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  1. Congrats to all the ladies that made training camp. Will be very curious if camp will even happen. Texas has become a hotspot for Covid. We have a governor doing the bare minimum while our active numbers and hospitalizations have been increasing. Several of our local HS strength and conditioning camps opened a week ago and now closed because of Covid cases among the students. Have the feeling this will happen to DCC training camp. Anywho, hope TPTB don't put $$$ before the candidates' safety.
  2. Dang, I forget how good she can dance. No one on the current team comes close to her musicality.
  3. I'm usually a Gina detractor but dang, give her point already.
  4. Oh Kelsey, on the left she looks glamorous but on the right she looks like an old Hollywood stepford wife. The hair color really ages her.
  5. These ladies look so much better when not wearing all that make up. Kristin looks great!
  6. My daughter just got her license. We went online to get an appt but the system was down (we are in Tx). Took her five hours to get her license. Government inefficiency at its finest. Oye Kat. Just shake my head with the decisions folks make on social media.
  7. Possibly because the DCC is kind of tone deaf too, just a thought.
  8. Bridget looks great. So does Amanda. Both have curvy but toned bodies. Goals.
  9. ElenaFR

    S14.E13: Game Day

    I agree. She got a bad placement especially compared to some Rookies.
  10. ElenaFR

    S14.E13: Game Day

    We have them for our VB team and I too think they are obnoxious but some parents love them.
  11. ElenaFR

    S14.E13: Game Day

    Question: Does the alternate get paid? She is at the stadium giving up her time. Football teams have a lot of extra players on the sidelines and they still get paid. I still don't know much about Kelcey except to say she blends in well. The camera person seems to love Bridget. She is just so full of good energy. #Bridget4Point Still not impressed/Wowed with Amy or Maddie as Point. Heather was looking more glamorous. Overall, the rookie class has some promise. I wonder how many will be one and done.
  12. They look like Barbies just different skin and hair color. We do have a Skipper but she went out and bought bigger boobs.
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