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  1. Beroglide


    For me, it's one of those rare ties in decision making. Bitty did a great job as Sharona in what ended up being a short time. When it came time, Traylor fitted in nicely. She didn't mimic Sharona completely, and at the same didn't do anything better or worse. Both showed compassion towards both Adrian and at times the case if it involved something he wasn't fully committed to for whatever reason.
  2. Beroglide

    The Gang In Other Roles

    Never knew Glenn was in ER, the Golden God of emergency medicine. I remember Jimmi Simpson doing a lot of guest roles, first seen him on 24 as part of Wald's crew. And Rob was sooo Mac on Lost.
  3. Beroglide

    S01.E11: Islands - Part I

    ugh it's the bad guy from the Mentalist... I've forgotten everyone's name on that show. Also, wish I had a lady friend like Lea.
  4. Caught the middle of "Vacancy". I know I've seen this a couple times, but why did this end up going to major case?
  5. Beroglide

    Jamie: He's So Perfect

    He ought to meet someone that has the same morals and standards he does. Reckless speculation: Both him and Eddie make it to Detective, get reassigned: Jamie with Baez, and Janko with Danny. Jamie and Eddie potential romance somehow gets stonewalled, Danny and Baez grow closer.
  6. Beroglide

    Flashbacks I'd Like to See

    They should totally do a Joe flashback. Not including anything close to the timeline of him being involved with Blue Templar, just something that resembles the normal show format with him involved.
  7. Beroglide

    Guest Stars: Treat 'em and street 'em

    Julie Ann Emery as Paramedic Niki Lumley looked so different. Obviously younger then, but better looking nowadays.
  8. Beroglide

    Small Talk: County General Is Always Open

    I'll always love Mark singing Come Sail Away with Elizabeth shouting for him in the background
  9. Beroglide

    Small Talk: County General Is Always Open

    ahh! I thought I was the only one.
  10. Untethered being shown on ion now. Ah memories...
  11. wasn't there a segment with Alan called "Dwight the Troubled Teen"? I could have sworn there was, but can find nothing on it
  12. Beroglide


    I had always pictured season 6 to be about Bill Buchanan and someone going to China to break Jack out of prison, successfully doing so, and then running about a surrounding jungle fighting off enemies for survival....for 24 HOURS.... probably with Powers Booth still doing something, but still.
  13. Beroglide

    Approach The Bench: Law & Order General Discussion Thread

    Looking at the Ion Television promos, it's funny how they included that clip from Cassady's first episode where she made that promise the victim's family. You can even see Van Buren's discerned look in the background.
  14. Beroglide

    Season 19: “May we live to fight another day.”

    they're showing "Knock Off" on ion now. I like how they kind of "partnered" Lupo and Cutter.