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  1. How old does Sylvia look when the TVA first comes for her? I'm not good at estimating ages, so she could be 8 or she could be 12 for all I know. What if the TVA seeks to prevent the offspring of two Lokis, so the nexus event that got the TVA after Sylvie initially was menarche and the activation of her uterus as a baby factory while the nexus event on Lamentis was the moment when Loki became romantically interested in Sylvie, bring the possibility of their coupling closer together? Maybe the people who are behind the TVA are a bunch of Asgardian variants who fear offspring of two Lo
  2. Musk monologue delivery made me think he was acting like a Seth MacFarlane character. I did like the OJ joke, though.
  3. I knew we were going to get a scene of Sophie dancing around her knowledge about Batwoman with Ryan while drinking, I just thought it'd be in the bar. I'm feeling vindicated in my belief that Sophie wanted to earn the trust of the Bat Team so they let her and tell her instead of forcing her way in. She just outright said what I said about last episode. I feel more chemistry in a potential Sophie-Ryan pairing than I did about Ryan-Angelique or Kate-Sophie. I've always felt that way since the characters first met. Maybe they'll find an angsty reason for them to need to use Enigma in th
  4. If I were Sophie, I wouldn't admit that I knew who Batwoman was. She should reassess and go check out Ryan in civilian mode. Sophie knows they have an antagonistic relationship. She needs to build trust. And they were in a time crunch where arguing about the how and of why of finding out secret identities would have been a costly distraction. Anyways, Sophie kind of wants to be part of the Bat Team as she gets disillusioned with the Crows. But she wants to earn it and be asked, not barge in and blackmail her way in by being able to threaten to reveal who Batwoman is. Besides, we nee
  5. I can't shake the feeling that the Speed Force wants to have sex with Barry.
  6. I'd imagine a more mature version of Billie Eilish. I get the sense that Katya is going to be involved somehow in Hetty's arc. I've greatly missed the Nell-Eric dynamic. That's been my favorite interaction of the show.
  7. Might be more fun if she turned out to be the Power Broker.
  8. To be clear, they mentioned the Machete order for watching Star Wars movies (which I endorse) in which you skip episode I and drop II and III in as a flashback after the end of Empire. Looks like they found a way to double Danielle Panabaker's screen time.
  9. I've always thought there's something a bit weird about people who seem to care more about dogs than people.
  10. They explained it in-story. Thawne's artificial speed force was stabilized by negative emotion. To avoid doing that, they used an inert substance to stabilize Barry's speed force. Cisco hypothesized that Barry's lack of emotion was caused by doing that, so it wasn't a by-product of becoming more intelligent. This suggests that there is a way to stabilize the speed force in some other way that allows Barry to have normal emotion. The obvious and oh-so-comic-y solution would be for the ASF to somehow be stabilized by Barry's love for Iris, which would make sense since he is the Paragon
  11. Not everyone believes in a consequentialist ethical theory.
  12. They kind of have to be if the sketch reveals they are all members of the same stupid family.
  13. I think there are a lot of possibilities people aren't considering. People are focused on their relationship after Maria got sick. Maybe Maria got cancer because Carol took her on a space adventure. Maybe Carol opposed the formation of SWORD or had a dispute with the organization (which might also explain why SWORD wouldn't call someone like her to help). An agency tasked with dealing with extraterrestrial threats might have issues with someone like Captain Marvel, especially if she refused to join them.
  14. I'm hoping that race is something they try to tackle on this show because I am curious to see how the typical subtlety of the Arrowverse is applied to such matters. R'as al Ghul, Jezebel Jet, and Killer Croc. I expect them to make Sophie attracted to the new Batwoman. And maybe have Ryan meet Safiyah and have a fling before finding out she is a villain. Or possibly have Ryan and Julia hook up. They've got a bunch of lesbians running around. They're bound to put two of them together in some fashion at some point. I don't think they can make this a proper CW show without some
  15. If he doesn't think Bishop is on the plane, McGee probably takes cover and calls for backup. Bishop being taken explains why he was so driven to advance that Gibbs had to shoot him.
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