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  1. I really liked this episode. So far so good this season. I enjoyed the new character Grace. It was nice to meet what appeared to be a normal non hostile person. I know it's the apocalypse but there are still good people out there that would welcome help. The radiation aspect is awesome and I am also glad it was addressed Grace wasn't setting those walker fences. I'm hoping it's not Dwight either but the group that took Althea. I love Morgan and Alicia. I say every week I am tired of Morgan preaching but I always end up liking all the scenes he and Alicia talk about their feelings. lol Glad to see Daniel again and I figured he wouldn't help Strand so nothing too exciting there. No Althea, Charlie, Sarah or Wendall- thank goodness.
  2. I think the main thing I want is to get rid of any dances that aren't ballroom. Looking at you contemporary.
  3. Aww poor Luciana. I like her but she's just not needed anymore. I wouldn't be sad if she took June with her.
  4. I really liked this episode. It was better than most of what season 4 had to offer, which I know is a low bar. Very happy it seems Alicia is sharing the lead role with Morgan now. Morgan is not a leader in my opinion. If he is going to keep preaching, I need Alicia to keep telling him his plans are stupid like she did in their last scene. It's weird because I still like Morgan even though I don't agree with anything he has done since joining Fear. It must be the actor I like. I'm hoping Althea dies this season, her character is the worst. Stopping mid saving Luciana to film, I can't with her and her camera anymore. I also think Luciana might go. She really has no purpose anymore. This episode set up a lot of interesting things: radiation walkers, helicopter group and Logan. Hopefully the show follows through.
  5. I believe I read somewhere that is they name of the cat which is Daniel's. Although I've been reading so much crap lately that I don't know what's what anymore.
  6. Interesting sneak peek. I think I will like the Morgan/Alicia tag team, as long as they butt heads at times and aren't all kumbaya.
  7. All the reviews of the first 4 eps of season 5 haven't been that great. 😕
  8. Man did they bring Daniel back just to kill him? That would suck.
  9. So like...20 new characters. How nice after adding so many last season.
  10. I wonder if they will eventually have him kill Strand. I feel like we are moving to a merger of Fear with TWD maybe in the next season.
  11. I’m not sure yet. I need to see where this goes.
  12. I’m just happy to have an original character back. It’s taking me some time to get over that this show isn’t about the Clarks anymore but Morgan and the new crew.
  13. I'm excited for the new season. Very interested in the potential radio active walker that "changes everything". Season 4B was a real let down but the new season is looking good.
  14. Dang just caught up. Sorry for all the Quentin fans. I don't care for him either way but I have totally been there where a show has killed a character I've loved for years. Multiple times actually. It sucks.
  15. Meh. I was hoping Alicia would be the leader of the group. I do like Morgan though. My faves still are Alicia and Strand.
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