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  1. LeighAn

    Spoiler Discussion Thread

    Just like Curtis thinks he should be most important even though Felicity and Diggle have been there from the beginning, so to does Echo talk like he has been in the show since the beginning. You weren't even in the same seasons as Roy Echo.
  2. LeighAn

    S06.E10: Divided

    That and also a stunt director who's gotten tired, repetitive and is so busy being thrown other titles that he's stopped coming up with new freash ideas.
  3. http://www.redcarpet-fashionawards.com/2018/01/22/sydelle-noel-leanne-marshall-2018-sag-awards/#comments Its not a dress I'd wear but I think she looks terrific. Its nice to see an Arrowverse actresses who can actually dress for a red carpet (since most the Arrowverse actresses are more misses then hits).
  4. @SleepDeprived you and this thread have become famous on twitter now haha.
  5. Yeah he missed one meeting because he was kidnapped but he also blew off or pushed back on other attempts to get his daughter back initiated by Lance prior to that meeting which was why Lance jumped to Rene is being a douche and missing meetings rather then 'ZOMG Something must have happened to Rene'. So Rick and Rene can miss me with the sympathetic father act.
  6. You broke it down perfectly. Carlos dude probably doesn't even watch Arrow but has formed his opinion about the couple from others very limited opinions of the couple- plus he linked to a comic book.com article so says it all really.
  7. Surely Felicity/Billy and Thea/DJ whose name I can't remember deserve to be on this list?
  8. LeighAn

    S06.E10: Divided

    I think they are trying to have a purposeful divide and that they want people to pick sides to get attached to the story while also trying to give both good and bad motivations and reasons for both sides; but the problem is that they've stacked the deck in favour of Oliver and OTA that any merits or motivations NTA may have is weak sauce in comparison. They come off as pissy petty and immauture because what they are angry about is so small and inconsequential while OTA greviances are larger and more impactful on their lives and yet they have had the more mature response. If I was a fan of the NTA characters I'd be pretty pissed about the writing but since I'm not a fan of the characters and indifferent to the actors who portray them I don't care if the audience turns on them.
  9. Whatever Carlos. They just love to keep pushing their universally hated and toxic narrative. Confirmation bias, if I say it enough times maybe people will believe it's true.
  10. LeighAn

    S06.E10: Divided

    Just finished watching the episode the newbies are as every bit horrible and irredeemable as the hype made them out to be and the best part of the episode is that every time the newbies gave their hissy fit about trust that Oliver didn't grovel or appear distraught and would just be like "Whatever. Cool. Have fun trying to take out all those villains. Hope you don't die and have a great summer." It reminds me of when Hyde teaches Jackie how to say whatever when Laurie tried to get under her skin in That 70's show. For reference:
  11. He such pissy little whiny baby so his character works well for him. I mean I decided to write the guy off when he went on full attack mode then got almost the entire cast to go into attack mode because someone rather imo respectfully pointed out that his quote about the sexual harassment suit against Kreisberg came off like apologist of Kreisberg and he went full on Jerk defensive. He came into the show acting like his character was worth the same amount of popularity and fame as Oliver/Stephen gets out divine right that it must suck that people kind of border on indifference or outright hate of his character. Sucks to be Rick ?‍♀️
  12. LeighAn

    S06.E10: Divided

    I haven't watched yet because I'm currently in an airport coming home from vacation, but one thing that pissed me off about 6x09 and judging from descriptions reviews of this episode it seems to me like the whole "trust" argument has less to do about Rene Dinah and Curtis feeling they aren't trusted and more to do with petty jealousy that they aren't as trusted as Diggle and Felicity or feel they should be more trusted then Diggle and Felicity. I don't know about the last episode but it seems like they carry more hostility towards Diggle and Felicity and their place in Olivers life more then they have to Oliver himself.
  13. LeighAn

    S06.E10: Divided

    Let's not forget that there's basically two con videos where Stephen basically insinuates that he's not the biggest fan of KC. One where talking about how great Olicitys chemistry is he spoke about how he's worked with actresses he doesn't like before and if you ever see actors who have poor chemistry it means the actors don't get along. And then another video of him and David talking about an actor they both worked with who never gave them anything in scenes to work off of and how happy they were when Emily joined the show because she's a giving actress. Of course they never referred to KC by name but it's not hard to connect the dots especially given David did flat out mock KC acting blank face. And Stephen almost never looked like he put any effort into scenes with KC. My read is they can enjoy KC company on a social level but she's not someone they particularly enjoy working with on a professional level.
  14. LeighAn

    The Starling City Times: News and Media about Arrow

    All I could think when reading that was once again an eff off Craig. Like don't act like you speak for the entire Arrow viewership. But the first thing that made me roll my eyes was Stephanie saying how nice it was to see Felicity being so supportive of her "friends son". It's okay to say husband- it won't kill you. I'm glad Craig's site seems to be losing momentum couldn't happen to a nicer person. But excellent responses @BkWurm1 ?
  15. Considering the fact that on the guys feed he said that when the Oliver and Felicity romance started in season 3 the show had its "lowest ratings ever" when in fact season 3 had an increase in ratings over season 2 I wouldn't trust frat bros reading or listening comprehension skills.