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  1. Two of my favorites right now... 😀
  2. Maybe Gina gave VK some feedback/advice re: her dancing (and we all know how that would go over)…
  3. One thing I gotta say for Rachel -- I loved it when she told Mentor Melissa that a lot of the DCC dances seemed kind of the same to her. I've often thought the same thing (even though I still love watching them dance). Maybe it's just because they use a lot of the same moves but rearranged for different songs... In any case, whether or not anyone agrees, Mentor Melissa's dumbfounded deer-in-the-headlights look in response to Rachel's comment cracked me up. Has anyone else rendered MM speechless before? ;)
  4. I agree with you; that is exactly what I thought when she said that. Having worked for the federal government for many years myself, I learned fairly quickly I needed to 'fuzz up' my job description for people outside of my specialized area/agency, especially if they did not work for the government. I translated my job description into a very general, somewhat vague title that is easily understandable to most everyone (but greatly over-simplifies what I actually do). Now having said that, I do agree Meredith (or CMT if they made the call) did not choose the best general term as "diplomat" does carry a more formal/high-ranking impression with the general public, as rightfully noted in this discussion. I wouldn't have even tried to put a specific title on their jobs; I think it would've been better if she'd said something like 'we work for the State Department, supporting diplomatic activities at the American Embassy' for example. Maybe it would be too 'fuzzy' for CMT (who may have wanted to deliberately inflate how important their jobs sound), but it also might've been more accurate and not raised so many questions. And frankly, although still deliberately vague, saying something like that still makes their jobs sound pretty interesting to me..!
  5. Re: Malena -- I have been shocked how long K&J have kept her around. I was really surprised when K&J said they didn't know about her being benched while she was on the Flight Crew because she had problems remembering choreography; I thought they did research on all the TCC's backgrounds..? (I remember how last year during prelims Kelli told Judy about how Alexandria was a group leader/star on the Patriots' cheerleading squad so obviously some 'homework' was done.. and there are many other examples I'm sure.) And then right off the bat and continuing through training camp, Malena has proved out exactly the same problem with not retaining choreography. I just can't figure out why they wasted a training camp slot on her, much less continue to ignore how she has demonstrated over and over why she was benched on the Flight Crew. She definitely should have been cut long ago.
  6. I wasn't offended at all when she said that. I'm not a 'country girl' but I did grow up in a family with a father, brother and several other male relatives who all enjoyed quail hunting (as well as duck and pheasant). I became well-acquainted with the particular taste of game birds and like Kashara, did/do not care for the gaminess. And as for the comment about 'cleaning it out,' I watched my dad clean many quail, and as someone else here alluded to, sometimes not all the buck shot may be cleaned out and you might unfortunately discover that when you take a bite. I know many people love duck, quail, pheasant, etc. I don't think she was putting them down, but perhaps inarticulately expressed her own personal distaste for the gamey flavor.
  7. VK's weight... I was apalled when I saw her belly roll hanging over the top of her shorts at cameos. She looked horrible. Way beyond 'soft.' I remember the season way back when on the cameo shoot day Kelli sent Megan Sharp back to wardrobe so they could find her a larger pair of shorts.. VK looked MUCH worse than Megan did. No comparison. (Perhaps they did that for VK but didn't show it... riiight.) If I was VK I would've been so embarrassed. All that bs Kelli and Judy spout off about how all other things being equal, not looking good in the uniform can be what gets a girl cut... really? And I'm sorry-not sorry- but VK's hair looks awful to me.
  8. I think you have that backwards; I'm willing to bet Tina would've been the party girl most likely to cut loose with the whipped cream..
  9. Blndee6

