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  1. Nail on the fuckin head @TheRealT 👌🏽👏🏼 You always know how to describe this hosebeast so well!
  2. Good looking family! Her children look happy and taken care of 😊♥️ Chelsea has faults, but at least her kids seem genuinely happy and she enjoys her family. She doesn’t need or have a bunch of fake ass hanger oners like hulk, a psychopath abusive-child beating-dog killing huzzbin like jenelle, isn’t a scatterbrain pill poppin hick like Leah, or a useless botched slut like Brianna. So to me, with all her lame baby talk, her coooollllleeeee-uuuhhhh, and couch sitting she still winning.
  3. I love you for this!!! You described her fucking perfect 👌🏽 She’s a straight clown ass bitch lol
  4. He was so deep... by far the best she’s ever had! Even with the meth lab. At least he was motivated, remember when he was starting his weed pipe making business? Plus he never beat the kids and wasn’t a racist piece of shit. Oh keefah, how I miss you! Lol
  5. The reply was to Jeremy’s ex not Leah. But the fact that she would reply such a hypocritical response to anyone is what blows me away. This dumb bitch is acting like she was enlightening this woman or giving her some kind of advice. What she needs to do is look at her own fucked up situation and failed relationships and take her own advice. She’s the first petty bitch in line to go and talk shit about any of her baby daddy’s current girlfriends. Meanwhile the one that she wants continues to laugh in her face, not pay child support, keep his serious relationship with his actual girlfriend, and
  6. Hulk can have several seats... This coming from a whore that jumped on a dick while her husband was deployed. Let’s not forget that she let this asshole disrespect javi on SM by saying he was comfy on their bed. Now this cunt wants to act sanctimonious and like she’s a “real” woman? Her level of stupidity and contradiction is beyond!!! Fuck off Kail, you have no room to judge anyone stupid bitch 🙄
  7. Anyone else think his tweeker ass sister showed up with her dog, druggie friends, that chomo boyfriend of hers (who knocked up her cousin?!) drug paraphernalia, and all her fuckery in tow to that airbNb? I sure think so.
  8. Germy and Leah are lame af, poor Addie. Leah continues to be the same slut she was when she was 16 years old. How sad that any man that gives her the slightest bit of attention has her jumping on his dick. That’s really all she’s good for. In all these years she’s learned nothing, or hasn’t matured as a woman, mother, ex wife, anything! She just continues to have dick on her brain and is just passing that trait down to her girlses.
  9. She’s so disgusting... I’m at a loss of words for this piece of shit. What mother who loses 3 kids is sitting around posting ANYTHING on SM? The fact that she doesn’t think this affects her case in a negative way is what blows my mind!
  10. I agree with you with the hair changes as a young girl! Lol my mother and father didn’t allow me to do anything “crazy” (whatever that was to them in their mind lol) and I barely was allowed to trim my hair. Old school Italian family 🙄 lol. And I again, I’m not trying to be mean to the other girls, could be that I have a soft spot for Aubree too 😊
  11. Aubree’s is more subtle, and more age appropriate. The color isn’t as bright and shocking as the others are. I personally wouldn’t let my 8 yr old even do Aubree’s color because of the damage that color does to the hair, and because she has time when she’s older to make those types of decisions. But at least IMO it isn’t as bad as the others. The one in the red thinks she’s 25 years old, and the one in the green looks like a poser... lol again, JMO.
  12. I agree, and it’s modest for her age. Aubree’s isn’t OTT and fits her look. I’m not sure who the parents of the other girls are, and call me “old fashioned” but I don’t think it’s appropriate at all. It seems like the parent is living their wants thru the girls. The one with the green looks terrible! Sorrynotsorry Lol
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