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  1. Pagali

    S01.E05: The Flea and the Acrobat

    I don't see how El was leading them astray. She led them to Will's house and said he was there. Then they see the body being taken out of the reservoir and assume she was lying. But she wasn't -- we learn later that body isn't Will, he's still somehow in his house, and she was right. A misunderstanding, yes, but deliberate lying, no.
  2. Pagali

    Midsomer Murders

    Seems rather strange that those last two episodes (5 and 6) are available on Netflix, but have never been broadcast in the UK? Is that the case?
  3. Pagali

    Cast in Other Roles

    Just caught Tatiana in one episode (season 1, episode 8, 2009) of the Canadian series The Listener. She played a traumatized rape victim, and displayed her fantastic acting chops even then.
  4. Pagali

    S02.E04: Fear And Trembling

    Or maybe he's even Otto's son? Dodd's half-brother?
  5. Pagali

    S02.E04: Fear And Trembling

    Actually, that does make sense. Dodd called him "The half-breed" at least once. So... maybe his name IS Hans!
  6. A little bit off track, but not really... I'm amazed by the innocence Odi's actor is able to convey, especially considering he, Will Tudor, has recently been known for playing a gay male prostitute/brothel manager in Game of Thrones! Yes, it's the same guy.
  7. Pagali

    S06.E01: Fate's Right Hand

    No, I'm a Californian. But maybe with a bit of a chameleon personality? Thanks! You would get so much more out of this final season if you went back and watched the earlier seasons first. They've had 5 years to develop characters, plot lines, motivations, etc. Just my opinion.
  8. Pagali

    S06.E01: Fate's Right Hand

    ^Just cause Dewey said his jaw was broken doesn't mean it was. He was seen talking as usual after that, so it obviously wasn't. He's been involved in plenty of murders, robberies, and sundry meanness. Not excusing Raylan, just striving for accuracy.
  9. Pagali

    S04.E04: Iron In The Fire

    Yeah... except that he already won acclaim and awards for his performance in Life of Pi! Not accurate to say nobody knew his name. Come to think of it... he had a better chance against the tiger than against Carrie! And also... there was Nimrat Kaur as the new villainess!! She gave a marvelous performance in The Lunchbox last year! They're really bringing in some top quality Indian actors for this show.
  10. Pagali

    S04.E03: Shalwar Kameez

    Good answer, and you're right -- except that you have it turned around. The Shalwar (salwar in India) are the loose baggy trousers. The Kameez is the long loose shirt. (Think of the similarity of the word to the English 'camisole') Speaking of words... it almost drove me crazy that the closed captions kept saying things like "Speaking in Arabic..." when they were in Pakistan, not an Arab country, and were speaking Urdu, which is very close to Hindi. As for the Pakistani students speaking a mix of Urdu and English... that's the way most educated people in Pakistan and India talk. Often they mix it up within the same sentence. I don't know for sure about Pakistan, but the official national languages of India are Hindi and English!
  11. Pagali

    The Cast In Other Realms-Oops, *Roles*

    Sean Bean (remember poor old Ned?) has a new series on TNT called 'Legends'. He plays a deep cover FBI agent with identity issues. Looks like it might be pretty good! He gets to play all kinds of different characters, which is probably an actor's dream. http://www.tvguide.com/news/legends-tnt-sean-bean-1081046.aspx
  12. Pagali

    Fargo In The Media

    Yes, it is great! It's been discussed earlier in this thread though. :)
  13. Pagali

    The Cast In Other Realms-Oops, *Roles*

    He played a college student on Buffy, and an attorney on The Good Wife... neither character was noticeably Hispanic.
  14. Pagali

    S02.E08: Variable and Full of Perturbation

    I think it's very interesting that they brought in a transgender character-- there's so much misinformation and confusion out there on the subject. But I agree the hair was all wrong. Tatiana's basic facial bone structure is just too feminine. On a man with a more masculine face, it works, but not on her. Example: A simple Willie Nelson style ponytail would've been a better choice.
  15. Pagali

    S04.E08: The Mountain And The Viper 2014.06.01

    Yes, exactly. It's not that Tywin has anything in particular against Pycelle -- he just doesn't suffer fools gladly.