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  1. I was surprised that Anderson wasn't more sure of his Florida answer to the two time zone question. I knew it since it came up in the 2000 election controversy over Florida. Networks had called Florida for Gore at 8 pm Eastern even though the polls hadn't closed in the more conservative panhandle since they were in the Central time zone. You'd think someone who worked in the news industry that got blamed for that guffaw would be aware of that bit of trivia.
  2. I've been trying to do some watching of seasons that I missed on Hulu, but some of the episodes are missing within seasons. It's a bit jarring and I feel like it's a ploy to get you to purchase CBS All Access. Anyone else with similar problems.
  3. Parvati and I are nothing alike, but I totally got the bonding over kids conversations thing. Before kids you had to find something else in common, after kids anyone can relate. I figured that Amber had to go. One of them had to go. You can't have two people who obviously will never separate in the game (or hopefully ever). I get that people do form bonds with strangers within the game, but part of the game is hoping that they have your back and gaining that trust. Rob and Amber don't have to worry about each other. As Rob said, it was pretty hypocritical of him to vote out one half of a pair. I don't think the players yet know how the voted out players can affect the game which does add another layer of strategy to the game. I'm still not convinced playing with the rules is a good or bad thing. After all, they're all winners, why not mix it up?
  4. I almost think that Michael's demonic version looked more ideal, as it was presented. Different activities (flying, pet day) for the neighborhood were cycled in. Residents were encouraged to fulfill their dreams, such as opening a restaurant. Chidi wanted to continue working on his book. Maybe Eleanor and Tahani could find some other self-actualizing hobby. Just because one reaches paradise doesn't mean that creativity dies. As Eleanor stated, a vacation is only special if it ends. So what these people really need to do is get to work.
  5. I anticipate there is a problem, but I don't think Michael is aware of it at this point. I took his look as one of reticence, letting go of the life he has known it to move onto the next chapter.
  6. I know that. I just meant it tied things up nicely as if it was a series ending...everyone goes off in a balloon to the Good Place and their next adventure.
  7. Well that tied things up nicely enough for a series ending, although it was a bit quick. More importantly, the magic panda returned!
  8. I liked the second tweet, and I'll confess to having thought of the first tweet before that. However coming from James, that seemed like a cheap shot.
  9. Maybe I missed something but wasn't there another underlying issue...the massively large point total needed to gain admission into the Good Place. Even Doug with his large point total wasn't going to make it by this standard. The episode only focused on the fact that humans could get better, but could anyone still attain the ridiculous number of points necessary without being a human rights lawyer who freed innocent people from death row?
  10. I agree. The whole episode felt very abrupt in finding the solution so quickly. I guess they at least stopped the judge from rebooting humanity so immediate crisis resolved.
  11. I haven't really watched recently until this season so my reasoning may be off. However, I was just thinking about the complaints of the gender disparity. All the women who were voted off later in the game were considered too threatening to be sitting in the final three with. Hence we ended up with a mediocre winner over two goats. I don't know if this applies to other seasons, but it seems like the women were too good in this season to be kept around.
  12. Rocky and his cohorts were exactly the people I had in mind when I talked about contestants being downright mean especially against Anthony. My favorite part of that season was how karma came a calling on them, and we ended up with one of my favorite blindsides ever against Eduardo. That season seemed very much about team good against evil with the triumph of good.
  13. I guess what I meant to say is that while sexual harassment is pretty clear, it would be harder to prove someone voted a certain way because of prejudices. A lot of people may have racist tendencies and still not make it clear. You could make harassment in general against the rules, but then there are so many incidents in the past where players have bullied others who were not in the majority alliance on a tribe. They weren't racist. They were just mean.
  14. I also recall that this season was marketed as a season with a lot of strong women on it. Just saw this article about new changes CBS is implementing on Survivor. Seems rather vague. Not sure what they mean by biases. https://variety.com/2019/tv/news/survivor-cbs-policy-change-dan-spilo-alleged-misconduct-1203446825/
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