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  1. Nathan needs to use sunblock boyyyy is aging in dog years. I’d peg him for 35 years old.
  2. More pictures of Nurthan. She might be pregnant by now. 30 days married! Jilly misses her 🙄. It’s the new normal. Jilly: Nuri isn’t dead.
  3. I watch a lot of chopped. Maybe you can melt down the ice cream and use it as a syrup for pancakes or make pancakes with it. Mmmm I think I’m going to make canoli pancakes tomorrow .
  4. People look for a quick weight loss product and they are willing to try anything. Desperate or a bit dumb they fall for the gimmicks. Plexus doesn’t seem legit to me but I never tried it.
  5. Shrek and Jill do work. Grifting 24/7/365. I bet the Amish farmers gave Jill produce. The baby goats were cute though. Jill of course gets $100 for selling Plexus. Which she then spends on makeup.
  6. @zoomama hang in there. Don’t give up hope for a good outcome.
  7. I am still laughing! You are so effortlessly funny and wonderfully witty! Do you write novels? I enjoy everything you write.
  8. I’m bummed out you didn’t like the ice cream. I got a pint I’m saving lol.
  9. You are right.I went back and re read it. Jill does claim it’s her hands. Clearly a lie. Gee a godly woman Jillcatraz is lying.
  10. Plexus is $30-90! Faints. Feed Shrek that stuff if he loses 100 pounds in 6 months it works. Dear dog I hate Jillzilla.
  11. @Happyfatchick you can write so well! Every post of yours pulls at the heartstrings/tears me up. My biggest hug yo you.
  12. That soup doesn’t look like beef to me either. Rene and Kaylee probably cooked it. No way Jill does anything all day but sit on the phone taking selfies/videos. God is good because they probably spent $0 on the ingredients. I have a feeling Jill/David and the kids will hand deliver/bother everyone on their list.
  13. More Jillll content How many trees need to die for their mailers? Most will be tossed out.
  14. I wonder how many partnered up people are miserable together. And how many are content/happy.
  15. @Mkay I’m sorry you had to witness that. I’m glad you are well adjusted and happy. Jens kids must be so high strung with anxiety and fear of what will set off David and Mommy. Those poor babies.
  16. Ivy does have weird feet. Hope she is okay. Spurges hair always looks filthy.
  17. https://www.cheatsheet.com/entertainment/counting-on-how-much-is-jim-bob-duggars-real-estate-portfolio-worth.html/
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