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  1. Talk about different strokes - I think Mauricio is hot, Hot, HOT! Though, I am quite partial to that olive skinned/dark hair/Mediterranean look, I think he pulls it off smashingly. Obviously, YMMV. :) One other thing that particularly made me giggle this episode was Taylor of the House of Duck Lipped trying to interject herself into Kyle and Lisa's conversation. First, Lisa brushed her off without even acknowledging her presence, then the camera angle moved two steps to the right to completely cut her (Taylor) out of the shot. Silly, thirsty girl. And while other styles have been men
  2. Thank you for clearing that up, LIMOM. Apology totally accepted. :)
  3. I shared my story in order to offer a different perspective as to why Lisar acts the way she does toward her parents; I said it was a possibility, not a known happening. But thanks for your glib reply regarding my "unfortunate childhood." Unless you are personally acquainted with Lisar and her parents, we are both just speculating here. And if my speculation is/was true (which I really don't know either way), that's probably why their care is "dumped" on the sister and she IS keeping her kids away from them. Again, YMMV.
  4. Believe you me, she probably never will. Admitting to yourself that your own parents have no love for you is one thing, but sharing it with other people.... I can't think of a more humiliating prospect. I think that's why she goes so far in the other direction, to project this image of strong, happy, full of enthusiasm woman. YMMV
  5. Having read through many, many comments castigating Lisar for her seemingly cavalier attitude towards her parents - let me offer a little perspective. Growing up, I had the most hateful, violent, emotionally and mentally abusive people one could imagine as parents. The things those people did and said to me can STILL bring tears to my eyes some 30+ years later, even after years of therapy. For example, when the time came for me to go to college, her exact statement was, "I'm not paying for ITS education." Yes. It. So, fast forward a few years where, due to some hard work and hustle, I go
  6. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that I rather enjoy Bitchy!Ken. He and his taxidermied little doppelganger throw better shade than RuPaul. Okay, not necessarily better, but [almost] as enjoyable. I LOVE his mullet from the glory dayz and would be most disappointed if he were to cut it and let Flat-Iron Tom have a go at him.
  7. While rewatching this season over the holiday weekend, I noticed that the PC brahs' fraternity shirts spell out to P (which is technically Rho, which is equivalent to "R" but the only Greek letter represented by a "P"), Omega (technically "N", but kinda looks like a sideways "C"), and Delta, the triangle, which is equivalent to "D". All that just to say, that I think the PC brahs are somehow pod people. Do they even realize they're ads?
  8. That story sounds hinky to me. Please submit all physician reports and treatment plans forthwith.
  9. IMO, Heather looks almost completely the same while Carole seems to undergone extensive resurfacing/peeling/fillers/botox. Not that I'm putting down either woman; I think they both look good. It just seems that Carole has had more 'work' done than Heather. No comment on Ramona. And since I'm being shallow, please allow to say how absolutely beautiful Sonya-with-a-J looks. Even without makeup, her bone structure (IDK if she's surgically enhanced) and her eyes are just striking to me. Same with LuAnn, though that getup she was sporting at the reunion was *tragic* (must be said in Mr. Omar'
  10. Due to the truncated summer hours where I work, I only "get" to watch about the last 15 minutes or so every Friday. Other than Fluke's big goodbye (which actually commenced on the following Monday, if I understand correctly), I haven't actually watched any part of this show for many years. (Possibly as far back as the 2nd Bush administration.) And, if I'm being perfectly honest, I don't really read/lurk on this board a whole lot anymore because the storylines and character [assassination] y'all talk about downright depresses me. I used to literally run home from the school bus stop to be s
  11. I thought she looked familiar! And though I didn't recognize her when she was onscreen, Brynn Thayer (Jenny from OLTL) was the outgoing governor's wife. Reunions all around! Now bring back Avi.
  12. Suicide? Accidental overdose? Not sure, don't really care. What I really want to know is who stole the money bag from the wedding?
  13. Crosspost from the Media thread... And, appropos of absolutely no shade a'tall, LeAnne Rimes is the guest judge on RuPaul's Drag Race this week. RuPaul, supposed good friend of SatanAndy. Things that make you go hmmmmmmmm...
  14. Kyle Richards sighting: Due to the glory of insomnia, at around a quarter after three this morning, I found a little gem on Lifetime that had Kyle's name in the credits, so of course I immediately turned to it. And strike me dead if I am lying, the scene showing when I turned to that channel had Kyle['s character] pointing her Bony Finger of Judgment at the drug stealing sister assuming her comatose sister's identity. She was murdered, off screen, in a subsequent scene. Lawd, I couldn't make this shit up if I was V.C. Andrews. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1849751/?ref_=nm_flmg_act_5
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