    S16.E14: Finale, Part 2

    Agree with everything you said. I hadn’t picked up on Tim not being crazy about Kentaro’s work earlier in the competition but it seemed like Tim was pretty irritated when Kentaro pushed back on Tim’s critique during the home visit on how K’s collection was not cohesive. When Tim was trying to explain the issue to him, didn’t Kentaro say something to the effect of ‘but I don’t want people to be bored [when they look at my collection]?’ (I wasn’t sure K ever truly understood completely what Tim and the judges meant by ‘cohesion.’ When K added that dress he made at the last minute which he thought would add the ‘cohesion’ the judges were looking for, it ended up being criticized as the weakest garment in his collection..) Anyway, maybe the combination of Tim’s (1) disappointment that Kenya was eliminated instead of Kentaro, (2) soft spot for Margarita, (3) confusion/shock/non-appreciation for Kentaro’s dead cat inspiration for his somber music and (4) K’s open disagreement with Tim on striving for deliberate cohesion - made it hard for Tim to show much enthusiasm for K’s win. I think Tim and a lot of (most?) others thought it was obvious K was going to be vying with Margarita for 3rd or 4th place behind Brandon and Ayana. And then the judges ended up loving the very things about Kentaro’s collection Tim didn’t- the non-cohesiveness, the eerie music, etc. and not showing anywhere the near same love for Margarita’s collection that Tim did.. This season it seemed like there were more instances of Tim being out of tune with the judges and as a result giving some of the designers bad advice that backfired on them. So not as helpful a mentor as in the past. Kentaro rejected most of Tim’s advice at the end and followed his own instincts with his collection, and in so doing ended up sneaking up from behind and out shining the two established favorites as well as Tim’s pet Margarita. Kentaro showed that yet again- and this time when it counted most-Tim was out of sync with the judges on K’s unexpected appeal. Tim just didn’t get Kentaro. I think by the end Tim was disgusted by how it all panned out so no big congratulatory hugs for Kentaro. Tim was probably more focused on consoling Margarita (and maybe poor weepy devastated Brandon..). I’m curious to see what public statements Tim will make (or has he already?) about the outcome of this season. Surely he won’t slam sweet Kentaro as much as he did Ashley since even if Kentaro wasn’t his favorite, at least he was/is is obviously more talented than her..? I cant wait for the reunion. Let the mob attack on the Indeed Sisters commence!
  10. Blndee6

    S16.E14: Finale, Part 2

    I did the same thing! I was so happy Kentaro won. I saw his win coming when they repeatedly showed him saying he knew he wasn’t going to win so he was just going to do what he wanted, etc. From right out of the gate the editors really played up his humble underdog in contrast to overly confident Brandon (I’ll just be over here sewing my name labels into my garments while you all are frantically trying to get actual important stuff done) as well as Ayana. I thought she also came across as overly confident in a couple of her THs and even seemed surprised at the end when she didn’t win. I will never ever ever understand how Margarita made it as far as she did. Her garments looked tacky, unsophisticated and cheap. She was nowhere near the other three designers in taste. I love color - and was disappointed the other three collections didn’t have more of it - but her collection was a hot mess. It did not rise to the level of ‘fashion’ and it was obvious (to me) the judges were working hard to come up with flattering comments. (So let’s talk some more about when her model whipped off her swimsuit wrap. What a moment!) Heidi Klum. Questionable taste in her own clothing for sure.. but man she has one bangin’ bod for a 44 year-old mother of four.
  11. Strictly speaking about the entertainment value of this show, for the less serious fashionistas among the viewership, the models’ commentary has added some levity that I’ve enjoyed. Even though they are professional human hangers paid to be seen and not heard, I’ve often wondered what models really think about some of the get-ups they have to wear. I’ve gotten a kick out of some of their honest reactions to the outfits they’ve been assigned on this show; plus it's fun to hear another insider’s take on how things go down on PR. I think the models have at least been more genuine in their comments which has been refreshing when compared to the judges. I hope they keep the model commentary as part of the show next season (assuming there is a next season).
  12. Blndee6

    S16.E13: Finale, Part 1

    Wow! I was going to respond to an earlier post about that season and comment that the only thing I remembered Jeffrey making was this horrid yellow plaid dress. I thought this was one of the ugliest gowns I’d seen on PR in a while. Different strokes..!
  13. Lol!! Personally, although I would’ve passed right on by that photo, it is interesting to see how much discussion it has sparked among folks here. My paltry 2 cents - I’m also not a Cassie fan but I agree with those above who noted it might be more of a Grandma Judy thing. Judy is a powerful icon in the DCC organization who also happens to be a doting and extremely proud mother/grandmother. I’m sure she loves seeing her professional and family legacies come together on occasions like the squad photo shoot. Not saying I disagree with any of the more critical opinions on the issue; I think a lot of them have merit. However I will say I do not agree that Lennon’s costume- or the decision to put her in it-was inappropriate. How others view it (including those with criminal intentions) is solely on those individuals and not on the child or the parent who dressed her. Kumba-freaking-ya! ?
  14. And doesn't Kelli pick out the swimsuits? I seem to remember that from a past episode.. Frankly I thought they pretty much openly threw the whole ‘America’s classy Sweethearts’ thing out the window when they put on the dominatrix bikini modeling show (can’t remember which season that was).