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  1. Believe me a few inches makes all the difference.
  2. Totally, stalking BIG's lady was outrageous. Who does that! only Carrie. As for Charlotte having a thresome again. Unbelievable. She's hardly the type . She had no need to be insecure she's very attractive.
  3. I agree 💯%. If he really likes you he will make you his wifey regardless of weather the sex was good or bad. Some might say sex on the first date is too soon but if you've been friends for a while then it's not. Also theirs a good amount of people who do go onto a relationship after sex on the first date like 30% but they won't admit it.
  4. Carrie just lusted for Aiden. I mean look at him. Tall, dark rougid. He was not marriage material because she was not intellectually challenged he did not like going out much like up town resturants clubs. He was a nice simple guy, a home body. Low maintence. For example he'd rather eat a bucket of KFC and watch the game than go to a fancy resturant and eat designer food. Perhaps he would suit the older woman because he was happy to be at home and allow his lady to go out with friends. So that being said she would not have to worry about him cheating.
  5. Smith was my favourite too. Not only was he eye candy but he was supportive to Sam when she was going through chemo. Smith shaved his hair so that Sam would not feel shes going through losing her hair alone. He looked even hotter with his hair shaved. I liked Smith . He was kind, sensitive he always knew when Sam was not happy. He knew how to foreplay by leaving romantic cards around the apartment . Sooo cute! He was great at spooning! Ultimate toy boy!
  6. I was not a big fan of Trey either. He had mum issues. Big one . Take the scene with Trey in the bath while his mum is on the toilet chatting to him and then Charlotte walks in on them. Poor thing. On face value he looked great, tall athletic build handsome. He had a great job too. Its a shame he had impotence problem. Harry on the other hand was a great match for Charlotte and at least she did not have to share her shampoo.
  7. I agree Miranda did not know how lucky she was to have Steve. The same goes for Carrie she did not appreciate Aiden. He was very nice , he had no skeletons in the closet never cheated was their emotionally. She had his full attention. Which woman would not want a guy who was totally committed. Aiden was tottaly their for her.
  8. I felt Aiden was dumbed down to make it easier for Carrie to dump him for Big Same goes for Maranda ditching Steve. Harry did end up marrying Charlotte and she coverted to Judism!
  9. Just saw this. Unfortunately Eric passed away. Its really sad. Hahaha American psych vibes. I know what you mean. Nick on the other hand is a bit creepy. There is something about him. Hes my least favourite. They are still together. At first I could not believe how Jojo dumped Robbie for Jordon . My opinion has changed since I caught Jojo and Jordon on Youtube. They are vibing! She definely chose the right guy. Its double standards. Why can't women be like men in this situation. Shes not a slut. Andi liked Nick and she wanted to use the fantasy sweet. I would think most women in her shoes would do the same neither to say men aswell would do the same. I'm not surprised The Murray family don't wantJosh to marry Andi. Shes cheated on him with Nick. She quit her job as an attorney assistant with the assumption Josh would be the bread winner. Shes spiteful. Andi treated Jp badly on the show. Shes not into Josh shes so not her type. Shes just using him as a meal ticket to carve a career in the entertainment industry, Des could not of picked a better husband on the show. Its true how they have a very sweet chemistry. They are a great match I like Des's dress. Its very nice! It was nice to see another couple from the batchelorette come and support her at the wedding. I can't see Andi having another chance at the Bachelorette. Shes still living down the the comments from the last time she was on the show. Its not easy being on the show all the press intrusion. If they asked her to go on the show again she will probabky say no that being said their are other worthy bachelorette who should. be chosen I got to admit Bachelor in Paradise is one of my guilty pleasures! I love it. Kaitlyn's season was alright. The highlight was the feud between Nick and Sean..That was entertaining other than that not much to talk about. That being said Kaityln would be better of in Bachelor in Paridise because she was not a big perosnality like previous bachelorettes eg Andi. But I liked her still. Andi will get the viewings but her ratings won't be as high as say Rachel. Theres always going to be people who will watch reality TV especially as its on in the winter. IMO i'm not a big fan of Andi but shes not that bad either. Its not fair on the other guys. Nick should of waited till after the show to strike up a relationship because if he'd been following this show 8/10 their is never a marriage. He made him self look like a douhe bag on national tele. You can hardly call it stalking the lead if Katilyn agreed to talk to Nick.. Just because some people don't like Nick it doesn't make him stalker! Thanks for the link. My thoughts exactly. Hes looked good before he was the bachelor and he looks really hot now. Gym definetly agrees with Nick. Go Nick I actually enjoyed watching Nick as the Bachelor. He was very endearing . I liked how he was classy and did not waste womens's time when their was no future and he sent them home. I liked Nick. She looks so healthy and the baby is sooo cute. Her family is growing fast what shes on her 4th child now.
