Even her step dad gave you the sign.
  2. I love animals and all but I would not let my dog drink off of my drink while I'm sipping of it. Jennifer giving her dog some wine and sipping off of it to me was disgusting lol
  3. Kelly & Kenny's seem like a perfect match for each other. The family meeting seemed to have gone great. Gianini needs to stop the outbursts --it's creating friction in their relationship.
  4. Mark needs to just let this Jessica chick go. She's confusing and pushing him away and then brings him back in. Toying with the guy's feelings. He needs to grow up and smell the coffee, take a shot and let her go like now!!! Gianini needs therapy. It seems that she has anger issues.
  5. Exactly! Karma will bite that @$s! Watch!!
  6. Jennifer is very thirsty and older looking. Her personality is very turn offish. Mark shouldn't have taken her behind back when she came back crying to him in the pod. It's also his fault for putting himself in this situation. He knows deep down that she has feelings for Barnett. Barnett is just a player. So we'll see how this brews. A storm is coming!
  7. Carlton rubbed me the wrong way since day 1 and then gave this cocky attitude which is we shall see will not boil over. Confused much?! Messy as well. Jennifer ugh!
  8. Would have been nice if they showed us what happened with the other contestants.
  9. Exactly! Jessica looks older than 35 btw. She looked looney when she was drunk in the hotel room talking to Mark. I feel that she just got back with Mark because Barnett didn't want her. All the signs are there that she isn't into Mark. Mark just has to accept it and let her behind go!
  10. Season 2 was a great season. Full of shockers & surprises. I bet Love will def. be shocking us in S3. I can't wait for the next adventures of Joe and the new girl!!!
  11. Thanks @Annber03 I sure will. CM is a rocking series!!
  12. I wonder how this friendship between Viv & the warlock will develop. I don't think he's a warlock lol
  13. Geoff and Viv were really shocked as I would be to know that their parents have been living a double life. However, They were so disrespectful about it. I'm sure that they were waiting for a specific time to disclose the info to them both.
  14. I'm so enjoying CM. I used to watch different eps from different seasons as they aired on TV but now with Netflix--I am halfway through S1. I enjoy all the characters. My fave is Gideon. However, The rest: Reid, Hotch, Elle, Morgan, Garcia, and JJ are cool, too. They all work so well together.
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