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  1. Interesting article. https://www.elle.com/culture/career-politics/a35409602/northwestern-cheer-hayden-richardson-sexual-harassment/
  2. Who knew God was so invested in the DCC🙄
  3. Cute video. I still can't believe that Savannah was on the current team and not Hannah. Both are well spoken but Hannah is such a better dance.
  4. Finally got to the show. I can see why Lily was cut. She barely made the team last year and still didn't have much pop. Brennan and Hannah were fine and definitely better than a couple of the rookies they took (Alora might surprise me but she seems like the one and done). Point ladies-Boring. Armani's hair- What happened? Love Jada. Pet peeve- Visible pantyhose above the shorts. Parting words- Had fun with the Forum. I always enjoy this forum more than the actual show. Thanks for the entertainment Stay safe and healthy!
  5. Armani is a beautiful young lady but why the cameo with the arm above the head. Such an unflattering pose.
  6. Finally got to the episode. Simply bored. I'm over K and J.
  7. Deleted most of my post. It was meant for Episode 6. These comments still stand. Only problem I saw with Hannah is that she didn't have her typical make up. I'm not buying what the TPTB are trying to sell me. Kelli dancing🤣
  8. Looked a lot sloppy. Sort of like a Monet. "From far away it is okay but up close, it's a big ol mess." -Clueless
  9. Looking at the Facebook post with Hannah on the sidelines from 2019 and thinking about the hot mess of Alora and Kat on the current team, really irks me. She really must have pissed in Kelli's cheerios.
  10. Vets- Kat and Meredith should have been cut in this episode. For returning vets they were some of the weakest out there.
  11. Just saw the episode. Enjoyed the guest choreographers. I can't keep any of the blondes straight except for Marissa because of her short hair. I'm still liking Ellie and Sydney. I personally want to see more of the vets.
  12. First impressions: 1. Find masks that fit well. Not all that hard. 2. Elli jumping on the bed with her shoes-I don't even let me kids do that. You would think they have never been in a hotel room. Tacky. I did think she was a nice dancer in her group. 3.The bathroom audition cracked me up. 4. Jada is so pretty. But two years of college and now ready for the Cowboys. Did I miss if she was going back to College did she drop out? 5. I liked that the ladies had the routines. Hope they keep that up for future seasons. 6. Not a clue why J and K brought in ladies that t
  13. Between Covid lockdowns and a recent surgery, I finally watched Grey's Anatomy over 7 months. Even watched a few seasons of Private Practice. The main characters that I loathe: Owen, All the recent interns, DeLuca, Germany Teddy, Low self confident Maggie, Mean Amelia but I started to like her in season 16, McDreamy and Meredith when she whines which seemed to be the first three seasons. I do like Derik when he would interact with Bailey. She could always take him down a notch and he was sweet to her. I have consistently enjoyed Bailey, Addison, Callie, Alex, Christina, Mark,
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