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  1. First impressions: 1. Find masks that fit well. Not all that hard. 2. Elli jumping on the bed with her shoes-I don't even let me kids do that. You would think they have never been in a hotel room. Tacky. I did think she was a nice dancer in her group. 3.The bathroom audition cracked me up. 4. Jada is so pretty. But two years of college and now ready for the Cowboys. Did I miss if she was going back to College did she drop out? 5. I liked that the ladies had the routines. Hope they keep that up for future seasons. 6. Not a clue why J and K brought in ladies that they thought were weak. During a pandemic, why would you do this? Eg. Cassie looks tight and she looks like she will struggle. Then why ? 7. Obviously the masks were just for show, why bother? Plus, the ladies are touching the wrong parts of the mask, then touching their poms. I would have been more impressed had they just worn the masks all the time including K and J. 8. Marissa didn't bother me. I haven't watched any of her social media so I'm coming in blind. Her energy does remind me of VK.
  2. Between Covid lockdowns and a recent surgery, I finally watched Grey's Anatomy over 7 months. Even watched a few seasons of Private Practice. The main characters that I loathe: Owen, All the recent interns, DeLuca, Germany Teddy, Low self confident Maggie, Mean Amelia but I started to like her in season 16, McDreamy and Meredith when she whines which seemed to be the first three seasons. I do like Derik when he would interact with Bailey. She could always take him down a notch and he was sweet to her. I have consistently enjoyed Bailey, Addison, Callie, Alex, Christina, Mark, Bohkee the scrub nurse (give her a story line) and the dog. I really liked the first four seasons, lots of good Bailey. We need more fun and in charge Bailey. Her life seems to be all sadness lately.
  3. Rachel A looks great. She is just curvy in the right places. Some women just have more athletic looking thighs. The team doesn't need any more extra thin waifs.
  4. At least in the new opener, the ladies don't have to worry about blowing a knee with the split jumps. Plus, I spy some old favorites in the video.
  5. Yup. For my daughter's Volleyball team, they took a group shot with masks on and then took individual shots without masks. The final product is a seamless shot. Definitely can be done.
  6. I thought she had pop and danced fine. These ladies have to dance the fine line between blending and standing out. As a spectator at any sports event, the cheerleaders dance facing the audience. Not only are the DCCs blocking the view, I would not want to be staring at their posterior area for the entire game. I hope TPTB, rethink how to utilize the squad.
  7. Agreed! If you are going to block their view, might as well as look at the crowd. Thanks for the videos!
  8. This was probably the year not to take rookies. If they don't have vets to follow, they are looking mighty messy.
  9. So seeing Abigail's name, made me go search up old videos. The entire group was so messy, but Klein was stunning.
  10. I think she looks great if she was aiming to look 35+. Isn't she 20? The DCC style of hair and make up does none of these ladies any favors.
  11. Glad they put up railings but the back portion still seems low. Can definitely see DCCs spinning off the back part of the deck.
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