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  1. Totally agree. Plus I guess the little ladies don’t get to eat there, just the men..?
  2. Seriously. My all-time most unattractive DCC ever. Couldn’t stand looking at her.
  3. I love this show! Been binge-watching past seasons. I enjoy most paranormal shows, but I like this one in particular because Steve and Amy are such an unlikely yet entertaining duo. Hard-nosed former NYC cop tactfully interviews witnesses who claim to have seen ghosts (“Were you boozin’ it up the night before?” “Been playin’ around with dope?!”) while emotional/expressive young female medium (who looks completely different from week to week, e.g. maybe clean/fresh-faced or..wearing a little make-up or..decked out in full-scale make-up blitzkrieg with who knows what hair color) talks to the dead and calmly describes her hellish monster visions to a sketch artist. I love this show! 🤣
  4. Ok. It’s fun to speculate and all but I saw nothing in the episode that remotely supports Jinelle specifically “prying,” “force(ing),” or any other type of nefarious behavior. In fact she’s probably the last person around that place I could’ve imagined acting that way. All we saw was a carefully edited scene that left out a lot of details and subsequently a lot of questions hanging in the air. I don’t think playing Secret Agent in Charge on Project ‘Beautiful Storm’ was ever something Jinelle wanted to do. I’m thinking J couldn’t wait to get a thousand miles away from that whole dumpster-fire assignment of ‘helping’ VK.
  5. And the reason why Jinelle’s age is relevant is because....?
  6. You know, I have this episode saved via DVR (like the rest) but have been having trouble getting myself to actually watch it.. (Seeing what’s up with Kelli’s hair might be the best incentive I’ve heard yet. 🤣)
  7. Love Weatherman Scott’s face while Julia buries herself deeper and deeper..
  8. Melissa still blows Victoria out of the water. No comparison between the two whatsoever.
  9. It made sense to me too. I like the visual food references; another one I like in the same vein (not crisp) is ‘noodly’ … 😂
  10. It was/still is for Kelli. She never left so why would anyone else want to?!
  11. That office scene with Jalyn was sickening. The gall of Kelli to suggest that Jalyn was unprofessional when Kelli herself is the walking epitome of unprofessionalism. She’s not not just a passive aggressive, nepotism/favoritism-embracing hypocrite; she’s also vindictive. After the SG announcement she zeroed right in on Jalyn, smugly waiting to see J’s reaction and wasting no time bashing her for it. Kelli enjoys using her authority to punish those whom she has decided deserve it, including having the girls grovel/apologize for their ‘sins.’ Kelli is the worst type of manager there is. Not watching this show anymore.
  12. Maybe Gina gave VK some feedback/advice re: her dancing (and we all know how that would go over)…
  13. One thing I gotta say for Rachel -- I loved it when she told Mentor Melissa that a lot of the DCC dances seemed kind of the same to her. I've often thought the same thing (even though I still love watching them dance). Maybe it's just because they use a lot of the same moves but rearranged for different songs... In any case, whether or not anyone agrees, Mentor Melissa's dumbfounded deer-in-the-headlights look in response to Rachel's comment cracked me up. Has anyone else rendered MM speechless before? ;)
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