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  1. The ladies look awful in the preview. I don't remember ever seeing a group look this bad. Ugh, cut Meredith!!!
  2. How do these ladies look so good in the 90+ temps???? Nice dog area.
  3. Cut Meredith already. VK looked good. Kat looked decent. Kristin, ugh.
  4. After seeing longer clips of dancing, Bridget is killing it. Bridget for point.
  5. DCC is not a democracy it is a Cheer-ocracy with Kelli at the head. She has favorites and they have lots of wiggle room. That's life. It stinks but it is in every work/school environment. Just wish she wouldn't sell us on this sisterhood mentality when she can be the worst offender when it comes to toxicity.
  6. Meredith needs to go. Enough of this experiment. Heck, Kat needs to go too.
  7. Still calling BS on Jayln being out danced. J fell on her a$$ last year and still made the team. The incoming rookies are not better than her. If she truly was out danced, where is the supporting footage? #jalyngate
  8. I will take a great dancer that is sultry over open mouth Amy.
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