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  1. As soon as Coulson calls in, they know they can call that number. It should be drilled into the head of anyone entering the field at that point.
  2. The janitor comes across as ominous in the sort of way that an ominous character who turns out to be a good guy tends to be.
  3. These objects seem to have a mind of their own, so maybe it wanted Pat to know. Where was the hourglass when Rex Tyler died?
  4. This is a mostly unprecedented situation, where the person portraying the lead character needs replacing. The Doctor Who solution can't be used here. The options feel somewhat constrained by insisting on casting an out actress and making LGBT issues a core part of the series. I think that is a commendable goal, but I acknowledge that it makes it harder. There's no clear, obvious solution that will work. People invested in Kate Kane as a character won't be happy if they bring in a new character. People invested in Ruby Rose as an actress won't be happy with recasting Kate Kane. People invested in the genre won't be happy with anything that has poor continuity. Whatever option they decide, the show is going to have to take a risk. I could probably come up with a dozen different options that allow for telling a good story, but might not work.
  5. It can be a bit of a hedge. They can start out with a new character who steps in after Kate disappears. If that works, Kate can stay gone. If it doesn't, they can always bring back Kate as a recast character. In comic books, it has become common to replace a character with a new version. Everyone knows the classic character will eventually come back, but the success of the new character may determine how long they wait. Examples from comics include when Batman's back was broken and when Thor became unworthy to wield Mjolnir. Of course, in the genre, disappearing isn't necessarily better than dying, because characters come back from the dead all the time, but taking the character off the table in a way that allows her to come back, whether it is a mysterious disappearance or an apparent death. I could come up with several ways to work around this issue, many of which would be copying things that have been done in comic books. The problem is that every potential solution is going to piss off some segment of the fans.
  6. Or it means the cat is evil, killed the Wizard's wife, and will take the Wizard's place as a member of the Injustice Society.
  7. Right now, they seem to be in a trial balloon phase of leaking ideas to the media to get a sense of what fans' will accept, but part of me is hoping they are setting a big swerve, where Batwoman is killed in the first episode, a new character is brought in to take on the mantle, but then in episode three or four we see Alice taking care of someone with a bandaged face and it turns out she has rescued Kate and is giving her a new face for some weird reason.
  8. She was entertaining at it, but I have to admit that a Shatner impression is one of the easiest ones out there, so I am not impressed. This episode made me get why the different Zaris have different choices in men. The first Zari comes from a depressing timeline and seeks out a non-angsty companion. The second has had a more privileged life and is attracted to a bad boy who can bring her down a notch. What happens when you have a spare copy of a character? I'm thinking Farscape. Whether next episode or next season, I expect the extra to die a tragic, heroic death.
  9. I am guessing Gideon was actually Gary Jr. 2 who is actually Enchantress. Considering that in a previous episode, Constantine told her that he thought she wasn't allowed to meddle, so getting Gary to act would be her way of indirectly meddling.
  10. Alice and Mouse. And there have been hints of another villain from her comic book rogues gallery Given that Batwoman is a relatively new character comics-wise, they are going to have to ration her canonical villains if the plan on having several seasons, so they have repurposed minor Batman villains like Nocturna and Magpie. You might as well complain that they are tying her to Batman by having her associate with the children of Alfred Pennyworth and Lucius Fox. It's inevitable that Batman villains make their way into a series based in Gotham where a disappeared Batman looms as major background figure. I actually applaud the series for choosing to use a character who hasn't really made the jump to TV/movies.
  11. They were using Dartmouth rules. Paddles were part of the game as originally invented at Dartmouth, according to legend.
  12. A little green rock? Well, Kara did tell Kate to keep the kryptonite during Crisis.... Was Kate telling the truth when she said she didn't recognize the name of Safiyah Sohail? How explosive would it be for team chemistry if it turns out that was lying?
  13. I twigged pretty quickly to it being the dog almost as soon as Astra was locked up. It helps to just imagine the most bonzo gonzo outcome and the writers will often go in that direction. Which is why it wouldn't shock me if Gary Junior 2 is revealed to be Enchantress.
  14. Or she's a really good bartender, who can easily get a job in any place that her sister needs her to be.
  15. Reagan appeared in the same episode that Magpie debuted, so was it always the plan for them to be sisters or did they just bring back a character/actress that they liked? How long before Mary gets the upgrade to competent combatant that usually occurs in a period that has some observers whining that it is too short? Who is Julia talking to? Her father? Or maybe Bruce Wayne isn't dead. Or maybe it's some mysterious organization that won't be revealed until halfway through next season.
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