  10. It was drama drama drama. They are chalk and cheese! Shes all balshy and brass and hes a sweet romantic guy until hes had one too many. Ricci was a bit to clingy to be fair they only knew each other 2 minutes and he got engaged to Vic's not surprised they broke up. They were not suited.
  11. Gaz released a single. i haven't heard it yet. I imagine it will be something like: I met this girl on Monday Took her for a drink on Tuesday We were making love by Wednesday And on Thursday and Friday and Saturday We chilled on Sunday
  12. I'm sure if men knew the great way to meet a hot , successful woman was to be in jail they would do the crime and time.
  13. Thanks for explaining . That makes it clear, Good job!
  14. It should say I got the receipts to prove it.
  15. Khandi has got her finger in many pies. Willy wonker, the resturant, music I could go on. Todd should step and do more financially to support his family. Thats would solve half the problems with Mama Joyce. Todd's mother in-law feels shes protecting Khandi's funds from Todd but she isn't really because she took out a credit card in Khandi's name and been gambling . KMT
  16. I agree to a certain extent Khandi feels she needs to give back. Hoever, Mama Joyce has taken it to another level. Khandi called her out for taking a credit card out in her name without telling her. Also Mama Joyce has been spunking Khandi's money on the home shopping channel and gambling. Source Interview with Any Cohen On Bravo. Mama Joyce is taking the P***.
  17. I warmed to Khandi in the beginning . She was fresh and had a cool vibe about her. She showed her true colours later on though. Take season 9 for example when she and the rest of the women tried to gang up and bully Posha. She is even bringing other people on the show to diss Posha. Kinda ironic how she says Posha doesn't know how to control herself but Khandi's mum had no self control when she had to be held back from attacking someone in a wedding dress store.. Finally she says things are good between herself and Posha but she called Posha's beau a dog! I don't like Khandi anymore shes two faced!
  18. Kim is like a babie doll . Her lips are over done! Daffy duck eat your heart out. She looked way better when she was younger . Her wigs were cheap back then but she looked better in the earlier seasons. Deshawn lovely lady. Not a bad bone in her. But sadly she did not bring much to the show. If you were to com-pare her to a big personality like Nene on a scale of 1-10 she was a 1. lol. Nene, was much more likeable in the early days. Humble fun. Now shes a proper Diva. I'm not such a fan. I liked Lisa. They should of kept her. But she did not have much of a story line because Her husband got dropped from the NFl . So she had to scoot!
  19. I don't know if Chis is gay maybe Bi. His wife is lovely but she brings nothing to a show like this. Shes not entertaining and doesn't vibe with the other ladies. I believe Kenya is pregnant! i don't think she would lie about that. As for the Cynthia and Nene situation. I hope they become good friends again! They had alot of history Nene had Cynthias back so it would be a shame for them to throw their friendship away.
  20. Your right on the money with that. Nene looks like a straight up clown. Her make up is cakey , high lighter is over the top. she should take anote out of Cynthia's book. Or better yet use Cynthia's makeup artist. Oh yeah i forgot they have fallen out so thats no going to work. I used to like Nene alot because she is funny but shes turned into a right Diva since she went on Orange is the New Black!
  21. I'm not a fan Shamari either. She seems a bit catty ! Kandi is just two faced. She throws shade at people and when they do it back shes can't take it. When Posha brought up rumours Khandi was a lesbian. Khandi was in tears!
  22. I disagree. Nene is naturally funny. I loved on the reunion when she said to Kim where is your scooterx4 where is is LMAO! It was halarious. Then kim looked at Nene in confusion and said are you ok are you on medication haaahahaha!
  23. According to Cynthia she said she just didn't want to be married to Peter anymore. she reached her breaking point. They were uncompatiable. THe chemistry was not their. Peter on the other hand said Cynthia did not believe in his business ventures and did not believe in him.
  24. Cynthia and Nene were close. They were like two peas in a pod! If Cynthia was two faced with the other ladies then it was bound to come round to Nene. I like Cynthia she is a classy lady. Shes not about all the drama. I don't know how well her show will do but I wish her well. Cynthia did get breast implants their was an episode on it!
  25. Kenya, was so sleek. She did a good job putting him in his place eg thanks for being a fan now get a job so you can pay your cable bill and continue watching me. lo e it! He says you do know your a villian right. She replied don't tell me what I am and what I am not!
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