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  1. It's a convention of the genre and I accept it. It's kind of like Doctor Strange in the Avengers movies telling Tony Stark that if he tells him how it all unfolds, it won't happen like it is supposed to.
  2. Sara telling Old Man Ollie that he is a good man on every Earth feels like foreshadowing that they are going to get an alternate Ollie to do whatever the Monitor thinks he should do. I'm not going to obsess over what this means for Earth-1 to accept 3 billion refugees because there are so many ways for this to play out, including the destruction of other earths to be undone, or for those refugees to be sent to another earth, or for something like the ending to the comic book CoIE. The Burt Ward cameo was nice, but didn't look like he was in any condition to do any action stuff. I did not recognize Wil Wheaton and only found out it was him while looking up some other stuff. I'm going to forgive a lot of plot holes and inconsistencies if there is a lot of fan service-y fun like Avengers Endgame.
  3. I can't say that I wouldn't have a fanciful revenge fantasy planned out if I had gone through what Alice had.
  4. I think Oliver has accepted that he dies in the Crisis, but I think he believes that his death is what will save everyone else. Perhaps, the point of this exercise was to prepare him for the idea that he has to let other people die as well.
  5. I don't think Lena is a villain here. I would compare her attitude to someone whose lover cheated on her, so she decides to retaliate by doing some cheating of her own, out of the belief that it would hurt the other person by making them feel the same way.
  6. Why do the writers have to decide now if Sophie is a lesbian or bisexual? Maybe they don't know for sure how they will resolve the sexual tension. Perhaps their intention is to have Kate and Sophie end up together, but they want to leave it open to shifting gears if they decided the characters didn't fit as well as they though or if the actresses didn't have the on-screen chemistry that the writers wanted.
  7. He didn't convince her to stay in the academy. He told her what was going to happen and allowed her to make an informed decision. He loves his daughter, but he described her as "reckless". I'm assuming that he had met Sophie several times and respected her. He knew what Kate was going to do and that she was going to talk Sophie into doing the same thing. He presumably knew what her career hopes and dreams were and how much they meant to Sophie, as he would be someone she might ask advice from. He told her that she had to choose between her relationship and her career. He just pointed out that she couldn't have both and she would have to make the difficult decision of which one she wanted to chase. One could read that conversation as him making her aware that he would help Kate (and, by extension, Sophie) if he could, but that none of his influence would change what was about to happen. Maybe he thought he could predict it, but he didn't know what was in her heart. He didn't know how she would weigh things. Only she could make that decision for herself. This is for the benefit of Kate. If Sophie follows Kate out the door, but would have stayed if she understood that she had no chance of winning, then she would have grown to resent Kate and their relationship would never have survived that resentment. If Sophie, after a careful consideration of her options, still wanted to go with Kate, then I think he would have supported them. He wasn't telling Sophie what to do. He was asking her if this was really what she wanted. He did something that was in the best interests of both Kate and Sophie.
  8. This show tends to not drag things out. James having a quick exit comes from the same place as Nia/Brainy not being apart for multiple episodes. Maybe they just really like the actress and wanted to keep her around.
  9. This week, on The Adventures of Young Tig Notaro.... Anyways, I think this show kind of played it safe. It would have been more impactful if someone died while Kate was hooking up to convince her that she can't afford romance.
  10. They are tracking people who "don't belong". Deke comes up as someone who doesn't belong but scans differently. I am thinking the other Coulson is going to recognize someone currently in space and that is when we will get an explanation of what is going on.
  11. There is enough in the books for people to have theories about the significance of Winterfell. There could be something magical hidden there that is necessary to defeat the Others. Winterfell may have been built specifically to conceal it. If there is to be some sort of final battle, Winterfell is as good a place as any to have it. It's probably the logical place. Imagine if there was some link between Bran Stark and Brandon the Builder and Winterfell is named because it is where Bran remembers winter being stopped and he is somehow in the past as BtB or in his head the way he was in Hodor's in the show.
  12. They probably would have been okay with Jon Snow, a Northman, even without knowing of his heritage. It's at least plausible that Jon would have designated Bran as his heir. The North was already independent. They didn't gain their independence. They chose not to rejoin the Seven Kingdoms. The other kingdoms never left.
  13. I don't think she was asking for independence. He chose not to fight the war that would have been required to keep the North in the Seven Kingdoms. A Stark ruling in the North is a tenet of Northern nationalism. Lyanna Mormont supports Jon as King in the North because he has Stark blood. Sociologically, the North sees itself as distinct, with its unique history, separate religion, and its ethnic heritage coming from the First Men rather than the Andals. There is a notably xenophobic reaction when the foreign Queen comes waltzing into Winterfell with her foreign army. I interpret Sansa as a character who moved away from sympathy for cosmopolitanism and multiculturalism due to her personal experience and towards a stance of nationalism.
  14. Why should viewers be given time to psychologically detach from the character?
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