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  1. What a witch. She should have told him when it was clear that he was coming. "I hope your not mad at me." Yeah, go poop in one hand a hope withe the other. How is that working for you?
  2. mihalo1

    S06.E01: The "Miracle" Baby

    Speaking of the fashion of the ladies on the Shah's. Where does the self proclaimed "priestess" purchase hers? Omar's Tent and Awning. She is teasing about not coming back next season? PLEASE DON'T.
  3. Thanks for the season 1 cast photo. The winner and STILL Champion of RHOC is.......Johana De La Rosa.
  4. mihalo1

    Kelly Meza-Dodd

    Kelly is a disgusting woman. Attractive enough, physically repulsive nonetheless.
  5. mihalo1

    Marriage Boot Camp

    Well it looks like Mike "the situation" and his douche bag brother are facing at least 15 years in the Federal Prison for tax evasion , AGAIN!! Now that's a situation.