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  1. I agree, both Drs. Manning and Halstead should be fired, whoever stole the meds. And isn't that still a possibility? I haven't heard confirmation that Nick Gehlfuss' contract has been renewed. Loss/theft of experimental drugs HAS to be reported. This show has been over the top for a while, but this unending series of ethical violations and lack of medical professionalism on the part of the characters is too much. I know this isn't real life and truly realistic stories wouldn't make for a compelling series but going to far makes the melodramatic portrayals become insulting to medical worke
  2. Of all the character interactions shown in this episode I liked the dialogue between Rebecca and Beth the best, and thought that what Rebecca said about feeling like a real vital person because of Beth opening up to her had a true resonance to it.
  3. Flying on a plane up to and during the time of the Vietnam War was much simpler. No security screenings. It was only during the early 70s that everyone started to take flight security seriously. So if Nick hadn't flown since being medevac'd out of Vietnam today's process would have been totally bewildering to him. I was wondering if Cassidy could have given him some warning.
  4. Harvey Weinstein, now Joss Whedon. It seems odd that these stories would come out so many years after the fact but maybe it isn't surprising. It points to the power structure in the business that people don't want to speak up for fear of losing their careers. And such doesn't just apply to the actors. If all this was going on then people like Marti Noxon, Jane Espenson, and so on had to have been aware of it and kept silent.
  5. But not before they had ruined the Dr. Rhodes character with that awful melodrama with Ava Bekker. The current show could use a cardiothoracic specialist and Dr. Latham's appearances are too infrequent. No, April can't fix the medical world by herself and she can't just bend the rules but the issue she raised about minority representation in clinical trials does provide food for thought. I personally can't comment about the validity of her numbers, I just don't know.
  6. Funny, when I saw this operation that had not been authorized by the Oncology Department I thought "who is going to pay for this EXTREMELY expensive procedure?" Whatever health insurance the patient has, the insurance company would have plenty of grounds to question their financial obligation, and the most relevant department in the hospital would back up their doubts. Might Chicago Med end up eating the cost? Another reason for Goodwin to be pissed. It also seems to me that the patient was hardly out of the woods given how far the cancer had spread and the degree to which it could have m
  7. I resent the writers infringing on the unity of this show's superb first season by doing this rewrite of the story of Randall's birth mom. Yes they sort of let William off the hook with the line about him telling Randall what he "believed" to be true but it still doesn't hold together well. And I think it will get worse as they delve further into Laurel's story.
  8. The action in this season finale seems rather tame compared to what will come in later seasons but this episode has some of the best character dialogue and acting in the whole series. The scene where Xander asks Buffy to go to the dance with him and she turns him down - it feels so believable. It is painful to watch and makes me squirm every time. As Buffy says to him - he's her close friend and she doesn't want to do anything to damage their relationship but romance - no. Typically his ask being declined would introduce an uncomfortableness in their relationship going forward but heck, h
  9. That scene between Buffy and Dawn at the end is brilliant. And from a human standpoint quite believable. Buffy HAS been occupied taking care of arrangements for their mother and everything else that happens when a parent dies unexpectedly. And it IS all her responsibility (do we ever get detail on why her dad is absent?) But being busy and rushing around taking care of things is also an emotional defense mechanism against having to deal full on and right away with a devastating personal loss. But it is completely natural for Dawn to see her sister do this and to resent her for not caring about
  10. But anyway, wherever Angel may have been in his plan at the point Xander intercepts Buffy seems immaterial to me. They couldn't know in any case and Angel HAD to be stopped. The last thing anyone rational would have wanted is for Buffy to have held back her full effort fighting Angel hoping that Willow's spell would work in time.
  11. "Xander sends Angel to hell?" I've said it before but I'll just repeat myself. I think Xander had the most sensible, clear-minded approach to the whole Angel problem, whether or not it was colored by his own jealousy towards Angel and Buffy. And I've always thought that Giles should have backed him up.
  12. Seems to me that hearing B-I-T-C-H as "bitca" isn't all that improbable in an environment with plentiful background noise. Seeing how the letter "H" can be phoneticized as "aitch" all it takes is for someone to miss hearing the final consonant. Speaking as one who generally doesn't talk loudly enough and who often gets asked to repeat myself.
  13. I probably said it before but I think that the flawed way they brought in a younger sister for Buffy made it impossible to feel a deep bond between them, which is what you had to feel to make the main story of Season 5 work. At least that's how it was for me. I think the author makes some good points in the Romarin Demetri link but as for the reason Dawn was brought in to the series I think it was mostly the same reason many long running shows bring in new characters - to open up new avenues for storylines. In this case I thought it was done clumsily. It was not as bad as uprooting the establi
  14. I've been away for a few months. Anyway, going back to this thread, I agree that the story of attraction between Willow and Xander should have been brought to a proper resolution, rather than being summarily dismissed after this episode. After all, Willow pined for her childhood friend to look at her romantically through Season 1 and much of Season 2, the romance wasn't just a quirk of a few episodes.
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