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  1. I also hoped Sophia Bush might be a recurring character and was let down at the end, although the romance did seem rushed and impulsive. Judgement, Kevin, judgement, you've been down the impulsive road before. I liked how she mentioned she was from Chicago, a nod to Sophia Bush's long stint on on Dick Wolf's Chicago franchise.😊 I am also tiring of constant flashbacks to Jack and Rebecca early days. I suppose there isn't too much more they can do at this point to keep Milo Ventimiglia in a major role on this series.
  2. Yes indeed! This show is far from perfect but it treated a Down Syndrome story with balance and sensitivity. It was great to see Dr. Latham. And Dr. Abrams got to show a human side when he asked Jordy's father to let him know when his son skates again so he could see him. I don't get April. She couldn't bring up her fertility issues with Ethan? Perhaps he's been pressing the baby thing too hard with her but if they can't talk honestly about the matter then they don't belong together. Dr. Marcel doesn't know what he's getting into... I hope Will Halstead really has written finis to his relationship with Natalie. Enough already.
  3. You had to feel at least a bit for Elsa. Trying to approach Will and the guy didn't get it at all. At least the show didn't give the child case to Natalie. And she actually showed professionalism in the case she did have. In the real world Maggie would get in big trouble for what she did because there would be a conspicuous paper trail in forging an infectious patient's release but I wonder if the show is just going to drop the story. Indeed there are people out there making a living or trying to by taking in advertising dollars from reality Internet but this one was a caricature. If those crazies allowed their followers to take a life or death vote on medical care what other life decisions have those followers made for them? Seems like such a course would run into a dead end fast (pun unavoidable). A big *Ugh* and "not again!" to the preview for next week's episode...
  4. From the time they introduced Jennifer Morrison's character it seemed almost inevitable that she'd hit the bed with Kevin. I only had to recall what happened with Milana Vayntrub's character back in Season 1 (wow, that was a long time ago!) It still disappointed me that they had to go down that all-too-predictable route. Kevin is nearly 40 now, he has to know that sex changes things between people, whatever his emotional state may be. After the talk they'd just had it seemed impossible for Beth to turn down Deja's request to invite her mom for Thanksgiving. A risky situation no doubt and one that her mom might have reservations about herself. But I have to wonder - has Deja been totally out of contact with her mom since being adopted by the Pearsons? It's so much easier nowadays to stay in touch, somehow.
  5. Many thanks for this post. It doesn't seem possible that the Army would be so indifferent to the medical situation of one of their own as to insist on moving her immediately at great risk to her life. Choi wasn't tattling, he wanted to bring her VA doctor into the loop, not because he was a slave to all things military as April implied. I don't think Dick Wolf hates the military but what happened in this episode reminds me of some of the storylines in the Law & Order franchise where the military justice system conflicted with the civil one, particularly over matters of jurisdiction. As for the poor girl and her mother - yes, brain bleeds may be fatal and there may not be anything that can be done, as Dr. Abrams dispassionately explained. Having faced a similar situation in real life, I think it is just as well to hear a realistic assessment of the possibilities and options and not be given false hopes.
  6. I generally feel that way about teenage love stories too. I suppose one can go to the CW to see those. But one thing Deja said to her parents that had the ring of plausibility about it was that Malik makes her feel like herself. It spoke to the alienation she still feels having been adopted at a late age into an upper class family. Hear, hear! I feel that boundaries have to be maintained between students and teachers. There is ever the possibility of improper conduct being perceived, whether it occurs or not. And there is the more mundane issue of favoritism among a teacher's students. I think he should have declined Jack's dinner invitation and suggested a different avenue for discussion.
  7. Really, how crazy is this guy to bring her home? Not just her "associates", but she herself seems like an unknown quantity to me. In a real hospital workplace, might not there be rules against keeping alcohol on the premises? Just asking. I think Dr. Marcel is a good addition but I'm still disappointed that the show lost Dr. Rhodes, even though they had done a good job of ruining his character with that awful Dr. Bekker storyline. I am irked that Maggie would be supportive, even encouraging toward what Natalie Manning did. "Trust your gut"? What really irks me is that the show ended up presenting Dr. Manning as somehow being in the right, after the extreme outrage of her actions.
  8. The Natalie thing was backwards. If she was so concerned about the child's safety and him not being treated by regular medical means then she should have pulled the levers of the court system early on - through hospital administrators and lawyers - before she did the crazy business of locking everyone out of the room. She does the crazy thing and THEN the hospital gets a court order allowing her to treat the patient? Not believable.
  9. Is the show preparing for Torrey DeVito's exit? What Natalie did with the baby fits with her pattern but locking everyone out of the room to administer the IV was over the top. In the real world, wouldn't a doctor have a recourse to bring the case before the state child welfare department to argue for the child's best interest? As his situation unfolded I also felt that he was a goner. But anyway, the seriousness of blood clots is not to be underestimated. Maggie couldn't hide her condition forever.
  10. I stopped watching Fire and PD a while ago and I wasn't enthusiastic about tuning back in so that I could understand the crossover story. I don't generally like crossovers because it always feels a little forced when they put characters from other shows into the context of a particular show and they often seem out of place. I will give this much to this crossover: it was well integrated between the three shows. As one show transitioned into another it actually did feel like the same setting and situation remained front and center. For example it was clever how the annoying parade business at the beginning of Fire came back into the story late in PD. And some key characters such as Sharon Goodwin and Jay Halstead stayed out front in the story and didn't just star in their own particular hour. Another good thing about this crossover is that they didn't have as much time to bog down in personal romance stories, although there was inevitably some of that in there.
  11. After it became clear to everyone that they had a massive public health crisis on their hands caused by a communicable disease I was wincing at every handshake happening on screen. In Japan and other countries people wear face masks in public in much less serious situations. Of course of a TV show there's a lot less acting possible when the actor has half her/his face covered. Yes Maggie, go home and stay there.
  12. I think Maggie has always been one of the more likable characters on this show but she has been selfish and unprofessional in the last two episodes. It's not just about her, what about the patients? Not a great move to ditch the operating room in the middle of a surgery. It's the fifth season of the show, isn't the Natalie-Will thing kind of tired by now?
  13. With the heart surgery story this show may have answered my question about how much the heart-lung department will figure into this show now that it has lost Connor and Ava. Are they bringing in a new surgeon? I didn't catch the name of the one who was doing the stent operation with no electricity. And is Noah going to be seeing some of the action? It seemed they were hinting at that when the surgeon told him he had "good hands". Whatever, I hope Ato Essendoh has more time to appear on this show.
  14. Dr. Charles and his placebos - it was way too predictable because that's how this show operates. I finally realized what the Natalie amnesia story reminds me of - that old Sandra Bullock rom-com "While You Were Sleeping", LOL. Of course with a more sinister tone. It took me a while to realize it was Jesse Spencer's character from Fire who was in there working with Natalie because the scene was so dark. At last I recognized him from his voice.
  15. During the scene by the crib between Kate and Kevin I kept expecting to hear a joke about Kevin being "The Manny". I was unsure about the flashback story of Jack and Rebecca dragging their kids out to the pool but I ended up liking it quite a bit. Especially how they all want to go in their own direction when they first get there but end up together by the poolside.
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