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  1. Do we know if they're filming 22 episodes again?
  2. 71dude

    Major Crimes

    I'm a year into watching this show (randomly) since Start TV added it. I finally saw the final arc this week - it was really silly and overblown, but watchable (once). However when I get around to watching the whole series in order I will cut it off with Sharon's funeral scene. Dylan was annoying AF (who cares about him and his underage girlfriend?), Emma's death was lifted from Friday the 13th, the body count was ridiculous (and none of them mattered anyway), the veteran characters were mostly kicked to the curb, and Rusty gets away with murder? That scene just didn't work at all. Some good m
  3. 71dude

    Barney Miller

    We're down to the final round of Jack Soo appearances on Antenna TV. He hung on as long as he could, but he looked unhealthy here.
  4. The old couple in the diner episode always cracks me up arguing about the prunes vs. the cheese.
  5. Ann moves to London and leaves her aging mother behind? How convenient. Did they even know where Julie was at this time? At least Schneider got decked out for the occasion.
  6. That reminded me of Dan and Roseanne's big blowup on "Roseanne", only without the trashed furniture. These actors are tremendous - Zoe's getting better material than her mother these days. I wonder if they'll pick up at the same place or do a time jump. If Iain has a height surge and a voice change in the next four months the continuity will be wrecked, unless they planned ahead and already shot the next episode.
  7. Mary didn't even come to dinner after being called - I guess she only gets one token appearance per episode. "Are you still on that?" Thank you, Ben. Laurie Metcalf must be making good bucks for this pitiful, cartoonish character. I too would rather see a whole episode with Barb and Louise.
  8. Marty's Star Trek photo cracked me up. Sheaun Mckinney (Malcolm) is nearly 40 and only 12 years younger than Tichina Arnold.
  9. "Why am I the only normal one in this family?" It was great to have the six main regulars together and bouncing off each other for the first time in ages. Hopefully we'll get more of that next season and fewer isolated subplots. Sheldon ran off at the end of the opening sequence - I've never seen that before. I didn't read the summary but I hope it's not a tragic clilffhanger.
  10. "So you're gonna do a Black voice?" Bad idea, Dave. Once again, Marty and Malcolm are the MVPs. The art-class plot was done on The Jeffersons.
  11. Well that's one way to feel young - hang around people even older than you. I got Marla Gibbs right away but I could not get the others until I saw the credits. I loved the phone call where Mary got to zing her mom for a change. I thought I heard Sheldon's voice drop a couple of times.
  12. The two brothers make the show for me - they need more airtime.
  13. Maybe it can still be saved by the new Disney streaming service. I would pay for that if that happened.
  14. What a fun show and what lunkheaded decisionmaking at ABC today. Between this and Speechless and no longer being interested in Fresh Off the Boat I have no reason to watch ABC anymore.
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