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  1. I don't know which was worse: Erika's attempts at acting, the women falling all over themselves to show their unwavering support of her, or that 1980's sparkly tracksuit Rinna was wearing with those dressy pumps.
  2. Oh the hypocrisy…. Sutton: I’m not going to make any kind of judgment (about Erica’s divorce) without knowing real facts. Rinna: Well why would you?
  3. I agree with you. Also, the overacting, crying, and over-the-top dramatics were learned from the best. As the old saying goes "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree"!
  4. I was a little surprised by Alli's demeanor throughout the reunion. She appeared to still be harboring unresolved anger and feelings regarding Gary and Sydney. You would think that enough time had passed that she would be over all of that esp. for someone who is in a new relationship, buying a home with her significant other, and having a baby. She just seemed so angry to me. Hope I misread her!
  5. Can you imagine just how exhausting it is being her parents...
  6. Gizelle's taste in men closely reflects her poor taste in clothes, decor, and style in general! Seriously....
  7. With Sandy as Malia’s role model and Malia’s own terrible disposition, I shudder at the thought that she will be captaining a boat someday soon. She may perform her job well as Bosom and as a first class ass kisser, but she lacks the leadership and maturity to run a yacht.
  8. Kyle looks like the wicked Queen Grimhilde in Snow White in that getup and hairstyle. Since Kyle has constantly throughout this reunion and season preached to Denise about being honest, why didn't anyone (Andy?) ask Kyle to be honest about her life and her husband's alleged shady business dealings and affairs? Rinna has now morphed into the Joker in Bat Man and should be a regular on Botched. She truly looked and acted psychotic throughout the entire reunion. Why didn't anyone (Andy?) ask the Jokester about why she has never "owned it" about ole Harry and their marriage? Also, why is she so da
  9. Mauricio so wanted to cop a feel of his wife's gross sister's boob lol! What "friend" talks to another friend in the manner Rinna did to Denise? Denise should have showed Rinna just how damn angry she was and bitch slapped her lips off of her face!! Teddy is a nothing but a mouthpiece for her buddy, Kyle, who orchestrated and led her little mean girls all season long and managed to destroy the show in the process!! Way to go, ladies...
  10. "Brandi just texted me, she is in the area because you invited her, but she wants to know if she is still invited?" Which really means "Ask Kyle if Brandi still needs to come in and stir-up more bullshit since Denise is not there for her and everyone else to confront?"
  11. Someone needs to whip Rinna's skinny ass!! She is one disrespectful bitch!
  12. Brittany is looking thicker than a snicker and Jax just looks jaxed-up! No words for Schaena!!
  13. Once again, Christian is the star of the show! Never stop twirling, sassing, and being you, Christian!!
  14. Keep twirling, dancing, and just being you, Christian...never stop!
  15. Brittany screaming for Jax to knock someone the fuck out...someone please knock Brittany the fuck out!
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