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  1. Maybe it can still be saved by the new Disney streaming service. I would pay for that if that happened.
  2. What a fun show and what lunkheaded decisionmaking at ABC today. Between this and Speechless and no longer being interested in Fresh Off the Boat I have no reason to watch ABC anymore.
  3. Sigh. I had some problems with the writing this season but I still looked forward to watching every week. I loved these characters and actors. Gutted to lose this and The Kids Are Alright at the same time - I really enjoyed that show too.
  4. Now fully owned by Disney/ABC: https://variety.com/2019/biz/news/disney-fox-deal-complete-1203167374
  5. Agreed - even Mr. Powers was less campy than usual. I've been waiting for a Ray drunk scene and they delivered. I have nothing against Sarah Chalke but her character just doesn't interest me. I'd rather see Marin Hinkle but she appears to be in another show.
  6. Fun episode - nice to see Jimmy and Ray in the car again - I miss those scenes.
  7. Another silly and cartoonish episode - better luck next year.
  8. This was a really good episode - best of the season so far.
  9. This one was really silly. Ray's plot didn't work at all. A random teenage boy can attend a childbirth - with no mask - and would even want to? Maya and Melanie doing "I Love Lucy" shtick? Well at least we got some evil glares from JJ. Hopefully they get the heart back soon- CY tweeted that Kenneth and JJ have a heartfelt scene in the Christmas show.
  10. It's nice to see Ray get a win - and a break from looking foolish. Better than last year's Halloween show, which I also enjoyed.
  11. I liked it. Hopefully they'll follow a timeline and tone down the yelling - and the characters won't turn into ridiculous cartoons like another once-great ABC family did. They did a nice job of distinguishing the boys, though the one looks too much like the one from The Real O Neals.
  12. Trying to stay positive, but those terrible numbers are really troubling. Even with future ownership I don't see how ABC can drag it to 100 (or even 88) episodes with a 0.4. Since ABC has little interest in it anymore except for syndie purposes I don't see it moving back to Tuesday or Wednesday - do they really want to build their comedy future on Single Parents and Splitting Up Together? I only hope it will tick up to a tolerable level when baseball is over. It should have aired after The Middle from the beginning.
  13. There's an open slot on Tuesdays now (RIP Roseanne) so maybe one of these shows will get an upgrade. They should be able to do more with Ray next season since Mason Cook will be 18 and freed from the child hours.
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