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  1. Jensen's picture is not what I would have chosen.... Anyone else agree?
  2. I laughed way too hard at this: Also these:
  3. Guess who I just saw on "The Edge Of Seventeen"? Alex!! He plays a very minor role but I was still excited to see a familiar face ;)
  4. Yesterday, I had a picnic in Riverdale park next to Winchester street.... No one else at the picnic caught the references!!
  5. That's so cute!! And also so much bigger than expected...but still super cute!
  6. Is anyone else feeling like they're giving too much away? Maybe it's just me, but I feel like we almost saw everything that happened in 13x01 coming.... If it's not in the sypnosis, it's in the promo, and it kind of takes away the joy of being surprised. I for one wouldn't have minded if they didn't mention Billie, but just an "Unexpected source" Don't get me wrong, I really like reading vague spoilers and maybe some more onvious ones, but I don't want them giving everything away. We knew Cas is coming back, but did they have to give away the exact episode AND scene of his return?
  7. Thank you! Maybe the recap is unaccurate, but I feel like once again Sam got noticable action scenes over Dean? (Don't want to go into bitch/jerk territory so I'm going to stop now) Imo, doing a whole season of nature vs nurture and do we trust Jack do we not would be pretty boring, so I'm hoping they can get this resolved in maybe a three episode arc? We did see Dean asking Jack how old he is before giving him alcohol, so atleast I know he's going to warm up to him...... I'm going to be annoyed if Jack turns out to be good, because not only will it be super predictable but also off
  8. If anyone is in the mood, can they write maybe a short summary of the episode or pm me something? I'd really appreciate it......
  9. Don't mind me, just dying over here ;) Seriously I cannot wait till this episode is over. I have to know what's going on!!!
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